So, this marketing guy wants me to ask you something…

Do you think we do a good job?

We’ve never sought testimonials from our readers.

Personally, it’s always been my not-so-humble opinion that if we keep doing good journalism and if you keep coming back, that should be enough.

But this marketing guy (that we hired) wants me to collect some testimonials, to use on marketing materials and such.

So, if you think that we do a good job, would you mind leaving a comment here?

Just say what you really like about MacroBusiness (if there’s something about MacroBusiness that you really like). If you’re able to say why we are better than some of the mainstream brands, that would be even better. Click this link here. Do not leave a comment below.

Thanks, David Llewellyn-Smith, aka Houses & Holes

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  1. Well if you think that the vast bulk of Australia’s mainstream media is about trying to get you to spend (on real estate mainly, but on anything or everything on any given day) then the thinking person is looking for a narrative which is …..

    1. Coherent in terms of being able to articulate an economic narrative which is plausible.
    2. Capable of sifting through and identifying relevant news pieces which impact on the Australian economic narrative (which the mainstream media either ignores or buries under tonnes of bull)

    and 3. will find it convenient to be able to engage in some way with often knowledgeable others (and particularly the authors)

    Well, where can you do that? ……….Two blokes working from home essentially provide that opportunity for anyone in Australia looking for a coherent coverage of the national economic narrative, which isnt trying to bury issues, smother with spin, or sell anything: Welcome to MacroBusiness.

    • Two blokes working from home essentially provide that opportunity for anyone in Australia looking for a coherent coverage of the national economic narrative, which isnt trying to bury issues, smother with spin, or sell anything: Welcome to MacroBusiness.

      Yep, it’s awesome, as my son would say.

      FB? Dropped FB years ago, what a shithole and spying portal.

      Obviously MB is a great blog, but I’d make these suggestions for improvements:

      1) Ban the deniers (but allow 3d to stay because he’s our punchbag and even mascot 🙂 ) Most quality outlets are now discouraging or outright banning science denial. If we did it here, it would stop every fricking climate discussion ending up as a copy-paste lesson from

      2) A different and larger set of emoticons. You could liven up discussion by installing a plugin allowing better smilies. The current ones are horrible and limited. Much better ones are available and would take 5 minutes to install. Lots and lots here:

      3) Larger avatars (current ones are ridiculously small)

      (2) and (3) above would not impact response times, if that’s your worry. Try it and see.

      • Aussie1929MEMBER

        At least you and I agree on one thing, FarceBook. I’m free almost 4 years, However, your suggestions to MB is redundant because the article is a ‘no comment zone’ so you failed to comprehend simple instructions.

    • The Traveling Wilbur

      So… The new marketing guy wants MB to get your loyal readers to post testimonials about MB, which they really care about, on Facebook, so that with the information from the Mosaic data he/she can derive and the Facebook profile tracking data he/she can then leverage from those FB accounts he/she will then be able to tell you more about your readership profiles than you ever dreamed possible. Not that you asked for this. No doubt you were told that the marketing/survey tool was optimised/linked to Facebook and that it was the best platform for gathering information from a wide audience range, and that it took extra time / cost to swap out Facebook and replace it with another platform for data entry and user registration/identification. Uncanny right, it’s like I was at the meeting.

      -checkout Survey Monkey, or any other self-contained / platform independent feedback gathering tool.
      -sit down with your marketing guy and ask him/her what the back-end linked data derived from the Facebook profiles and MB subscriber data was going to be used for. Especialy if you gave him/her access to postcode data (Mosaic).
      – check the contract you just signed to see who had usage rights to that information once this testimonial gathering exercise was over.
      – consider hiring a marketing guy that understands the demographic that they’re dealing with; one that jealously guards their privacy as they say things here they will not say in front of their friends, families, or employers (as amply demonstrated by the plethora of such commentary below) and therefore wouldn’t provide a testemonial about any site using Facebook where they were using a pseudonym to make posts on the site in question (MB in this case).

      Or to put that all another way, Facebook, really?

      That’s like asking ZeroHedge subscribers to login using their Centrelink CRNs – not applicable to all members, certainly an added convenience for ZH but certainly not going to attract a positive response. PS, just doing this post so the MB leadership team doesn’t get taken down by the ‘good’ ship Marketing Anonymous later; so the herd needn’t panic, their data is safe at present, the marketing guy hasn’t received their services payment yet.

      • Not sure what the benefit of that exercise is or where and how it fits into the marketing strategy, but happy to have a convo with you HnH re marketing. Foc as well.

      • Hi ‘The Treveling Wilbur’.

        I’m “the marketing guy.” 🙂

        Why did we use Facebook? Because we were in a hurry and it was easy.

        With an exercise like this… where about 100 people will visit the page… and about 30 people might leave a comment… it simply is not worth the effort to go all ASIO on your data.

        Besides, with a business like MB, there’s not much point gathering data like your postcode or marriage status. Like just about every website on the planet, a combination of Google Analytics and Retargeting data can paint a pretty solid ‘macro’ picture. (Boom-cha!)

        For example, Analytics tells us that MB readers mostly use Chrome as their browser. It’s a little thing but I’ve never seen a site with such a high percentage of Chrome users!

        This would tell me that you’re an educated bunch… and cynical… and private… and all the things you said. But I don’t really need an analytics account to jump to that conclusion. 😉

        How will we use these testimonials? As bloody testimonials! (I’m not sure how else I could possibly exploit the nice things you lovely people have to say about this awesome website.)

        Also, as an aside, if you like Survey Monkey, check out wufoo. It was bought by Survey Monkey about three years ago… because it’s better than Survey Monkey.

        And, yes, you have indeed predicted the future. Early next year, we will be using that tool to collect some more useful data… like what you like and don’t like and what makes you tick. (And this will help MB do an even better job… and that is a good thing.)

        So, my job is not to ‘exploit you’ or ‘trick you’ or surreptitiously gather data for pernicious use by my overlord masters at the MGI (The very clandestine ‘Marketing Guild of the Interwebs’).

        Nah, I just want to know why you like MacroBusiness so much and share the love.

        We all good? 🙂

      • Agree about the whole FB thing. Not on there as it seems just like those virtual life sites only with real photos.
        MB needs to understand the demographic runs from highly intelligent and articulate individuals who refrain from ad hominem attacks and open one’s eyes to ideas and concepts hitherto unknown or unstudied (big shout out to Janet and a few others) to the zealots who simply desire to make the site an echo chamber for themselves, their acolytes and their fanatical crusades (no names here as the hate mail is too tiresome). If the latter happens the site will lose a lot of its worth as a considered alternative to the MSM.

      • Re: “Andrew”, he’s on the official ㎆ Deniers Club™ list. Take his opinions cum grano salis.

      • The Traveling Wilbur

        @Paul, sorry I don’t follow. Not being difficult, just not sure if your comment was a general one or specific to me about something I am not getting.

        @Jimes, if I have incorrectly assumed that you are working for a marketing organisation (based on how the article above referred to you) when you are in fact an MB employee, then we are indeed all good. As my post makes clear, my concern was not what MB would do with any ancilliary data extracted via Facebook et al, but what any potential downstream orgs / data recipients might scheme up with/for it. Not a concern if you’re an MB employee. Because if you weren’t, you would have made that clear in your reply via the MB site, of course.

        @Andrew, no objection to what Facebook provides as a service, just didn’t think it was a platform likely to be compatible with gathering feedback from a userbase like MB’s. As James notes, there’s more Chrome shinning on this site than outside my local motorcycle club chapter on a Sunday morning.

      • Hi ‘The Travelling Wilbur’.

        I don’t work for MB as an employee. I’m a lone gun for hire.

        Google me sometime: James Tuckerman

        I run my own various mini media empires and, very occasionally, I allow myself to be commissioned by a worthy organisation that is doing cool things.

      • The Traveling Wilbur

        I guess not then Mr Tuckkerman, mainly as you aren’t an MB employee after all and you’ve said nothing about what access non-MB personnel have to data obtained through or for the purposes of this exercise after it is over. PS why not have a third go at typing my handle correctly, perhaps try copy and paste this time. Just a thought.

  2. would love to but on account of the incident I’m off facebook…’ll likely find a bunch of info surfers on Linkedin.

  3. What more marketing do you need? Date stamped, unconventional, unpopular, independent calls helping to preserve capital for the discerning. A lighthouse on a leeward shore.

  4. I think you do a pretty good job, I value the different perspective from the MSM. Although you overly lay the boot into Fairfax quite a bit. As in many many pages of laying the boot in.

    This is fine. Its just you don’t seem to do it all that much with New Ltd publications? They write just as much garbage (if not more if you include social, political and environmental issues)

    If I was a suspicious man I would say this is because you are either already a subsidiary of Murdoch, or are hoping to become one.

