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Terra Incognita

…and furthermore…


    • That is an area 50% larger than Tasmania.

      It’s bigger than Iceland, South Korea or Portugal. Well over double the size of Switzerland.

      Literally like selling a whole country.

    • with almost 100% chance of staff being replaced with chinese, benefits to Australian economy will be identical to zero, but I can guarantee ABS and others will be more than happy counting production and export into Australian, not Chinese figures

      • So $300 MILLION???? So that keeps us financed for a whole TWO or THREE DAYS at the current rate!!!!!!!!!!!!
        So come on RBA and all those who want to cut interest rates so we can maintain our current rate of consumption and imports. Tell us all what we are going to sell next…and it’s URGENT!!!
        What are we going to sell next BY THE END OF THE BLOODY WEEK to pay for our imports??????

        Make no mistake about this – Everybody wants to live in the Sydney Melbourne Canberra axis and SE Qld. We want our lovely pay packets, imported European cars and SUV’s of all sorts. We want to sit on our arses in expensive coffee shops – it’s important and we are entitled to do so!!!!

        If we want our lifestyle we have to keep selling important assets like this every few days. We’ve sold Toll, mines, and lord knows what else. We don’t know because that information is, fundamentally, being hidden from the Australian public. However we need to continue ‘Sell! Sell! Sell!’ at a faster and faster and faster rate (this is an exponential curve) so that we can continue to live in the manner to which we have become accustomed.
        Chinese will not be here running Kidman stations as such. Nor will a Chinese purchase result in any significant increased production.

    • The wonder is that SA Kidman and Co kept trying, failing and trying again, perhaps lured on by the survival of their founder Sir Sid.
      This survival was made possible only by the use of Aboriginal labour, usually unpaid, traded for food, tobacco and old clothing. By 1892, most station hands were local Aborigines who, having finally conceded the loss of their land, camped in families near the homestead on which they came to depend. As stock riders they were expert and hard working and cost the station owner an estimated £1-2 [$2 – $4) a month compared with the £2-14 ($4 -81) a week European labour demanded.
      In the remotest parts, the women were ‘invaluable’, besides the companionship, they became splendid horsewomen and good with cattle. They are useful to find water, settle the camp, track and bring in the horses in the mornings. It is impossible to enumerate the advantages of having a good gin ‘outback’. ‘

      • I remember one of the big grazing families of Western Queensland bitterly opposed the hunting down of aboriginals ‘because there will be nobody left to run this country’
        That said most of the work is now contract with helicopters etc. The people who remain and work this country are pretty good people.

    • Mav
      Fair dinkum this whole thing is baloney. We know the answers alreadY
      “he Coalition government has a record of badly misreading the depth of public anger in relation to the banks, and includes poor financial advice, dodgy life insurance, mortgage fraud, bank bill rate rigging as well as broader corporate bribery and corruption.”

      Exactly! They’ll trot out a few badly done-by people (and I was one the Commonwealth bank stitched up about 15 years ago) They’ll blame a few ‘misguided’ employees but say the ‘buck stops here’ ( – which it will – there will be no going without bonuses by senior management) Then Labor can go on with the whole Debt/Asset sale ponzi, so well exploited by Howard/Costello to finance whatever largesse it dreams up. That has been Australian economy. It’s corrupt as corrupt as corrupt but this Royal Commission is not being charged with sorting that out.
      It’s all BS!
      Australian public and Banks – It’s a bit the same as with the politicians. We got EXACTLY what we wanted. Now in response to a bit of emotional whipping up we are all outraged! About bloody what???? I’ll tell tehm how to fix the damned Banks – but the public won’t like it!!!!!
      Flawse for dictator!

      P.S. it will just be another lawyer pigout!!!! What we ought to first have in this country is some sort of Commission into the activities of Lawyers and the damage to our society that has resulted!!!

    • “Several creditors nominated for positions on a committee, joining those received by organisations including the big four banks — CBA, NAB, Westpac and ANZ — as well as the Australian Workers Union, the Australian Council of Trade Unions, and the South Australian and Commonwealth Governments.”

      I’ll give the ‘other’ creditors some good advice. Don’t go near this f#%king thing! You’ll get mmroe sleep and less ulcewrs and cancers!!!
      First Administrators are just blood suckers. Understand they will charge out a typist at $250 per hour!!!!!! Anyone up the management scale at all…say a first year out accountant will go at about $450 per hour. Lord knows what these Senior blokes will book a large liquidation like this.
      Then have a look at that list of blood sucking parasites. Banks, Unions and Government!!!!! Does ANYONE outside those ‘in crowd’ organisations actually believe that anything good can come out of such a group????
      As aj says – just another stitch-up….provided it is approved by the ‘Star Chamber’

  1. Why populist uprisings could end a half-century of greater economic ties

    why is everyone scared? those ties hurt ordinary people and benefited the rich class, they should be destroyed if only populists can do it … lets get them in to do it

  2. “Spain targets slower deficit cut to preserve growth – Business Times”
    Interesting! I had assumed Spain would have been running a CAD. However it is running a significant surplus so it certainly would seem to have room to aim for a ‘slower (goverrnment) deficit cut’ or, theoretically,no cut if it so chose!!
    I guess the morons who seem to have the whip-hand these days don’t understand that.

  3. “Reserve Bank has room to cut interest rates given low wages growth – ABC”

    Fair dinkum!!! The state of economic ignorance is just appalling. Simplistic tripe rules. People would be better off watching something brain-dead like My Kitchen Rules than being deliberately misled by the ABC!!

  4. “More than 1,000 world leaders say the drug war has been a disaster – Washington Post”

    ‘Drug War’ Bwahahahahaaaa! The policy on drugs is a nothing – neither this nor that! If it was a drug WAR they would open up with the 50 cals and rockets at everything that moved that they didn’t have a known identity for!

      • Oh F5*k off! You are a dead set spoiled privileged brat with no idea of reality.
        It was part humour and part a comment. We aren’t serious about drugs pedlars. That’s a simple fact. We don’t actually give a fuck about people dying from drugs. They’re just the cost of this modern world that thinks it is enlightened. You live in your protected world. Wait till it comes to you you fucking moron!!!! It will!!!

        You are a fucking moron! You just live in your little urban fucking bubble. You know nothing else,. Never move out of it! It would scare the crap out of you!

      • The POINT was – theis has NEVER been a WAR on drugs! Never! Wars are barbaric! Total barbarism! This was a mealy mouthed compromise all along. Now if you want to go ‘let ‘er rip’ I’ve no objection at all! Except everyone has to wear their own consequences. That’s my personal choice – but you’d be too bloody ignorant to understand.
        I don’t give a s$%t what you think You’re a spoiled moron living in a pretend world.

      • drsmithyMEMBER

        The “war on drugs” has killed, maimed, displaced and needlessly imprisioned millions, simply to satisfy the juvenile need for people like you to feel morally superior and your whinge is it wasn’t barbaric enough !?

        Drugs are a health issue. Most of the problems around them are because they are illegal, not because they are drugs.