Abbott’s “Border Farce” selling visas to queue jumpers

Oh dear, from the ABC:

Australian Border Force staff have been referred for investigation over more than 100 cases of alleged corrupt activity in Australia’s skilled and student visa program.

A 7.30-Fairfax Media investigation has discovered that in the last 12 months, Australian Border Force chief Michael Pezzullo has referred 132 cases of suspected corruption inside the department to the national corruption watchdog, the Australian Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity (ACLEI).

It comes as a former immigration official claims that a focus on boat arrivals has allowed migration crime involving people arriving by plane to flourish unchecked.

“In the border security debate, it has been easy to deflect the public’s attention to boat arrivals,” said Joseph Petyanszki, who worked at the Department of Immigration for 27 years and was joint head of the Department’s investigation office between 2007 and 2013.

“But this fear-mongering has totally ignored where the vast bulk of real fraud is, most significantly undermining our immigration programs.”

He said the department was ignoring tens of thousands of cases of visa rorting, including thousands of successful visa applicants his investigators uncovered in Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania and Western Australia.

“Numerous investigations [by the department] revealed massive fraud within our Student, Skilled Migration, 457 programs,” he said.

“Some investigations revealed thousands of skilled migrant applicants had lodged bogus qualifications from private colleges, funded by the Australian taxpayer, and in some cases excellent counterfeit degrees from our most prestigious Victorian universities.

“One investigation identified up to 4,000 applicants who used such documents to apply for skilled migration.”

Mr Petyanszki is now calling for a major overhaul of the fight against migration crime.

“Australia needs many more officers who are trained to focus and understand fraud and assist decision-making officers in quarantining cases which may involve fraud,” he said.

“Immigration laws are also beset with loopholes that can be exploited by unscrupulous migration agents.

“For years, the law, and the system, has favoured the arrive-by-place fraudsters at the expense of the integrity Australia’s migration program.”

A department spokesman said Border Force had spent 12 months ramping up its attack on visa and migration fraud.

The spokesman also cautioned that many of the 132 corruption allegations had not been verified and some involved allegations about people who falsely claimed to be Border Force staff.

He has given sworn testimony to the Immigration Department about his former company, but has never spoken publicly about the company’s practices, until now.

…Whistleblower Clint Raven was working for a multinational construction contractor…when he discovered his employer was sponsoring Irish nationals for jobs that did not exist.

“As a business we were issuing or sponsoring visas for workers as project co-ordinators, project administrators, where that role didn’t exist on our site and these people, their actual jobs was as a labourer on the ground,” he said.

He believes what he discovered was blatant fraud.

…”The issue is that Australians are missing out on jobs and there are people jumping the queue to gain residency into the country off the back of a mythical labour shortage,” he said.

“These people are not only coming in as so-called skilled workers, they’re in labouring positions that could be filled by a school leaver that’s going straight on the dole queue.”

He believes the extent of the rorting means it cannot have escaped the notice of immigration authorities.

“I think the sheer volume of it would’ve definitely raised some eyebrows about the 457 system,” Mr Raven said.

“It was clearly, in this instance, just a means of getting people into the country to gain permanent residency.”

Asked if he thought it was a form of people smuggling, he replied: “Exactly”.

Don’t concern yourself, the population ponzitiers are onto it. First Malcolm Turnbull:

From July 1, students aged six and above would be able to apply for student visas regardless of their country of citizenship – and their guardians can also apply for Guardian visas (subclass 580)

These visa-rule changes, which were announced during Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s visit to China in April, also mean non-residents can buy several new properties or one existing property…

Dave Platter, from the leading Chinese international-property portal said there has been a nearly 20 per cent jump in inquiries for properties in Australia since Mr Turnbull’s announcement…

Estate agents Vera and Geoffrey Wong have hosted an open home in Sydney’s Eastwood.

Most of their clients are either Chinese or South Korean investors, and Mr Wong says when they were choosing a property, there is no doubt their children’s education is considered most important.

He said buyers are planning purchases that cater for their children’s entire education.

“Schooling … that is – I can’t emphasise it enough – is one of the main factors,” he said.

“Our clients, I would say over 70 per cent, (are looking,) at schooling and the university afterwards.”

And then both major parties:

The Coalition has promised a continuous five-year visa for parents of Australian residents, currently offered to only to those applicants on a case-to-case basis who have lodged a concurrent permanent parental visa application.