    I’d rather not pay for a subscription for anything coming from either MSM stable, but most especially not News.

    • Murdoch rags are so laughably reprehensible it’s rarely worthwhile sledging them. Fairfax at least pretends to be journalism.

  5. I’m sure when Australia’s property and banking sector blows sky high, it will take the MSM commentators with it. Don’t be surprised to see MB commentary every night at 7:20 pm on the ABC to cater for an audience that demand in-depth analysis backed by research and not ‘cut and paste’ corporate media releases being trumpeted by celebrity Keynesian cheerleaders.

    • BoomToBustMEMBER

      Agreed, we need a special class of MB subscriber that gets awarded to all of us at present before the sky falls in. I’d happily wear it badge of honor.

    • Sadly, it won’t work that way.

      The old boys club will ensure their mates will get to explain why “no one could have seen it coming” before they’re allowed to present their solutions to fix things.

  6. I do not do Facebook.I love this Site and suffer an addiction.From a female perspective, you guys can get a bit OT sometimes, but after 32 yrs in Mining, used to it ( doesn’t mean its always cool) Value for money..?? Well that’s easy..Best money I ever spent.My day starts with you guys, and ends with it…

    • @ Donna agree 100%. I worked in mining WA early ’90’s – shot firing & driving 777 & 789. Had a crack at D9 but I was young & the constant biting did my head in. I got put off site for 2 weeks leave after shift boss put it around that ‘ he wanted to f me’ yes it was that blunt. I was green straight out of uni at 21 & asked a colleague to tell him in nicest possible way that it wouldn’t happen. This made it worse, put in dangerous situations – being run off road in 777 while making new ramp. My gut told me the truck wouldn’t make it. 3 PCs sitting round watching full of supervisors & staff having a laugh. I refused to go around the bulldozer ( d9 for uninitiated) as not much room. Got told to put brakes on & climb out – shift boss got in & promptly tipped truck. Lost half a day walking digger over to waste dump to upright the truck. All so the fellas could have pissing contest with female – seriously blokes always win that one. needless to say he kept his job & got done a few years later for sex harassment. The guys in this site have nothing on that. Nevertheless sexism prevails – it’s just subtle or everyone is PC so we pretend they don’t mean it – doesn’t mean it’s not there. Anyway grateful to MB as see/hear like minded individuals who think independently & that’s a blessing as I don’t encounter many on day to day basis. Thanks

  7. Tried to leave a comment via link you requested but went to Facebook (which I don’t use) hence my comment here…

    After reading SMH & Domain’s take on what was happening & where things were headed with real estate prices (especially in Sydney) I found their answers to be at odds with what I was seeing in the real world.

    I stumbled upon your site and found your explanations to be an accurate reflection of what was happening, but also importantly, why.

    I think your combination of unlocked articles to entice potential subscribers & the $149 p.a. price point is pretty much spot on….In the words of Billy Joel, “don’t go ‘changin”.

    • Same experience as Anthony – I don’t do FB. CIA funded project with Zuckerbefg as palatable front person – they even set him up so he is not liked & that’s ok because the punters can use FB & have scapegoat for complaint even as they are being Zuckered right into system & revealing once private information.

  8. The ultimate compliment will come when one of the elite decides to get out the open chequebook because they can no longer stand the message. The penetration of this site within a broad range of sectors has been impressive in such a short space of time.

  9. I do not do Facebook neither and I think you attract readers who don’t do it, which is the best marketing for you, in my oppinion. I am addicted to your honest approach to reality and that keeps me reading every day since 2011. I am not an investor and do not think I would benefit from any subscription, not just from MB, but any. It is interesting for me to read it just as an intellectual exercise, which allows me to see how many people think about important issues in our economy and global world. It validates my own knowledge and logic of a lonely immigrant.
    By so far, you are the best, keep doing the good job. It is hard work and big commitment, but this is how any good job is done. People are fed up with shallow cheap propaganda and constant lies.

  10. Like others above, “I don’t do Facebook!”, if that’s what’s required from the link – which doesn’t work without FB?
    You don’t need formal testimonials. You get those every day from our unvarnished opinions; debates and honest opposition. That we all keep coming back, tells anyone all they need to know.

    • Also don’t do Facebook. Have enough airheads in my life without wasting time on a lot of others. Read Macrobusiness daily,as it produces well documented and researched pieces that are not trying to sell us more crap,and does not disguise personal viewpoints or sales pitches as news.
      Well done so far,and looking forward to an interesting new year(per the James Bond novels-may you live in interesting times is a curse).

  11. It’s the no bullshit which makes you guys unstoppable

    People learn stuff here which will always be popular

  12. Your content is pretty good, however you are let down by your strong leftist bias. It’s slowly heading in the direction of crank territory and catering to the lynch mob lefty brigade.

      • Do you ever get bored of preaching to the choir? I guess not…..good to see you can take a little criticism.. Well played

      • The postitives of the site are the straight talking economic analysis and insights… That’s a given… The downsides are the childish posturing as the one and only portal of truth…the overt bias & opinionated political tone. The inability to consider differing opinion or take a little criticism. And the sickening brown nose cheer squad that have started to follow.. The economic path this country has been on for the last 20 years has been pretty obvious to most people with half a clue.. It’s hardly a revelation. Anyhow enjoy the circle jerk….

      • HnH

        The lynch mob allegation is true.

        The Lefty bit perhaps not.

        Anyone who has professional knowledge of a topic under discussion is at risk of a lynching.

        I have suffered this because of input I made based on my knowledge as a migration agent of more than a decades standing.

        But I am not alone by any means Peter Fraser the mortgage broker suffered repeated attacks and his measured and valuable insights no longer appear on this blog.

    • A timely reminder, Slim. One can’t be too careful. Lefties are everywhere, not just on the ABC. I’m going to check under my bed right now before turning in for the evening. I suggest everyone do the same.

  13. I have been in equities 20 plus yrs, and this site reminds me of the chat in the bar afterwards. listening to smart people say what they really think, without the commercial risk matrix being built in. It’s a breath of fresh air in today’s world of bll sht Bll sht. well done boys outstanding work, up your membership also! I’d pay $250 pa for this in a heart beat.

  14. You’re doing a good job unpacking the bullshit that main stream media spreads. My only suggestion is that it might be a good idea to assign probabilities to the various outcomes you’re predicting. As you know, it’s impossible to predict the future, but It’s possible to assign probabilities to outcomes based on your view of things. Example, real estate bust in Sydney/Melbourne in the next 2 years maybe 75% ??. Banks losing AAA rating – don’t know, 40% ??. Currently, you’re assigning a 100% probability to certain outcomes and that’s just not realistic.

  15. as with many others here I don’t do facetube or youbook. You however have my total support.. Although I thought that 3d1k would have been already here to comment? Like, he’s always here early? Or has The Master turned him off?

    • Ok so nobody obeyed the instruction – so for what it’s worth:
      I don’t do FB or any other social media.
      I followed MB from Business Spectator.
      I think the site is informative.
      It tends to focus on negative topics – issues.
      It leans to the left – which may be the genuine views of the owners or to position it favourably to interests such as fairfax, guardian etc.
      The site is chaotic.

  16. Why does MacroBusiness use foul language?

    If you want more readers, surely you should stop using foul language.

    I would appreciate a photo at the top of each article.

    You know, like newspaper articles have a photo at the top of the article.

    Even BBC News has a photo at the start of almost every article.

  17. The very good – excellent analysis, which presents a genuine and unique understanding of Australian issues. Independent thinking. Ability to present information that Fairfax/News can’t or won’t supply.

    The not so good – I would like to some greater diversity of opinions/articles, to avoid over-reliance on one or two voices (e.g is Deep T going to be replaced?). Also, there’s an increasing amount of emotion creeping in.

    The bad – I’ve been in contact re. technical issues on separate occasions and have had no reply/feedback each time. Nada.

  18. interested party

    You want good marketing….. go dig up Bernays.
    Joking, dudes.
    My 2c’s is this….
    You are independent so on that alone you are invaluable.
    You speak for fair equity and fairness.
    You disregard the mainstream point of view unless it makes sense to support it. Logic rules here.
    And you allow commenters to fully express themselves with a level of tolerance that is to be admired.

    I will be re-subscribing after a brief break.
    Many thanks, to DE and HnH, and CB, Gunna…. also to the many posters/commenters who frequent these pages. I enjoy all the views expressed, even those I disagree with.
    So….. for an economics blog, you hold your own.

  19. Don’t get too big guys. Part of your value is in the people who write in these comments. Get too big and the quality of your readers and commenters will fall. Already I’m seeing more opinion and less reasoning of late, and not enough dissent. I’d hate to this section of your pages end up like the comments you read on smh or ABC news pages.

