David Llewellyn-Smith headlines ABC News Brexit coverage

I’m a celebrity!

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. Good to see you’re out there countering some of the bs we hear from majority of financial commentators on the ABC!

    • What about “I’m an economist, Get me out of here!”
      Just think of the personalities you could throw in together on that one 😉

  2. DodgydamoMEMBER

    Congrats, it was good to see you make it on the Tele the other day. More attention on yours and others quality work here at MB can only be a good thing for the informed debate(s) this nation needs, goodonya!

  3. “This is the prick that bursts that bubble”.
    So, DLS, is “Brexit” the new nick name for Bill Shorten?

  4. Kudos David….

    Disheveled Marsupial…. not to worry tho… get a big head and well let you know about it…

  5. I saw this and thought “Hey, I know that bloke!”

    Great effort mate, keep the truth coming.

    • I saw it and thought “who is this bloke? He knows his shit!” But it turns out I already “know” him ha ha!

  6. stop the stoats

    “the prick that bursts the bubble” – haha i’m keeping that for after the election.

  7. I was watching at the time. When you came on I pointed it out to my wife, who said I need to stop listening to crazy fringe people on the internet. “Look, he is on the ABC! Not so fringe now!”.

    No, still fringe. I just refuse to admit it. Buy now. Get Ahead. Deficit free by 2020!

  8. “…, and will threaten the existence of Europ….the Euro.”
    Deadpan delivery of the apocalypse 10/10.
    Eliot Goblet would be proud.

  9. Use that celebrity to push the Aussie population Ponzi issue back into the mainstream for debate while these buggers are trying to win votes….. DOES AUSTRALIA REALLY NEED 300,000 NEW HEADS COMING INTO OUR COUNTRY EVERY YEAR JUST TO PROP UP THE REAL ESTATE MARKETS? FFS

    cheers >

    • notsofastMEMBER

      A South Australian politician with a large investment property portfolio says, Yes.

      Which is unfortunate because there are some things on which I strongly agree with him,

      BUT on probably the biggest issues facing the nation, i.e. a failed financial system that racks up ever increasing amounts of foreign debt and government backed private debt to support a housing ponzi which in turn requires unsustainable immigration levels, he is hopelessly compromised.