If re-elected, the Coalition will remove the requirement for these parents to have lodged a concurrent permanent parental visa application.

“The Coalition recognises that many Australians, including our growing South Asian and Chinese communities, face particular pressures through the separation of children from parents and grandchildren from grandparents,” Peter Dutton said.

“We want to help families reunite and spend time together, while ensuring that we do so in a way that does not burden Australia’s health care system,” he added.

In order to apply for the enhanced parental visitor visa, the applicants will have to buy private health insurance from an Australian insurance provider, and they or their sponsoring family will be required to pay a bond.

Unveiling its ‘Long Stay Parental Visa’ policy, the Labor last week promised a parental visa that would allow parents of migrants a continuous stay of three years. Labor’s proposal also has the conditions a mandatory private Australian insurance policy and a $5000 bond for each applicant.

To be clear, MB is in favour of a well managed moderate immigration program that enhances the standards of living of the existing population and one that would boost our intake of refugees.

What we cannot support is a population ponzi scheme run by crooks and a cabal of politicians and corporate rent seekers that aims to line their own pockets as they disguise Australia’s falling standards of living.

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  1. Outrageous!

    Counterfeit degrees? I thought they only plagiarise in their degrees.

    Another problem that would be solved by slashing the immigration rate.

    And why do they get counterfeit degrees? Surely not every “student” is given PR?

    • EVERY problem would be solved by slashing the immigration rate.

      It’s unbelievable watching this election unfold. Labor are no different to LNP. If they were they’d be able to smack Turnbull over Brexit.

      They’d say “the people don’t want globalisation, mass population growth”

      This should have been a huge bonus for Shorten. Instead, he can’t say a thing because Labor are not as good as LNP when it comes to corporate snake oil sales. LNP are better economic managers (even if it means the rich get richer and everyone else plods along FOR NOW).

      Pick a path Labor. Are you for globalisation and enormous population growth, or are you for existing Australians? YOU CANNOT WIN convincingly on the fence.

      FFS, Get rid of Labor and Greens and let’s start fighting LNP.

      Once again, the problems unfolding in Australia are Greens and Labor’s fault. Until we get that through our collective thick heads, we’re going to be hurt with another LNP government, then another, then another.

      • “EVERY problem would be solved by slashing the immigration rate.”

        How bout problems made with invasion 200 years ago and subsequent immigration?

      • Djenka

        Yeah, that was bad.

        So how do we fix that? More people?

        Time to grow up and move on. Look for solutions. Do not vote Green.

      • What happened in 1788 inflicted a great disruption to the prevailing population.

        However, what those settlers brought with them us what the immigrants is today aspire to. Immigrants aren’t coming here for corroborees or the dream time.

        Stop peddling a white guilt motion that is harming civilisation.

      • @Dennis and Djenka.

        What do you want to happen? Flood Australia with migrants to punish the descendants of the English?

        I think we’re starting to get to the bottom of your twisted thought patterns.

        Have a good hard look at yourselves.

        Like I’ve always said, the left don’t have a clue what they want. FFS, get out of the way, and let people with an entire view of what’s going on fix this.

        Destroy Greens and Labor.

      • @FiftiesFibroShack

        Do something constructive and ring Greens and tell them their environmental obligation to oppose 300 000 skilled migration a year.

        As usual you’re attacking the wrong person.

        Once again, the problems unfolding in Australia are Greens and Labor’s fault. Until we get that through our collective thick heads, we’re going to be hurt with another LNP government, then another, then another.

      • FiftiesFibroShack

        “As usual you’re attacking the wrong person.”

        Stop posting stupid comments and I’ll stop.

        Your comments don’t get more reasonable in bold.

      • FiftiesFibroShack

        They’re not stupid posts. They are designed to get Greens voters thinking (if that were possible)

        Don’t vote Greens, they’re destroying Australia.

        I haven’t even started mate. If this election unfolds the way I think it will, I’m going to get political. I’ll have banners and enter every bit of social media I can, telling all Australia’s youth how they’re being conned by the disgraceful Greens. I’ll decimate their vote unless they change, I promise.

        No one likes being scammed. Stop it Greens.

      • Always on point Dennis.

        I’m display misogynism (sic) because I don’t believe in gender quotas for boards.

        Now, because I point out explicitly that the fact aboriginal Australia lacked the ability to resist a large scale immigration that resulted in the upheaval and dislocation of their culture….

        points to a reason why another culture should resist large scale immigration….

        is somehow ‘waycist !!!’

        seriously, grow up. If you’re incapable of thinking for yourself, let the adults think.