  20. I would proffer MB attractiveness is based on redressing the information arbitration captured corporatist MSM and industry rags engage in. Whilst it might not be 100% accurate it does provide a process where readers and commenters can see – seek other alternatives to the main stream narrative.

    Having been a long time commentator over at Naked Capitalism, almost from the beginning [used to do more blogs tho narrowed it down], I’ve had the opportunity to watch this format evolve wrt the events leading up too the GFC and post. The ones that seem to keep attracting and holding viewers are the ones as Barry Ritholtz would say “embrace the churn”, to that I would say this blog has.

  21. Don’t do or have FB. Testimonials in media are not worth much so it’s a curious ploy for anotherwise savvy outfit.

    Anyway: MB is the alpha and omega of business/finance, even when it’s snarky, which adds some essential piquancy.

  22. Retired from FB several years ago. Wish my wife would do the same! But I do wish to make a comment. I don’t subscribe to MB for investing purposes or for business. I don’t do much of either…
    I subscribe to support your public policy efforts. We have a huge problem in this country, in that there are very few voices advancing the public interest. Not in the mainstream media, and certainly not in politics, except perhaps the Greens on some issues. I think this site helps to fill this void: you are helping others in the community discern good policy from bad, national interests from sectional, and wise heads from cheerleaders. And I am happy to contribute to that.

  23. Interesting analysis, ahead of the pack, decidedly gloomy – MB would argue with good reason!

    Challenge going forward – if MB view transpires what then? What are the fixes?

    …and this is where a glitch may lie…

    MB is slightly to the left of the Greens and there ain’t no answers in them dark woods. Oh well, no one’s perfect and if imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, to judge by MSM attention to MB – they’ve made it!!

    2015 was MBs breakout year.

    • first time i respond to you my evil friend.

      happy christmas. even though i disagree with almost everything you say – you are consistent.

      MB is not to the left of the greens! seriously!

      sometimes i think you’re my dad posting.

      • If your left.. Be left.. Embrace it.. Denying you ate the canary when your face is covered in yellow feathers is a tad ridiculous….

      • Slim, when I was young, I used to be right. Now I’m getting older, I’m left, which is the opposite of what’s supposed to happen. Go figure. Partly thank my wife for this … she’s always been smarter than I politically

      • @R2M
        The most likely explanation is that you haven’t changed, it’s the political landscape that has changed. It used to be the communists that were the crazy ones. With the defeat of communism, the conservatives have moved into the crazies territory.

        Conservatives used to be quite reasonable to deal with. They even managed to create a market mechanism to limit CFC. These days, any market mechanism to limit CO2 is regarded as the left. You holding the exact same view would be labelled as a conservative then and a socialist now.

      • Kevin, good point, could be true, for instance I still think it’s wrong for people on welfare to have babies, which is usually seen as a conservative view.

      • If your left.. Be left.. Embrace it..

        Happy to embrace being “left”. It has, after all, provided the foundations of modern civilisation, from equality before the law, through free speech, to democratic representation.

        But MB does not carry a left bias. Much like the ABC, claims of same are common, examples essentially nonexistant.

      • Aussie1929MEMBER

        @R2M- Agreed, people on welfare shouldn’t have babies. These people are on welfare because they cant be stuffed working or don’t have the aptitude to work a simple job and most likely failed job interviews for many reasons for their own advantage. Either way, it’s best these people don’t exist. They are a drain on us and don’t want to contribute to society. They are also the ones that consume excessively at our expense. Meanwhile…”Pacific garbage island comes in good tidings”

    • ‘2015 was MBs breakout year.’

      No, not in the slightest. The call has been made from about 3 years out here at Macrobusiness, that Australia would face a mining capex issue, a commodity prices issue, a housing construction rollover issue, and a manufacturing walkout issue……and that the sum impact of that was an economy face down in the merde sucking it up (and that ostentatious real estate valuations may prove difficult to justify from that point).

      The breakout year starts from about now, but goes up a gear from about 4-5 months time.

    • @3d1kranium: “MB is slightly to the left of the Greens and there ain’t no answers in them dark woods.”

      ….as opposed to your stripe which is slightly to the right of your old mate Genghis.

  24. Anyone under 34 and without children is largely no longer on FB. Even the much worshipped Obama says it is now “old”. So I am not on FB. Would be nice to have some right of centre commentators on here.
    With comments people can say whatever they want but please delete comments with swearing. Anyone who has to resort to swearing has lost an argument and has nothing of substance to contribute in my opinion.
    Some of your posts come across as smug, particularly around climate change. This site rightly rails against rent seekers except green rent seekers. It rightly questions government statistics unless they show the world to be warming. I am skeptical of all government data, housing, economic, employment and climate modelling. I get we do not agree and I do not expect you to but by being smug you alienate a large part of the community who are skeptical of climate change

    Overall though this site is fantastic on most economic issues. It brings together those who are skeptical of the MSM and government economic spin, which is great also.

  25. Very funny that you asked testimonials and people thought that was a cue to give advise on how to write your blog.

  26. My opinion mirrors the tone of Donnas and Anthony’s comments.. I was looking at real estate purchase a couple years ago. Went to the bank who are prepared to lend me a stupid amount of money, I didn’t feel comfortable leveraging up so hard to buy so little and started investigating my options (should be noted I’m not one of the beautiful people). This site provides a fresh perspective which challenges most other media and I enjoy the comment banter even if it can go a bit overboard at times.

    I finish the day with a read of this website and find the $150 price point a valuable investment. I’ve noted a few additional marketing emails lately which to a paid up subscriber feel a bit spammy.. Besides that love your work.

  27. I come here for facts.

    I care not about “political leanings” or allegations of bias, what I care for are facts and suggestions for effective modes of action to remedy issues. Fuck what is perceived as a political spectrum – I get enough of that shit elsewhere online.

    Just facts – that’s why I pay for this.

    Oh and to see 3d1k get rekt on a daily basis. Probably the best part of the site, come to think of it.

  28. Can’t comment on facebook. I will be ostracized (Family and friends have mega mortgaged PPOR).

    It is good to see this blog move into the socio-political sphere as well, instead of just drab numbers and macro insights (which is beyond brilliant). I would like to think that this blog has an influence on public policy, especially this year. The constant drum beat on population ponzi, FIRB neglect of blatant law breaking, money laundering in real estate, TPP, 457/student visas, negative gearing, Abbottolypse, fantasy Budget forecasts etc has made the establishment uncomfortable and forced them to react and at least acknowledge that it is a topic for debate.

    I think you need to drop the H&H moniker( and UE likewise) and blog under your real names. This blog is more than House and Holes or economics now!

  29. The only place that I consider Australian journalism and economic commentary worth reading is published. This site is a daily reference for me and has been of immense assistance in my own financial and business planning. Excellent work, with a solid readership whose comments add value and interest. My own discovery of this site years ago was a godsend at a crucial juncture on my life and is the only site I have ever (or will ever) contribute money to (this was before the subscription period).

    Keep it up and congratulations.

    • BaldbadgerMEMBER

      Well said David. First thing i read in the mornings.
      You do a great job of educating your readers.
      You back up you positions with well researched statistical evidence as opposed to the cherry picked data we see from the mainstream media.
      Don’t change. The quirky names you have for mainstream media lackies are great.
      I disagree you are left leaning. Keep holding the political class on both sides of the spectrum to account.
      The one thing you could do and which you have spoken about in the past is set up a macrobusiness hedge fund. I’d be in for sure.
      Keep up the great work.

    • You guys do a great job – only site I’ve subsrcibed to – now in second year & been reading inception. love the comments. Don’t invest or own a mortgage. I come hear for the honesty & content.

    • Tassie TomMEMBER

      I agree with this. I’m here because I love learning about macroeconomics – how we’ve got here, where we’re going, and what the alternatives are. I find the links between debt, land, equities, bonds, currency, consumption, investment, tax etc fascinating. My favourite articles are when there is an in-depth analysis of some macroeconomic facet (and some of the best have only been a few screens long).

      Someone said something about assigning % chance to outcomes instead of saying the favourite arguments will 100% happen. I’m not sure about this – you paint the macro picture, and the world either converges toward it or distorts further away from it.

      I love reading the comments, although sometimes several threads at once get hijacked by a prolific commenter. Maybe if people were limited to a total 10 comments per day – that should be more than enough to respond to a couple of responses to your original comment a few times over.

  30. Just to start, tell that marketing mob to visit the MB archives and look for timestamped articles on Fe, LNG and RE. [there are more and varied topics to examine afterwards]
    Then said marketing boffins can go to the archives of lamestream media and run a direct comparison.
    couch the comparison on a month by month basis.
    These comparisons won’t deliver a lay down misere at this point in time, but will show quite credibly how far MB is ahead in providing a plausible economic narrative ahead of time.

