Katter calls for end to mass immigration

Maverick federal MP, Bob Katter, has launched a change.org online petition calling for an end to mass immigration in the interests of reducing long-term and youth unemployment:

We the undersigned respectfully request the Government to reduce the number of people coming into Australia on “term visas” namely:- migration visas, s457 and s417 work visas and student visas.

We request that the current level of over 600,000 visas per year be reduced to a number that is one-half of the new jobs generated annually.

This would mean a reduction in the number of “term visas” from 620,000 per year to around 100,000 per year.

And further that the Government takes note that our economy is:

1. Only generating around 200,000 new jobs a year.
2. There are over 200,000 school leavers and other young Australians seeking those jobs.
3. These 200,000 along with the 620,000 “term visa” arrivals makes over 800,000 people now competing for only 200,000 jobs.
4. The visa entrants are often from low wage countries, they will therefore naturally get job preference over Australians, so it is Australians in the main that will be forced onto welfare.

We the undersigned assert that since the Federal Government cannot afford this cost burden they therefore will be forced to cut health care, education, pensions and other essential services to Australians or maintain massive budget deficits burdening future generations…

If you wish to sign the online petition, you can do so here.

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    • Mining BoganMEMBER

      Has The Block finished yet? Or those singing shows?

      Important things have to be concentrated on.

    • The Greens are not for unlimited people. See for example, point 4 of their immigration platform:

      “Skilled migration programs that do not substitute for training or undermine wages and conditions in Australia.”

      which is impossible without adopting a similar approach to setting visa numbers Katter is suggesting above.

    • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

      The greens are only for UNLIMITED REFUGEES not unlimited job stealing immigrants.

      I recon they make better Aussies (refos), I’ve got heaps of Mates whos mums and dads were WW2 refugees and its their parents who say “Australia, love it or leave it” loudest in their thick wog accents.

      • The greens clearly have the best policy of the major parties here. We could seriously increase our refugee take and restrict the low paid worker (sorry, student) visa to genuine significant studies.

  1. TailorTrashMEMBER

    But but ……property ….who is going to buy the only thing Australia now produces …….battery hen homes …….
    ……the property lobby will be …….NOT HAPPY BOB!!……………..I hope he gets millions of signatures……………

    • Katter’s plan is an excellent way to reduce property prices. If we can get the population below the number of available residences we will get back to much more realistic property market. Less population also allows for more buildings to be come available for the use of micro entrepreneurial and social activity.

  2. Good luck Bob.
    Dept of Immigration plan to increase the number of student visas issued by over 100,000 in the next 12months, 120,000 the next year and 140,000 the year after……
    This is the plan Bob. The big dumb lazy ponzi plan.

    • Has someone told the Dept of Immigration that?
      They’re going to be a bit short staffed, given they’ve budgeted for a total of only 48,000 additional visa grants per annum in the 4 years from 2013-14 to 2017-18.i.e. approx 12,000 additional grants per year.

      They also better do something about this:
      “Visas granted to applicants outside Australia in the June 2015 quarter decreased by 1.2 per cent when compared to the same period in the previous year.”
      if they’re going to meet your alleged target of of 50% yoy growth.

      • I guess you’re talking about the top graph, which shows a rise of about 40k of what it calls student numbers from 2015 to 2018, which turns out to be net migration of people using student visas. So not visa grants at all (more like visa grants minus unexercised visas minus visa holders who return home).

        It is also not a graph showing a rise in student immigration by 100k in 2015, but showing a rise to100k in 2015, which is very different.

        The DIPB Coroporate plan. meanwhile, projects a 16.5% increase in visa grants from 2013-14 to 2017-18, and the quarterly report gives the visas granted figure of 299k for 2014-15, up 7k or 2.6% from the previous programme year

        Looking at the graph, it’s got to be said that part of the reason the net is growing at the moment is that the lean years experienced about three years ago very likely mean that the number of students returning is especially low at the moment.

      • So in 2014 the resident student visa population was 453,532
        According to the DIBP forecast chart
        In 2015 DIBP forecast that to increase BY 100,000 to 553,532
        In 2016 DIBP forecast that to increase BY 120,000 to 673,532
        In 2017 DIBP forecast that to increase BY 130,000 to 822,532
        Good luck Bob

      • Still very very different to an increase of actual student visas granted each year of 100k which was you first said.

        Also, if the graph means what you are saying it means there were less than zero student visa holders in 2006

      • The most recent DIBP quarterly report shows an annual rise of student visa holders in Australia of 37k, far less than you are talking about,

    • Indian student visas issued: 71% male
      Pakistan: 91% male

      2nd and 10th biggest countries of origin for international students.

      Two of the most sexist and gender unequal countries on Earth are exporting their surplus males to Australia. This has got to stop.

      Take India and Pakistan to only 50:50 male:female, and the intake of international students would swing from generally more male to generally more female. Plus, you encourage the education of Indian and Pakistani women.



  3. An opportunist and a populist who lost the primary vote but won only on preferences in 2013. Guess he figures the old cry for protectionist policies will protect his seat in the next election.

    • I support unlimited immigration for foreign trained engineers who should be given automatic recognition of their quals. Also for all foreign trained astroturfers, you’re just too expensive 2d, though I do admit you do put in the hours!

      • More and more these astroturfing and social media jobs are being outsourced overseas. There’s no reason why not, and it means they can be active during the after-hours when most people are on Facebook etc.