      • drsmithyMEMBER

        I haven’t even started mate. If this election unfolds the way I think it will, I’m going to get political. I’ll have banners and enter every bit of social media I can, telling all Australia’s youth how they’re being conned by the disgraceful Greens. I’ll decimate their vote unless they change, I promise.

        LOL. You’ve been posting pathological hatred of the Greens for years but only now you’re going to start getting political ?

        Pull the other one.

        Meanwhile, with with “logic” like this:

        Q: ‘Reducing population won’t fix problem [something unrelated to population like corruption].’

        A: ‘How will mass immigration help it, then ?’

        You’re not going to change the minds of many people.

      • Like the Greens-driven people powered movement to stop CSG, what a fk up that was by the Greens.


        Fifites, ignore Richard, his root cause analysis model has a broken input.

      • drsmithy

        “Q: ‘Reducing population won’t fix problem [something unrelated to population like corruption].’

        A: ‘How will mass immigration help it, then ?’” I don’t understand your point.

        “You’re not going to change the minds of many people.” True, but as soon as I use the term “I’ll tell you why you can’t buy a house, get a job, etc etc” their interest will pique. The Greens are the enemy of young Australians. It’s taken me years (as you say) to get a few on here to understand my point, as soon as a few on social media get it, it will spread. Of course I’ll also pretend I’m young.

        Why do you defend the Greens not promoting their own population policy. It’s weird.

      • Superunknown

        “root cause analysis model” is sound. I’m not the one voting for a party that sabotages my future by not opposing population growth.

      • drsmithyMEMBER

        I don’t understand your point.

        I know.

        Whenever someone raises some quite legitimate example of something that is unrelated, or at best tangentially influenced by, immigration, your response is always to a) assume that person is in favour of high immigration and then b) demand to know how their imagined support for high immigration will make whatever issue they have raised better.

        A straw man wrapped in a non-sequitur. Usually surrounded by ad hominem.

        Why do you defend the Greens not promoting their own population policy. It’s weird.

        See. There you go again.

      • Just stick to the facts drsmithy.

        “A straw man wrapped in a non-sequitur” Stop the BS.

        The other day after I suggested every problem could be solved with fewer people. As usual you want to pick holes in what I say (even though you vaguely imply you want lower population growth. You said, how could population growth fix corruption. I said, with other problems fixed, we could concentrate on corruption. I also said importing rich often corrupt migrants can’t be helping.

        There’s nothing wrong with what I’ve said.

        “A straw man wrapped in a non-sequitur” where do you think you are? Who are you trying to impress? For me, you come across as an idiot that thinks he’s intelligent. Incapable of flexible thought.

        Like I said, just stick to the facts. Greens aren’t doing their job. Get rid of them they’re destroying young Australian lives. Ironically and tragically their largest followers. Clearly when people grow up, they typically wake up to the Greens and look elsewhere.

    • Always ways to get the money out: Sydney Chinese property expo a sellout:

      “Local migrant Chinese buyers looking for homes and investments topped the list of attendees at Sydney’s Town Hall. Real estate agents and property marketers exhibiting said the number of migrants looking for property increased this year, while foreign interests were minimal. ”

      There you go genuine “migrants”, not foreigners. Always ways to get the visa, always ways to get the money out. Always ways to get the loans,. Always ways to buy the investment properties.

    • With this type of corruption and the smashing of Australians wages. conditions and the chance to get a job being destroyed by the flood of such people on visas, corrupt and genuine, it wont be long before Australians vote to leave the EU…….

    • If people resign because they are incompetent, we wouldn’t have a working government.

  2. There are plenty of refugees in the world. Lets choose the ones that would pass normal immigration requirements instead of creating unnecessary problems for ourselves.

  3. What’s that skip? The boats issue is simply scapegoating and a deliberate distraction for the population to keep them from questioning other issues? Say it ain’t so!

    • Of course it is, but who’s telling the punters that? The punters lining up next Saturday?

      Are Greens telling them? No

      Labor? No.

      Dick Smith? Not anymore after being called racist.

      We’re doomed because Greens and labor both support mass immigration of able, skilled well-off people. LNP will win convincingly on Saturday because Labor and Greens offer no alternative. At least with LNP we’re convinced we get the wealth affect.

      To fix Australia first we must get rid of Greens and Labor.