  31. TailorTrashMEMBER

    I do not do face book .twitter or any of that other fancy modern newfangeled stuff ………..

    Nice to see you have hired the help of Mr Draper to get you thinking right about your marketing . I remember in the good old madmen days in pharmaceutical marketing if you could get some high level Doctor with good standing in the profession ( termed “influencers” ) to write a favourable article on a particular treatment that included your drug with the requisite good words and you paid enough in advertising space in a prestigious journal then said article would be published in said journal and you would get some hefty good press. While the medical profession has cleaned up a lot of this it certainly can not be said for the mainstream press in Australia in their headlock by the real estate industry .

    MB offers a real useful alternative to the mainstream press, good analysis is used to back up arguments and questions that should be asked on issues are .

    In a world where the MSM focus on what is good for business and the economy and seems incapable of getting past a fixation on all matters of growth ….and growth for growths sake it is good to have a view point that questions what might actually be good for the community and society as a whole . I find the range of topics covered and the straight up conclusions offered useful . It is then up to me to accept or not that conclusion. At least a clear position backed up with data has been taken .

    I like the licence given to commenters to say what they really think and the range of views covered. In most cases the earthy language people sometimes choose to express their thoughts and views in adds colour and texture to the debate . In a politically correct world it is nice to know that people can add a little colour to their dialogue with out being shut down or switched off .

    I like to think that MB is read by some of our political leaders so they can see that at least a part ( however small) of the electorate may hold views that are are not aligned with the way they are taking Australia and that some of the issues and debates filter into their consciousness . I like to think that has been the case with the issue of foreign buying of our homes because the MSM would surely not have contributed to any pressure for change .

    Well worth the subscription cost for informative economic news service ( no updates on Kim Kardashian alas) and highly entertaining comments section.

  32. Another that doesn’t do Facebook – but here’s what I think.

    What distinguishes MacroBusiness is that David and Leith have a properly thought out framework from which which all of their analysis extends. That makes it relatively easy for them to see why others hold opinions which misread the evidence or, indeed, lack foundation at all. Because of this, not only can you see that their view is likely to be right, you can also see why.

  33. Unfortunately (albeit I class it ‘fortunately’) I am also not on the facebook bandwagon so unable to submit a response through them either.
    All I can say is that without the honest and independent opinions, factual detail, world-wide substance (not just Australia-focused like most of the MSM) and well-structured approach of information delivered by Macrobusiness (especially yourself DLS and Leith), I wouldn’t be as well informed as I am since I started visiting the website in 2012 and later became a subscriber.
    Too many of the MSM spend their time professing knowledge of the Australian economy using unfounded and incorrect claims that they possess a thorough understanding of the world-wide issues that in many ways drive and dictate this same economy. Coupled with the potential restriction on commentary from their readership of dissenting views, this is sadly a significant disservice to their readership and the public at large as it stifles debate and restricts the perspective and understanding that allows people to make informed decisions about these critical issues to their own and this country’s future.
    Macrobusiness is the complete opposite – an informed, reasoned, factual and independent source that also provides the ability for its readership to contribute to an open and reasoned discussion by adding their perspective and information to promote further knowledge and understanding of the discussion to others. My subscription is well worth its cost.

    Have a safe and Happy Xmas DLS, Leith, your families, all the team at MB (and all the posters as well).

  34. I’m going to take this as an invite for feedback more generally… If you want to improve your marketability then I”d suggest targeting those who will increasingly turn from the MSM (assuming you macro theories prove correct) looking for information as to how to adjust to the new state of affairs — the end of endless boom and rising house prices. You want to catch these new pundits before the MSM clicks to what is happening (which they will do eventually, but too late to be of any use). So basically, set a tone of less extreme, less at the margins, move towards the middle while still sticking to your basic theories and principles — ie, you’ve already done this tone some extent — dumbfax back to domainfax etc. At some point that loud annoying voice in the corner (which is actually proven correct) is more palatable when it engages rather than just admonishes.

    Nothing like feedback, when it wasn’t asked for…

  35. I read MacroBusiness Monday to Saturday and find it really useful – well informed, well documented and unbiased. After all the quasi real-estate ads and property spruiking that passes for news and commentary in the main stream press you are very welcome relief.
    I frequently on-post your articles.

  36. Diogenes the CynicMEMBER

    I am not on Facebook either. I have recommended your site to those who are open to a different view. I suspect as the bust gets underway more will come here, once they peek behind the curtain and see the Wizard of Oz as he is, they will want more than what the MSM gives them currently. The value of the site is objective analysis set in a coherent framework unburdened by corporate PR or beholden to rent seeking and the interesting community which contributes to the debate. Have a great break and look forward to 2016, an interesting year ahead for ‘Straya.

  37. I don’t give testimonials and don’t use FB.
    I will say this:
    The value of MB to me:
    1. As a filter/agglomeration feed for Aus related economic data/news/settings with an ed line that shapes needed discourse however sometimes oversteps being helpful
    2. In its commenters.
    The comments thread is 99% of the value to me; and its strange to me that your business model doesn’t recognize their contributions in any formal or informal way (psychology 101)
    3. competitor matrix in the niche economic media space
    in this niche space Aussies have got very little which makes MB an exclusive product by default
    ZH only has a couple of stories here and there on Aus
    Media Watch – not really
    Gruen is good for psychological analysis of behaviours which you don’t touch but nothing on eco
    crikey – Stephen Mayne just craps on about sh$t
    hot copper – has some good posters who discuss things yet more share based
    other forums around – 4 chan; redidt etc don’t really go this way

    MB is not an independent media site; it just does a control c and control p with a few leading comments to take the discussion in a way that it’s subscribers will engage with – pretty much a niche agglomeration site; so probably don’t need to get too big; and when it does a new ‘nightclub” will be opening up down the street with the early movers ( is the one i’m invested in.

    Be good to your mother
    If you want to get rich start a MB hedge fund

  38. Geo FibonacciMEMBER

    I value MBs independence and the critique of the MSM.

    Most valuable are the weekend links and end of day wrap.

    Suggest a technology change to look good in downstream mobile apps, Apple news, flipboard. Keep RSS feeds updated, get found. Font and page functionality sucks on tablets still, allow deliberately getting the desktop version.

    I’m hardly ever a contibutor, but really value the followup discussions and other opinions to be found in the comments.

    keep up the great work, merry season.

  39. Guys. Have a hard look at the numbers and a harder look in the mirror.
    If you are not running 10%cagr, especially over the last 3 years you are backing a loser.
    Now some metrics:
    Your subscriber base is falling
    Your (active) readership is falling
    Your reader comments are deteoriating into farce with unsuitable language.
    You have removed the user friendly assistance from the comments pages.
    The opportunities you were able to capitalise on over the last 2 years have moved on.
    The opportunities for your future reports will be as reporting from a graveyard.
    When are you going to have a female editor for the feminine perspective?
    Your reports from IG are valueless?
    You have pissed on the MSM.
    Now they see blood in the water, they will move to further discredit you.
    If you run this year and things don’t improve, what will you do next year?
    MSM will incorporate robo-journalism for much of their mundane reports, will that affect you.
    What is your exit strategy, are you working toward it or away from it.
    This holiday period would be an appropriate time to quietly shut up shop.

      • The Traveling Wilbur

        That’s at least the third comment you’ve posted today that I either appreciate or agree with. Or both. Then again, I’m not well at the moment. Maybe I’ve had a mini-stroke or something. Or are you trying to avoid a visit from the spirits of Christmas past, present and future? Either way, keep up the good work.

    • Re. woman and diversity, MB could let go of it’s WASPish outlook. This is exemplified through excellent quantitative and qualitative analysis of FIRE sectors, but the same skills of analysis are ignored and replaced by pejorative terms and negativity when focusing upon ‘population growth/Ponzi’, immigration, international ed/students, ‘Chinese’ property buyers, NOM, 457 visas etc. equalling xenophobia, what gives?

      While the rest of the world looks positively at Oz’s regional/international opportunities and diversity for the future, MB like our ageing mainstream media and politicians, does become obsesssively negative, as though a return to John Howard’s 1950s Oz would be preferable? People outside of Oz simply do not understand the still strong antipathy or negativity towards our region?

      Maybe there is an opportunity for MB to wander into more regional/international articles which can also be picked up by an increased international audience?

      PS If you cannot think of something amusing for a headline, dont bother.

