Will the US block the TPP?

By Leith van Onselen

US Democratic front-runner, Hilary Clinton, has once again voiced her opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal, flagging that if she is elected president in November she would oppose a vote to ratify the TPP during a lame-duck session of Congress. From the Washington Post:

[Clinton] responded in writing to a question on the lame-duck session from a coalition of Oregon labor unions and environmental groups by stating: “I oppose the TPP agreement — and that means before and after the election.”

Opponents of the pact said Clinton’s response on the questionnaire, coming ahead of Oregon’s Democratic primary on May 17, represents a more definitive statement of opposition to the 12-nation Pacific Rim accord than she has given before…

[Clinton told] the Oregon Fair Trade coalition: “Holding a vote on the TPP during a ‘lame duck’ session would be going against the will of the people”…

We know from previous commentary that Republican front-runner, Donald Trump, also opposes the TPP (see below Tweets).

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Trump has also previously labelled the TPP “a disaster”.

Following the significant opposition to the TPP, it is believed the Obama Administration wants to wait until the lame duck session after November’s Presidential Election to give Congress the chance to take its first vote on the deal. But Clinton’s staunch opposition and influence could stop the vote from occurring.

So it seems that political opposition in the US remains the best chance of the TPP being scuttled.

Given the dubious provisions surrounding intellectual property and investor-state dispute settlement, this would be the best outcome for Australians.

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  1. Trump has been banging on about unfair trade since 1988 or earlier. Then it was Japan exporting cars to USA without allowing US agri exports.

    Not he is on about China. And also India exporting H1B visa workers to USA to steal jobs from Americans.

    I do not get why Trump is ridiculed for having the same policies that AUS has!

    • He’s better than the that fake Hillary if he kills TPP and its cousins, whereas Hillary is likely to simply delay it to get it “fixed” and then will sell it to dumb bastards who think she cares. She is the charming sociopathic face of neoliberalism

      • she is worse than that, she is hypotritical sociopathic face of neoliberalism

      • Ronin8317MEMBER

        Hillary will stop a 180 degree once she puts Bernie away. The same for Trump. The ‘fix’ is already in.

  2. and yet, none in Australia is opposing TPP (not even green Christmas boy) despite being much much worse for Australia than USA
    our political system is such that our leaders do not even have to pretend that they care about people in Australia – our party leaders are elected behind parties’ closed doors not even on fake open primaries

  3. Will the USA block the TPP? If Trump get the chair then you betcha they will. If Clinton succeeds expect more of the same.
    My money is on Trump – things need a real shake up sooner rather than later. He’ll be a disaster as the so called leader of the free world, but maybe that will scare the bejesus out of the elites.

  4. Ronin8317MEMBER

    The TPP is only marginally about trade. The real action is to build the framework for containing China. The trade block can be turned into a ‘security block’ further down the track. A US General remarked on the importance of the TPP while he’s was in Australia, that should tell you a lot.

    • Exactly. It is about containing China and its ability to be the one who takes advantage of the rise of Asia. The reason the Chinese started the NDB and AIIB is because it is the USA who effectively controls the IMF, as it has most of the voting power. It has refused for a long time now to increase China’s votes in the organisation according to their economic size. The TPP is about cementing the power of US multinationals and allowing the USA to continue to have a monopoly on the global “rules of the game.”

  5. “US Democratic front-runner, Hilary Clinton, has once again voiced her opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal, flagging that if she is elected president in November she would oppose a vote to ratify the TPP during a lame-duck session of Congress. ”

    She will say whatever she needs to in order to get elected. She won’t oppose the TPP once in office.

  6. Does anyone know if the Adelaide Sub deal would have been ‘legal’ under the TPP? Or could we of gotten sued by Japan and others?