      • FiftiesFibroShack

        “Of course it is, but who’s telling the punters that?”

        Not you, that’s for sure. In fact you’re one of the people that helps them do it. Stop complaining and look in the mirror.

        “At least with LNP we’re convinced we get the wealth affect.”

        Yeah, keep telling yourself that.

      • FiftiesFibroShack

        Call Greens and tell them to oppose skilled migration of 300 000 a year, That’s doing something.

        What’s the point of having a Greens party if they don’t oppose the number one environmental issue?

        Stop kidding yourself mate, I’m not the enemy, selfish lying Greens politicians are.

    • But you had a go at me when I pointed out that a great percentage of these “skilled” immigrants are frauds and here to work for $10/hour.

      Until today I had no idea that they were actually producing counterfeit degrees!

  4. Joseph Petyanszki is about to be mauled by the propaganda machine.

    What dirt will suddenly surface on him, I wonder. Did he once pinch a female Force officer’s butt? Does Force IT discover a stash of strange fetish pr0n on the computer he handed back when he resigned? Or, worse a digital copy of Marx’s Comminist Manifesto?

    Anyhow, I’m already quite sure that this guy is an untrustworthy deviant and should be locked up. For our protection. Maybe task the Force with locking him up – I’m sure they know how to do it.

    • How dare you get on here and spread slanderous rumors. I worked directly under Joseph and know him to be a man of high integrity. The only issue is that the investigations section was severely underfunded & staff had massive workloads. I dont know what your beef is with him but at least make reasoned arguements rather than spreading bulls*t rumours like a school girl

      • Mining BoganMEMBER

        Yep, I said here just a few days ago that the easiest way to find work in Oz is to ring a whistleblower’s workplace. Said whistleblower’s reputation will be destroyed, job will be lost and vacancy guaranteed.

        Oh, and Peachy is saying what will happen. It has nothing to do with truthiness.

      • Ok. I cant help but be over sensitive to this situation. Joseph is doing what many of us thought of doing. I have seen the level of fraud and i have seen the investigators struggling with an ever increasing caseload. This has been going on for years and all complaints have fallen on deaf ears. Joseph and his team worked with the highest level of integrity. Suddenly it comes out in the media and everyone is outraged. I wont stand for finger pointing at those who did their best. Go for those higher up the food chain who ignored the pleas for years

      • Yes, Azrael, that was in jest.

        But you, with a name like Azrael….might be a secret Zionist sympathiser. Are you? Is Joseph a closet sympathiser too?!

      • My apologies Peachy. I am a bit over sensitive to this issue. No i am not a zionist. I only took the name from the archangel of death 🙂 i couldn’t tell you if Joseph is a sympathiser or a fellow angel of death

      • I am told that the red team spent 3 tears on general Skilled migration fraud with very few staff, got a couple of results but had no support from National Office or the AFP.

      • If mass immigration is enshrined into law – what can ICAC do about it.

        And can ICAC have big fines for firms that pay illegal salaries of $10/hour or will government set the fines.

    • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

      I second the motion.
      A Royal Commission to investigate Everything!

      How broad a scope of investigation should be given to this RC?

      • But what’s this? Aren’t the greens and Dio Wang the only ones talking FICAC?

        But I am confused. The Greens are the ones who are the root cause of evil and are breakers of everything (according to Richard).

  5. The 7.30-Fairfax Media investigation will hit a brick wall if it has uncovered even one princeling skirting Chinese currency export rules or students illegally buying multiple existing properties.
    At the end of the day all that matter is the LNP/Labor/Greens mantra: ‘Look the Other Way’
    While you are looking the other way, best to don a blindfold to the involvement of our local union super funds whose financial plan is underpinned by building dog boxes in the sky to sell to offshore buyers who either refuse to rent them out or turn them into dorms with 4-6 people per room. If union members understood the damage being done to housing affordability on their behalf this business model would grind to a halt in a week.

  6. dude, i thought this is the shit that us giving up all of our online privacy and shit was meant to stop. sorry, must have been mistaken.

    sounds like there needs to be a police force to monitor the police force*recurring

  7. Tip of the iceberg. Migrants paying their own wages to Cafe owners in return for sponsorship is common practice.

    • Do they actually get PR in the end? Or “only” 200,000 immigrants per year are given PR and the rest have to go back to the 3rd world?

  8. Mining BoganMEMBER

    “It comes as a former immigration official claims that a focus on boat arrivals has allowed migration crime involving people arriving by plane to flourish unchecked.”