  40. slightly_perturbed

    Hate facebook, so will leave the comment here. I visit MB daily religiously due the the insightful articles and very intelligent comments made by the readership. I hardly ever comment, mainly because I usually don’t have anything constructive to add, ie average comments here are far more educated and intelligent then anything I could write. I love 3d1k on this site. We need that representation here from the far right nutters, since it seems that is them that are pulling most of the strings on this silly planet.
    Keep up the good work MB staffers and the readers. Looking forward to any comments written by flawse.
    MIght help to mention other sites I read for news and good articles.
    RT, al jazeera, zero hedge,

  41. *raspberries…..
    I love MB. I read every day. I dropped reading mainstream news (papers then) 24 years ago as noticed the heavy vetting gremlins were at work……over time the important news that could still be found on page16 of major newspapers (20 years back) disappeared altogether. So I simply stopped reading mainstream ‘news’. I came to intensely dislike TV news to the point where I would flick channels to watch ads whilst news was on.Hence gave TV away years back……so I stumbled upon MB a few years ago. Bloody Brilliant!! Thanks guys…and err….gals?? Yes WW is correct on this point. You need a gal amongst you for the female essence to the mix. I find MB truthful with no bs. This site has and continues to educate me about economics and the world of finance. I love the cussing btw! Geez if you can’t throw a few expletives around while commenting like those that frequent the bar (as already ment’d early in comments-MB is just like going to the pub after a long but good day of hard work) after a hard day of peddling to keep the grindstone moving…..what’s the point of stopping in?! Nah, what is more offensive is heavy vetting (not petting!), lying, one-sided opinions which a few heavies have termed ‘up-to-date-latest-news’. MB is refreshing to read even with all the many different opinions. What I love most about MB is that you can watch knowledgeable posters slam down waffle comments with backed up snippets of truth. I love that this site often reveals the Truth through posters that bother to drop in, ready to share their wisdom of experience, real unvetted experience…..
    What a breath of fresh air. Thank Goodness for MB.My aplos for not following instructions re. faceache. I don’t do it and no apologies…..sorry!
    Thank you for reading my opinion.

  42. Keep doing what you’re doing. The contents of the site is superb.

    On the technical side we could use some improvement. Especially comments section, which feels like 1998. Often comments under an article provide equal value and insight. I wish you used modern system for comments (like Disqus or anything similar). Any system would be better than HTML bullet lists.

  43. I like macrobusiness because I’m lazy, but in my various roles as a business journalist, property developer and associate professor of applied finance at a second tier former polytechnic, I need to be able to fake a semblance of understanding about what’s going on in the global economy. And when I am faking my understanding of economic events, attempting to impress my underlings and colleagues in meetings, I would rather assume a slightly world weary poseur contrarian posture than parrot Alan Kohler or Michael Pascoe like some gormless stay at home soccer Mom trading Telstra shares between her morning coffee catch up with friends and the afternoon whining session with the ballet Moms before heading home to catch up on the day’s emails while the kids fondle their ipads and flies circle around the morning’s dishes and last night’s takeaway containers.

    I don’t have time to scour the web, nor do I have the first inkling of how one would actually do that, and I have faith that both LVO and DLS have only moderately embellished their resumes, and have enough sense to filter out the noise and focus on what is probably most relevant to supporting a sceptical and cynical world view which, when articulated with sufficient rubbing of the forehead, deep sighing, and crossing of arms and bemused shaking of head at attempted rebuttals, emenates an air of detached intellectual rigour.

    I spend up to 90% of most of my working days busily engaged in anything other than the task at hand, and the occasional chart and otherwise discreet graphical content on macrobusiness provides me with the ideal vehicle to stare grimly at my monitor and give the impression to passing colleagues that I am engaged in some level of research vaguely connected to whatever it is they imagine we’re all supposed to be doing here in this office.

    Macrobusiness is just like a big sub-reddit, only more enjoyably incoherent in a peculiar Australian context, and with only the minor inconvenience of having to open a new dummy account every two weeks to view locked down articles, and having to go back into reddit to view r/gonewild when the economics starts to get a bit tedious and most of my colleagues have called it a day around 3.15pm. So I can finish my day both relieved and satisified that it wasn’t all a complete waste of time, and that others even more ignorant than me exposed to my fumbling economic diatribes at dinner parties and BBQs will ultimately benefit from the fruit of my daily procrastination.

    P.S Could you pin a Star Wars thread to the top of the site ? There are some serious economic inconsistencies in the latest installment that could do with a working over by commenters on this site.

    • interested party

      Ahhh spleen,
      merry xmas. Thanks for the chuckles and the colourful descriptives, most enjoyable.

      • Aussie1929MEMBER

        Dudes dont use emoticons excessively and dont use lipstic kisses either. So R2M is a Lady. No one will get an email alert to this. They will only see it if they manually look through comments.

    • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

      ” the minor inconvenience of having to open a new dummy account every two weeks to view locked down articles”,

      I would have thought a ” business journalist, property developer and associate professor of applied finance” could afford a $149/annum subscription.

      Maybe you have a substance or Gambling addiction?

  44. ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

    I got an email from MB prompting me to re-subscribe, as my non-renewing subscription expires in 18 days, one of the paragraphs reads,

    “You might be reading MacroBusiness because it’s part of your job. You might be reading MacroBusiness because it’s your responsibility to manage the wealth of your family. You might be reading MacroBusiness because you just want to get rich and retire early. (Who are we to judge?)”

    I read MB for none of the above reasons. I am here because football is boring (as are all sports imo) and like my news to be accurate, intelligent and not served up as infotainment.
    Having said that , I do enjoy the to and fro of opinions here and teasing R2M is always fun, he responds angrily nearly every time.

    PS, please bring back the recent posts tab. Why was it removed in the first place?

    • I read it because I got rich and retired early, and now want to make sure I keep what I got. The idea of having to return to working for a living is just too horrific to consider. I liken reading MB to sleeping with one eye open and a baseball bat by the door – I am prepared for whatever threats may come.

      PS. For those who don’t do FB, it is used for more than just posting selfies these days. There are some very good sharetrading groups on there for instance.

  45. Guys welcome a swag of new bloggers, today is their 1st day??

    Geo Fibonacci
    James Tuckerman
    Michael francis

    • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

      what was it spleenblatt said ?

      “the minor inconvenience of having to open a new dummy account every two weeks to view locked down articles”

      maybe there is only a few dozen of us. 🙁

    • I’ve seen a few of those names over the years W. but staying in the gallery is less time consuming & less tiring than having to defend yourself from ad hominems from the righteous types, or being PC’d for what may have been an innocent comment.

      There’s intelligent, witty insightful discourse in here, (& you’ve all taught me a serious amount) but there also seems to be an increasingly empowered & abusive lynch mob ready if something doesn’t fit their narrative.

      • Well said. MB is great for its numbers and economic analysis, but takes a disappointingly militant hostility (ABC/Guardian levels) to alternate views on social issues

    • Paid up subscriber for several years. Don’t comment often but read every day. And the use of ordinary good manners would solve some of the interpersonal slanging matches in comments-l would make an exception of 3d1k,who probably deserves most of what he gets,and must be a very poor investment by the mining industry.

  46. No way!! This is my 2nd subscription year..
    It is an addiction..I rarely “speak”….And only when as just recently, the Lad’s were lacing it into Gina, and had to drag her body image into the mix, then I had to let out a ..”Not cool”….That really grinded my gears into “speaking up” and adding a voice..

  47. No FB for me either, but I can do an actual testimonial, not a comment.

    I worked in public policy, mainly housing, for years and years, and always knew something was terribly wrong. I was a consumer of “investment advice” for years and years, and always knew something was terribly wrong. Started reading MB and was amazed to find a couple of guys so clearly articulating what had been wrong.

  48. You do do a good job, in my view ,you are excellent than anyone(not only finance and economics ,but also social phenomenon ) i have ever seen.When i short Dalian Iron ore futures,your information help me a lot and help me make a lot of money, I’m a chinese reader in Shanghai, there are so many dishonesty media,so many people cheating their customer. Keep ! Thanks! When you see my comment and respect to MB, delete it at once, because I want to go on pay for, (For our Strict management,i think you know it,)

  49. I don’t do Facebook, I do use Chrome, I occasionally swear and I mostly shitpost in the comments, which may or may not annoy the other David.

    I started reading the site when I was looking for information about the iron ore price, and I kept coming back. Then I subscribed, and I’ve recently renewed my subscription. I like the site because it pulls together various economic threads into a narrative that I find interesting and explains events in that context. I enjoy the writing style (particularly of HnH) and I appreciate the (sometimes dark) humour. But more than that, since I’ve been reading at least, the predictions feel like they are more often right than wrong, I don’t feel like I’m being lied to (unlike when I watch TV or read some other news sites), and I think you’re ahead of the curve, which is where I’d like to be.


  50. Not sure a testimonial from a Facebook account titled ‘Bullion Baron’ will help much, but in the spirit of many of the above comments, here is some unsolicited feedback.