    Geez, I’ve only been claiming this for 15 years now. It will be another fifteen before anything is done.

    Thank you John Howard. Your legacy lives on.

  9. Stupid title H&H – border security was there before abbott – and exits after him. Moreover, story has nothing to do with him – but guys who were caught selling sex. They were caught, remember!

    You site, your rules. But you are too political. People interested in your business outlook will be more entrepreneurial, but you write for the unemployed left????

      • Don’t see how that is relevant, and really odd observations, are you suggesting we are become Nazi’s… maybe that move was for efficiencies. It is a military action in any case. Thats what standing armies have done for millennia – guard the borders. Look, I have no idea? People fly in everyday. We can handle that… what we cannot handle (which will probably happen anyway) is when hundreds of thousands turn up in boats. Inevitable I suppose. As Indonesia further radicalises, as they transition from military to public administration and Islam becomes more politicised, it will be in their best interests to facilitate such an economic crush. It will be a Turkey, on steroids…

        Its inevitable I suppose. Uniforms or not… makes no difference.

    • Do you want house prices to go up or down.

      Do you want immigrants to pay income tax or just keep working for illegal salaries of $10/hour.

    • What does managing your borders have to do with the military. The UK seem to get by quite well without a paramilitary group running around. We managed it fine with Customs and Immigration before as well. Btw, just in case you haven’t heard (not just from the recent news) we have more people coming here illegally by plane that we EVER have by boat. You also have the figures back to front, and we aren’t managing the plane numbers at all, if you paid any attention you’d know they’re ignoring it completely. But you have a tendency to stick ignore stuff when it suits you.

      Your still showing your pathological fear of non-whites (Indons). I’d loved to know what church you practised your belief at, I’m guessing it isn’t mainstream.

      And yes, we are becoming like you said. Look at the offshore setup, look at the laws if any worker there reports the goings on. Hardly are actions of a respectful state.

  10. Isn’t it obvious? Boat people don’t have money to fuel our bubble so must be stopped. These migrants do so wave them all through!

  11. The fine of around $3000 for 457 visa rorting by UK based EPC contractor Murphy Pipe and Civil working on QCLNG was a waste of time. I doubt if it covered the AFP officer salaries and travel costs for the day. There would have been people who knowingly signed fraudulent documents, yet no changes laid.

  12. I have a question for the MB community. Given that we are aware of the damage this type of corruption/crime does to Australia and that the powers that be seem to be complicit in turning a blind eye. For all the outraged, defeated and smart arse comments that are posted on this website, does ANYONE actually take a few minutes to send an email to their MP/senator to put a bit of pressure on them? To let them know there is a segment of the population paying attention and they are concerned. It’s a slow process but unless you’re going to join a reclaim Australia rally my understanding is this is necessary to eventually get action from whoever is in government.

    • I am anti-immigration and I get called racist/bigot.

      Nigel Farage and Trump get called racist.

      But it is just water off my back.

      You can send 10 million letters to the Tories and they will keep the immigration floodgates open.

      What the British people have done is vote for a brand new anti-immigration party. Anti-immigration parties are rising in Europe.

      I think MacroBusiness should collaborate with SAP and have sausage sizzles to raise funds to make SAP bigger than the Greens.

      • I’m not anti-immigration, but I do want an immigration policy which doesn’t breed corruption and has a reasonable benefit vs the costs for Australia. It is pretty obvious the current system is failing on that count. I’d argue it used to work but now it doesn’t. Effective political pressure needs to be put onto those in power to let them know this is something the people of Australia care about and that something needs to be done to rectify the situation because it is a significant contributing factor (among many) to the impoverishment if Australia.

  13. Not surprised. A short personal story, mum died 2 years ago, Father decided to bring his “came out of nowhere” mistress from China just 3 months later. Blackmailed myself and other family members to “endorse” the application for “partner” immigration (he remarried in China) or else lose we will be erased from his will. Refuse to sign. So he allegedly co-operated with a local “Asian” lawyer who specialise in immigration to get this girl over as a skilled immigrant in some odd-ball job (I think an Asian dance of some type). I would have believed someone in the Asian community worked with the lawyer to “fake” sponsor the job, which probably doesn’t exist anyway.

    This sort of stuff happens everywhere around here in the Chinese community from what I was told. The immigration department is absolutely useless and probably don’t give a crap about what’s going on. Just like the FIRB.