    The Good:

    – Helpful curation of mainstream media articles along with a healthy dose of alternate commentary
    – Independent analysis
    – Timely reporting of economic/data updates & releases
    – Charts (MSM is getting better at including, but a couple of years ago was rare)
    – Including links to sources of material (something still often left out by the MSM)
    – Ahead of the curve on economic/financial narratives
    – Clever & compelling wordsmithery from DLS
    – Economic analysis from LVO which is easy to understand and share
    – Discussion by other readers/users under the articles sometimes adds to site

    The Bad:

    – Shutting down debate/discussion with the banning of some accounts, I found the comments section much better in the past, now too much group-think/schadenfreude
    – Selective criticism of rent seeking behaviour (as highlighted above by Heisenberg)
    – Too politicised, which is what I think has drawn in the left crowd to the comments section, the site was far more economic/market based when there was additional writers
    – Missing recent comments widget, which has been mentioned numerous times with no response as to why it disappeared (that I have seen)
    – Too much stroking of own egos when pointing out those things you got right without addressing when you have been wrong

    & The Ugly:

    – Any hint of a comment that disagrees with or provides an alternative view on content in an article is often attacked in a dismissive way & not addressed constructively
    – Sometimes the ‘witty’ headlines & commentary goes too far (Pascometer = clever, Kelly O’Liar/Mad Adam = puerile/nasty)

    • I agree with your comments BB. I find the site quite a bit less interesting without some of the edgier commentors. And your “ugly” section is spot on.

    • Saw the link to FB and thought hmmm who still uses FB????

      Agree with BB, this used to be a site for intellectual discourse on the direction Australia is heading economically and how to benefit from fore knowledge on what is coming. Now, too many of the posts are personal insults or attacks when alternate views are expressed or offered. Not everyone believes the world will end, many have world experience outside Australia in industries that some deem destructive. Their views deserve every bit as much respect as the views you agree with. When I was young, my Grandfather asked me what I thought about Hitler. I said I hated him for what he did. My Grandfather said it is fine to hate the actions of the man but make sure you always understand the motives first and find out what you can learn. Everyone has something to teach us, the challenge is being open to learning. I share the articles from MB with my friends and business associates who agree it is a welcome relief from the steady stream of propaganda served up by the MSM.

      Great job, and I would love to see comments discussing merits rather than blanket criticisms that this person is a “denier” or mainstream shrill. Even the Chinese bloggers paid to respond would have been great had they actually paid attention in the indoctrination classes and the guys in the mining industry, while it will decline will still be with us in some form. Coal and oil will still be used so an understanding of this is required, for how long is up the will of the people.

      • too many of the posts are personal insults or attacks when alternate views are expressed or offered.

        Is that code for “too many posts that deny the reality of anthropogenic climate change are criticised”? Because if it is, it’s not going to change.

        many have world experience outside Australia in industries that some deem destructive.

        You mean many have experience in the fossil fuel industry?

        Their views deserve every bit as much respect as the views you agree with.

        Not if they are going to push the unscientific view that FFs are good for humanity.

        Great job, and I would love to see comments discussing merits rather than blanket criticisms that this person is a “denier” or mainstream shrill.

        Shrill? You mean “shill”. And pray tell, why should we discuss the “merits” of antiscience views?

        Coal and oil will still be used so an understanding of this is required, for how long is up the will of the people.

        Ah, so that’s what it’s all about. You’re just one more member of the paid commentariat. Get in the van. Onto the list you go.

      • R2M I am not paid by anyone, I have an open mind to everything but your attacks as above highlight what I am talking about. FF’s I don’t give a shit about. I lived through the destruction wrought by BP in the Gulf destroying a good friends fishing business down there. My groomsman from my first wedding was diagnosed with cancer as a result of his work in Nigeria with a cowboy outfit drilling for oil and polluting the local waterways. My dad mined coal in QLD and worked in the mine in Mt Isa until my grandfather could get him a safer job elsewhere. I suffer from reduced lung capacity thanks to the coal pollution in China and my time there.

        You never read beyond a few key phrases that you latch onto and term the person a denier or a paid commentator. And this is always been my complaint with the site. Your attacks are allowed through all the time and they are offensive. FF’s are not going to disappear overnight, they will be here for quite a while yet – reality. Stop the personal attacks, accept that not everyone agrees with you. Some of your posts provide valuable links but drop the personal insults and attacks and you might get more people pushing to fix the problems or at the very least re-evaluate their own views on FF’s. Personal attacks simply polarise the debate and debase the whole value of this site. It is something that HnH et al really need to consider as it is really getting out of hand.

      • FF’s I don’t give a shit about

        Weird then that your whole post seemed to be about FFs. You even make a plea for coal and oil and object to the term denier.

        If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, sounds like a duck, it’s probably a duck

      • Again, you prove my observation with the personal attacks. My observation on FF’s are realistic and they will be here. This is an economic and to some extent investment site. An industry that will still exist in 5 years and on which our economy has a dependance will need to be considered and they have a right to express their views. You don’t have to agree with them but you can refrain from attacking anyone who does have an interest in understanding what their plans are. I find that such understanding to be very useful when shorting stocks in coal and energy sectors while also avoiding some of the more fanciful stocks in solar and geothermal that have blown through considerable amounts of investor funds.

      • This is easy to clear up: OJ, would you state your opinion on AGW and whether coal use should be curtailed as quickly as we can? Ta.

      • @OJ seems like we occupied many of the same haunts over the same time periods …is there any chance that we know each other?
        BTW I’m also interested in understanding a little more about the Australian cattle industry especially wrt to incorporating methods and systems that prove the quality and origion of the product.

    • “– Too politicised, which is what I think has drawn in the left crowd to the comments section, the site was far more economic/market based when there was additional writers”

      This. Too much politics. I disdain the immaculate scum resident in Australia’s parliaments and there is too much dredging on non-economic topics. I’d suggest to only talk about politics when it directly relates to economic matters – and honestly that is not often because 95% of pollie air time is kabuki.

      I also don’t understand why you’d use facebook for feedback when something like survey monkey would be a much better tool.

      • “This. Too much politics. I disdain the immaculate scum resident in Australia’s parliaments and there is too much dredging on non-economic topics. I’d suggest to only talk about politics when it directly relates to economic matters – and honestly that is not often because 95% of pollie air time is kabuki.”

        I’m only speculating, but maybe these sections just get more views? I’m sure most media organisations are acutely aware of what their audiences are and aren’t looking at..

    • 100% agree with BB.

      I primarily use this site as a source of information and research in my day job – it provides a useful counter-view to the MSM. For this reason my organisation pays for an MB subscription. As such I would like to be able to circulate some of the articles from time to time via a link to my colleagues in the organisation.

      The problem with that approach is the comments that are inevitably attached to the article. Firstly, some of them are completely unprofessional (other posters have already identified many of these issues; swearing, ageism, racism, sexism etc.) and unacceptable in the modern workplace.

      Secondly – as many posters have already commented – the often vicious, personal and plain crazy comments work against MB as a credible source of information and opinion. I have often been asked why I give credibility to the research when many of the comments are so obviously off the wall.

      So MB – what are your aspirations for this site. Do you want to be considered a serious source of professional macroeconomic insight? If so then you need to consider establishing some ground rules for the comments section and enforcing them through active moderation.

  51. The advertiser of “The Terrible Seven” causes unwelcome popups and intrusion and is a growing negative on MB.

    The odd email that spams out “preferred” advertiser’s wares, is similarly hated.

    The lynch mob mentality that is not contained by moderators is a killer (of your business and my subscription if it continues).

    The alternative view, the informal discussion environment, the non-captured content is a breath of fresh air.

    All a matter of balances.

    I’m still with you, but for how long?

    • The lynch mob mentality that is not contained by moderators is a killer

      Translation: please do not ban deniers

      • R2M

        It is difficult to address an avatar. You have no handle to grab – no name, no qualification, and no skill.

        What you do have is the absurd thought that a communication between myself and the publishers of this blog needs your spamming input.

        You reveal yourself as an abusive person with no agenda other than abuse.

        If you are human, and I’m thinking you are less than that, then you’ll be comforted to know that your trolling ranks you in the same level with a stinking pile of dogsh$t.

        Merry Xmas

  52. As a very wise man once told me wrt Startups
    1) Spend the first 3 years creating a unique product with undeniable value
    2) Spend the last 3 years creating a unique company with undeniable value.
    and btw don’t spend too much time in the middle.
    I think we can all agree that you created a unique product with undeniable value but for a relatively narrow demographic, which is fine! The most important question atm is how to turn this into a valuable company.
    It might seem like a strange idea but valuable companies are created in much the same way as one creates valuable products: Identify the market deficiencies, identify your customer base (customers for your company) work hard to make what you have appear to be exactly what they need.

    From what I’ve seen in the last year or so I suspect MB is firmly stuck in infinite loop stage 1 mode. This is characterized by two things
    – attempting to reinvent a product for your existing customer base
    – Unnecessarily pissing off Industry insiders, a kinda narcissistic I dont need you response directed towards those individuals that are actually essential for stage 2 ( the great company)

    • It is possible CB, and on the cattle side, definitely. I am starting a project in Jiangsu province to introduce some of the best practices in cattle management from Australia. Looking to combine the current animal passport system (NDIS) which has pro’s and con’s from the selection of RFID frequency with other RFID and tracking technologies to provide greater improvements in animal health and management. Funny, Skippy and I know some of the same people/areas out near Murgeon even to my uncles petrol station and school/church in Cloyna 🙂

      I was in the Black Duck pub in Woods Hole MA having a drink about 10 years ago and low and behold my tutor from my 2nd year Biochem prac class at UQ walked through the door. Did you study at UQ?

    • I understand what you mean, CB, but it won’t be easy in my view.

      Macrobusiness is for inquiring minds – and the trouble is that there are only so many of them. Plus, there is this something mysterious which somehow makes a usually rational person utterly irrational once money is involved. In short, I suspect that the potential readership market for Macrobusiness can be surprisingly small.

      To this end, I think Macrobusiness should try to make money out of trading, not from subscription fees. After all, if one’s analysis is correct then one can make far more money from trading than from selling the analysis for subscription fees. If one’s analysis is wrong, on the other hand, then one cannot sell it for subscription fees anyway.

      How can one find out if one’s analysis is likely correct or not? By receiving feedback, of course!!

  53. Not prepared to provide feedback on Facebook, but..

    Love the site, have been a reader for 5 (?) years now. Subscriber since that started.
    Low to no levels of political bias one way or the other, on an inherently political subject.
    Opinions are typically backed by solid evidence and examples rather than hand-waving hypotheticals.
    Similarly, predictions also largely evidence-based rather than speculative, ideological hypotheticals.
    A little bit of humility goes a long way. Don’t be so cocky when you get stuff right, no matter how tempting. 🙂
    In a similar fashion, try not to get personal or nasty, even if they might deserve it (eg: Kelly O’Liar), it really undermines credibility to a wider audience.
    Fairly low touch moderation is great. Bad language is just words, but sometimes things can get personal and that should be shut down. Appreciate it’s a fine line.
    There are some good (at least to my fleeting understanding) questions in the comments that can sometimes go unanswered due to what appear to be personal conflicts.

    I feel like I learn a lot here, but am unsure how to actually leverage that knowledge out in the real world.

    Technically, it would be nice to see a forum that handled proper comment threading and notifications, so it was easy to find new comments in any given post. A rating system would also be helpful in leiu of heavier moderation.

    Keep up the good work !

  54. Uh oh. Shoulda disabled the comments for this post.
    Hmm, don’t like FB. Is posting on that page consent to link names and photos with testimonials? Would be nice to clarify.

    In the dark void of housing euphoria, MB was a shining light that saved me from mortgage slavery. Hopefully it can turn other FHBs too.

  55. Years ago I wanted to know why my rent kept increasing, I found a blog called Unconventional Economist and it suddenly made sense. Then he joined up with a few others to begin a super-blog and a lot more things started making sense. Economics went from dudes in suits talking what I sensed was babble to a big system with all these interdependent parts, a beautiful monster to be in awe of and that no one can tame.

    MB is written by adults, for adults, and that is rare these days.

    Personally, I’m hopeless with money, to quote Bernard Sumner ‘Give us (New Order) $10 and we’ll turn it into -$1000.”
    So I’m not here to make a fortune, though I will give Chris Becker everything when he finally gets a MB fund off the ground. I’m here to try to get an understanding of this part of the world.

    Plus, it is one of the few places where TISM and The Go-between get the reverence they deserve.

    General comments…
    I’d be tempted to drop the comments on anything non-economic (Dash and climate change) as that is when the stupid comes out. Or go harder with the spam bot.

    Sometimes the headline can let down the article, not often, but when it does it makes you seem like you are just chasing the click-bait.

    On the Leftism that has been mentioned above, I don’t see it. You guys just call bullshit and with the Libs currently in power they are the ones who have been laying the most down recently. You did a great job calling out Labor when they were in as well.

    The cross-posts to things like Rational Radical and The Idiot Tax are excellent. More of that would be appreciated. It adds some nice seasoning to the hearty meal that you serve up.

    A MB cd, ‘The Worst Aussie bbq Album’ would have been great stocking filler. As would have some tacky merchandise.

    I’ll definitely keep subscribing.

    • I’d be tempted to drop the comments on anything non-economic (Dash and climate change) as that is when the stupid comes out.

      Some have commented that they appreciate allowing comments on such articles because it allows them to see who the real wingnuts are. For instance, would you be more or less likely to believe the economic pronouncements of a poster who reveals himself to be antiscience?

      • “Some have commented that they appreciate allowing comments on such articles because it allows them to see who the real wingnuts are. For instance, would you be more or less likely to believe the economic pronouncements of a poster who reveals himself to be antiscience?”

        The wingnuts announce themselves regardless of the topic.
        The quality and the tone of the comments just plummets underneath those posts.
        The site goes from ‘Seven Samurai’ to ‘Sex and the City 2’.
        It just ends up as being a pointless s*^t-fight between people that descends into name calling.
        For example, wingnuts.
        I’d also say that the cacophony of noise that is created at the bottom of the Climate Change posts just ends up assisting the obfuscators like 3d1k.
        For that reason I no longer bother reading the comments under those threads.
        The science is cut and dry, the need to do something is obvious, the comments section is like some sort of messed up race-war.

        Rick and Morty…..

        But, that is just my take on things.

      • I agree in many respects. You make a good case for banning deniers so that constructive conversations can occur under climate-related articles.

      • “I agree in many respects. You make a good case for banning deniers so that constructive conversations can occur under climate-related articles.”

        R2M, if you re-read what I said it suggested that no comments be allowed under those posts. Your comments are just as troublesome as the deniers. You throw scattershot pieces at them and then go on mad rants until you get worked up about some other aspect. In some ways you are like the adhd kid in primary school that the other kids rile up for the fun of it. If you are as serious as I think you are in regard to informing people about climate change I’d rethink your approach to getting the info across in this medium.
        3d1k may be the devil incarnate, but the devil sure knows how to play the game and we could all learn a bit from him.

  56. This site has a lot to offer but the large increase in offensive posts that you are allowing through is turning this site into a ZH rather than a site for informed discussion and information. I respectively request you reinstate the spambot to filter out posts that are personal attacks. It is tiresome to be called a denier and paid commentator when I am neither and I know others who express different views share the same frustration. The value that this site is providing in the current economic times will be undermined if new readers and commentators see it declining into a series of attacks against people who don’t share the party line. Valuable comments and links are provided but the personal insults can be left off.

    • You say you are not a denier and that you “don’t give a shit about” FFs, but your post above raises FFs out of the blue and makes a special plea for them: “Coal and oil will still be used so an understanding of this is required”.

      Pushing this line is much more than having a “different view”.

      Sorry, but if you come here and start pushing a pro-FFs line, and sneer at AGW science, you are ipso facto a denier and quite possibly one of the fairly large cohort of astroturfers assigned to this site.

      • You’re not Sarah Hanson-Young are you R2R. There is a fair amount of hysteria in almost everything you say when anyone puts up an opposing view. I totally agree with BB that the site is increasingly drawing in the Getup crowd who are obviously sick of the pap in the Guardian and are looking for an argument, with anyone, anywhere, about anything. Give it a rest. Give us a rest.

      • Point to even one “hysterical” thing I’ve said, and I’ll go away.

        And “opposing views” … you mean science denial?

      • @R2M

        I suggested that banks are dishonest wankers, and you accused me wearing a tinfoil hat.

        That was hysterical. Or at least it made me laugh hysterically.

        Will you go away now? Please? Or at least calm down and engage with other people on the site in a civil manner? Please?

      • Again, your focus is only on key words and you never read the posts. I have stated countless times that there is evidence of climatic change. And I have also stated that I have spent long enough as a research scientist in microbiology and the origins of species and working with NASA to keep an open mind on the causes of the warming we are seeing. Again, keeping an open mind is key to all things because in science, theories and models change as more understanding is obtained through the study of complex systems. Scientists are fallible, do make mistakes and are influenced by the sources of funding. Think about all the scientist paid by oil companies to provide positive reports for their masters. Don’t you think it is possible that the same pressure exists to support the current theories on AGW? But in your mind, this is the act of denier or paid astroturfer so you will resort to personal attacks. Tiresome.

        Is man contributing to a global problem, yes. Do we fully understand the science of climate and weather? No. We have theories and models that support a line of reasoning. Let me introduce you to someone I wish I had met but did study with one of his collaborators on mathematical modelling in biological systems: You would know of him from the Butterfly effect. He was someone who even when he was an advisor on the program I working with in the late ’80’s pushed us to challenge his theories and not accept them as fact. I worked with the father of genetic sequencing Prof Carl Woese and Prof Erko Stackebrandt along with Prof Jim Staley who fathered the study of microbes in the Antarctic ice cores. The common element of all these people and a view I hold to, is that science is the development and continual testing of theories and models. They hold to the Grecian model of academic rigour and challenge that involves a sound understanding of all possible solutions to an equation and assigning a weighting to an outcome. The AGW debate has descended into a religious debate with pushes to silence anyone or anything that does not support the current theory. This is science from the dark ages not the enlightened era. So your continual attacks and labelling of posters on this site as astroturfers or deniers is offensive. You post some great links but please learn to drop the personal insults.

      • @OJ, the old “we’re not sure, the science is not settled, scientists make mistakes etc” is one of the oldest denier memes around. Thanks for proving my point

        @LSWCHP, I answer you below.

  57. No Facebook for me either.

    This is the only site on the internet that I actually pay money for. The writing is great, and the analysis is fact based and insightful. I come here every day, often several times. I’m not an economist, so I used to look at the whole unproductive housing Ponzi and wonder what was going on, where the “wealth” was coming from without any production, and where it would all end. MB has explained how all that works…or doesn’t work, for which I’m grateful. I’ve made decisions based on my thoughts about what I’ve read here that have saved me money and that I believe will continue to save me money.

    Much of the value of the site comes from the opinions and insights provided in the comments. I abhor censorship and appreciate the light touch on the moderation of the comments, but I agree with some other contributors that the tone of the comments section has deteriorated. I have a great appreciation for profanity, so that doesn’t bother me at all, and I enjoy thoughtful and vigorous debate, but I do take a dim view of ratbag personal attacks and abuse by self-appointed Guardians of the True Path of Righteousness. Revert2Mean’s recent suggestion that I’m a tinfoil hat wearer because I think banks are dishonest wankers was a good example of this.

    Anyway, I hope you’re not going to take Wiley Wolf’s suggestion and quietly shut down over the holidays. I’d much rather you kept up the good work, and I will be renewing my subscription when the time comes.

    • Oh come on. You appeared here recently right after I compiled a list of deniers, many of whom promptly disappeared and were replaced by a new bunch, including you.

      And I accused you of wearing a tinfoil cap because you called a decision by Westpac to reconsider funding fossil fuel projects “wankage” that would “steal more money from chumps”. I stand by that.

      You don’t think the management of Westpac have children and worry about their futures? You think it’s all about “stealing more money”? That’s tinfoil hat territory pal.

      • So “I haven’t been observant enough to notice anything you’ve contributed over the last couple of years” equates to “You’re a climate change denialist sock puppet who’s suddenly popped up out of nowhere”.

        I’ve been mostly lurking and occasionally contributing at MB for…I dunno…about 3 years. I’m on my second subscription and have 192 days to go according to the little counter at the top of the page. I’m not a climate change denialist, sock puppet etc etc. I’m an engineer who started wondering what was wrong with the economic system after the GFC and eventually ended up here where such things are well explained. I just don’t like rude people (like you) who bung a “Fuck you” into the first line of a reply to something I’ve written. The only thing that persuades me of is the desirability of an “ignore comments from user x” button.

      • When you call an ethical decision “wankage”, expect pushback, Mr Engineer. Don’t dish it but whine when you get it.

  58. I hate economics. I always found it boring and I’m not particularly motivated by money. Happy to work hard and live simply to get through. Then 2008 happened. I was fascinated how a bunch of dodgy loans in the USA could cripple the world.

    So I thought I need to pay more attention or “they” will take all my money (whoever they are). Ended up finding Max Kiser and NC, then a link in the comments at one of those sites led me here one day.

    MB is just the perfect balance for me. It gives me the rationality I crave without all the tin foil hattery of the above mentioned sites.

    Now I know enough to know “they” will still probably take all my money, but at least I’ll know how and when they’re doing it.

    As others have said, the comments on the site are also very valuable. It would be awesome to be able to preserve that as you continue to grow, but sadly it would be an impossible task.

    I also think its time to start deleting the tin foil hattey on climate. If they want to debate science go find a science blog. It is impossible to have a discussion on the economic solutions and challenges to climate change when the comments are now full of deliberate obfuscation.

    I have FB but like others have said, I can’t send friends or family here because it would be too confronting. Once the arse falls out of Oz late next year that nay change.

    • I also think its time to start deleting the tin foil hattey on climate. If they want to debate science go find a science blog. It is impossible to have a discussion on the economic solutions and challenges to climate change when the comments are now full of deliberate obfuscation

      Totally agree ✅

  59. Revert2Mean, can you just shut the fuck up.

    I’ve said it many many many time before, you are an embarassment to your cause.

    Ive banned you many times because of your vehement, unwarranted, unneeded personal attacks and obfuscation that leads the debate directly into your opponents lap.

    The best way to deny the real astroturfers and nutters any voice is to not engage with them. Engage with the real sceptics – the ones who are prepared to listen (not be preached to) to your best case. If they then dont agree – move on.

    You might be a nice guy in real life, but here at MB, Id rather talk to that cretin 3d1k than listen to your babblings.

    And Im on your side, FFS…

    • And how am I supposed to tell the skeptics from the deniers/turfers?

      You either want pushback at the antiscience comments, or you don’t. Make up your minds.

      • NO. I’ll continue calling it like I see it. If they want the likes of you here instead (and as we all know you are an antiscience poster), they can ban me instead. M’kay?

        BTW LordDudley, one of our better posters, has vanished thanks to the idiotic moderation here. More may be going at this rate.

  60. The best thing about MB is now the readership and the people who post. Diverse opinions that are able to challenge your own viewpoint effectively – i don’t care if this is done via some vitriol either.

  61. Thanks to MB I have made decisions with regard to our super that have paid out.

    Realising that in fact, no-body really knows what is going on, the data, facts and perspectives offered by MB have allowed me to pivot my business and clearly define a strategy that should allow us to grow, even in the most bearish of scenarios.

    If I was to make a suggestion it would only be to try and focus on the potential positives. As an entrepreneur, employing people and investing my own money in innovation, even as the bottom threatens to fall out, I can get a disheartened by what I read here – but then I realise again, that there are plenty of people and business models, still making money and/or growing.

    This is by far is my greatest criticism; that there is not nearly enough focus on the opportunities on MB, which is a pity, given the collective wisdom present.

    I did bail out of my subscription this year, but that was all about me, I’ll be back – the $149 pa is by far, a worthy investment.

  62. I wonder if the purpose of wanting FB testamonials was to prove “unique visitor” numbers rather than close the loop between MB handles and FB ID’s. Proving Uniques adds Market value and ups adverstier revenues, maybe that’s what DLS wanted. Looks like the plan failed because like most I just dont do FB.

  63. Episode 60

    Disclaimer: All characters and events in this Episode – even those based on real people – are entirely fictional. All celebrity voices are impersonated…..poorly. The following Episode contains coarse language and due to its content it should not be viewed by anyone.

    Not so long ago in a galaxy not so far away …..

    Macrobusiness A; Einstein’s special relativity shows that masses increase as they move faster and faster.

    Macrobusiness B; Einstein’s general relativity shows that the space is curved near heavy masses.

    Macrobusiness C; These revolutionary ideas highlighted much nonsense in the traditional Newtonian dogma. The Galilean transformation is just a farce which the elite and the MSM stubbornly cling to.

    Macrobusiness D; We can see things which others cannot see.

    Macrobusiness E; We now have a small number of followers who seem to grasp what we found out. Some even appeared to have made some money out of these ideas.

    Macrobusiness A; Wouldn’t it be nice if we could expand, not contract, our readership base?

    Macrobusiness B; The trouble is, there are only so many inquiring minds who have the intellect or the willingness to unlearn the Newtonian and learn these new ideas.

    Macrobusiness C; Would this be too much to ask from a large general population, especially a STEM-allergic one?

    Macrobusiness D; Right….. perhaps we should go back to the Newtonian and avoid mentioning anything about Einstein or Dirac to keep our expanded readership happy.

    Macrobusiness E; But isn’t that what the MSM has been doing all along, which we have been so loudly criticizing?

  64. Uranium GeoMEMBER

    MB is beyond comparison to any financial media online or print within Australia. Writers collect data and layer it with other metrics to provide succinct interpretations in the form of simple charts and writing that financial illiterates could understand.

    Simply put the rest are shit and don’t measure up.

    As for FaceBook who even uses that platform? Crass teenagers would be my guess.

  65. Thanks for all your economic and general insights. They have helped me a lot over the last 18 months. Remember that the reason most people frequent this blog is that they seek the truth. Keep up the good work and keep it real.