    • For all his faults Katter is passionate about the future of Australia and doesn’t want to see our future sold off by a bunch of inner city lawyers who went to grammar school (AKA, the Liberal Party) for cheap temporary gain.

      You, on the other hand, are a parasite and paid to be here.

    • The people in Bob’s electorate love him, possibly because he represents their views and their interests. I know it’s unusual.

    • Clearly your masters favour cheap imported labour rather than a strong youth training and development programs in Australia. This is predictable pap from 3d.

    • “Katter lost the primary vote to the LNP, got in on Labor preferences. He may believe the ‘they took our jerbs’ line will win favor thereby securing his primary concern, his own job.”

      You can mock Katter, but if immigration isn’t very carefully planned then the political backlash could be dire. If people feel their living standards are dropping or immigration is putting downward pressure on their pay and conditions, then there will be a social and political backlash. The public is already moody and unforgiving. None of us (I don’t think) what to see the rise of a One Nation because we dismissed the warning signs in the the pursuit of sort term ideological or economic gains.

  4. It’s an interesting suggestion – but I suspect any rational discussion will get railroaded by the rednecks.

    • From that angle, it’s a shame he chose to put a terrorism/ national security slant on it.

      “We further ask the Federal Government to recognise that a continuation of this policy of mass migration is placing Australians at risk.
      The 13 November 2015 events in Paris and the three publicly identified serious incidents in Australia in just one year, demonstrate clearly the dangers…We ask the Federal Government to acknowledge that reducing visa access to Australia will contribute to a lessening of the risk of violence and harm to our fellow Australians”

      When I read that part I can almost, but not quite, hear a very high pitched whistle from somewhere.

      • Mining BoganMEMBER

        Looking at the comments will confirm the dog whistle. Not as many as I thought though.

        Maybe that awful reclaim australia mob aren’t as popular as they think. That, or they don’t read.

    • Terror Australis

      * sigh *
      Yes it’s pretty much impossible to have a rational discussion about immigration in this country any more.

      I’ve been telling anyone who cares to listen for a long time that we REALLY desperately need a Population Summit just like the economic and tax summits that Hawke organized in the 1980’s.

      We need some true leaders to lay out all the data; economic, socio-demographic and environmental and agree on a rational, evidence based plan for what this century’s “optimum population” should be and discuss policies that work backwards from that. At the moment, that conversation is always drowned out by the “T” word.

  5. Bob Katter is right.

    We must end mass immigration.

    Our living standards are declining with increased population.

    We can’t afford infrastructure now let alone for more people.

    We don’t have enough jobs here for our own kids let alone more immigrants.

    It must stop for the future of our youth. That’s of course if we start thinking of our youth, since they are a group that have largely been neglected for years now, in favor of another entitled lot.

    This type of policy is the type of policy most Aussies would vote for.

    That means PUT LABOR AND LIBERAL LAST. They don’t want us to decide on population. They have allowed this ridiculous mass immigration at our expense.
    They need to pay dearly for not listening to the people.

    Simply putting more people on the dole queue is totally stupid.

    We do not have the jobs.

    Maybe that’s the point,

    Send the country bankrupt via mass immigration contributing to high unemployment and higher welfare.


  6. If Australia enforced the current visas on hours allowed to be worked, true identity, checks on sham visa marriages, false Health certificates, false names, tax not paid, checks on actual funds and source of those funds for ‘Students & tourists’ – or the actual need for 457 or that only NZ born can use NZ visa.

    Then the 380,000 student visas and 560,000 foreign guestworkers as ‘students’ (the balance being on other churned visas) would reduce to about 50,000 or less.

    Then inspect the curriculums and standards offer the ‘international education’ to something that has to be delivered in Australia and its down to 20,000 or less.

    These students – quarter of a million (elicos) are here to learn 8 year old English 20 hours a week 30 weeks a year, 2, 3, 6 or even 9 years!!
    All stuff that can be done for free online back in their own country: they are all fake – the classes are full of rural Punjab or Nepalese blackmarket workers or Asian prostitutes and run by teachers taking bribes as expected additional wages to mark absent students and fake results. It’s totally corrupt.

    Vet is much the same – groups of Asians or Indians all pretending to learn cooking and we pretending to teach them.

    Higher education – is about 14 year old level dumbed down courses most can’t speak English most pay others to do their work and widespread corruption that means an Australian ‘degree’ is a joke globally as everyone knows that it was just a device for fraudulent visa entry.
    The telling statistic is that only 4% acutally get a professional paid role in the so called vocation in Australia or tjeir home country.. A -96% failure rate !!

    All corrupted, fake and ticket clipping for the immigration rackets. The guestworkers churn between vet and other courses and stay up to 9 years passing nothing.

    457 – everyone knows this is just a highly racist and anti Australian madness where a Asian or Indian etc offshore or transnational company will promise and enslave some Asian or Indian for years before they come here with the bribe of an Australian sponsor to secure an Australian PR with Medicare & welfare to their foreign guestworkers as a reward and they never once look or consider an Australian for that role.
    Blatant immigration racketeering to steal Australian jobs and steal benefit from Australian taxpayers to reward foreign employees.

    If the working tourist criteria and visa conditions were enforced including stay, duration, identity, taxation paid, source of funds and nature of ‘holiday’ then of the 650,000 so called ‘tourists’ only 40,000 or so would be found genuine – the rest are trash tecruuted in for blackmarket, prostitution and other criminal activities – the lowlife of Asia, India & Europe all here as a refuge.

    If the 200,000 457 & special visas were enforced in a local skill being employed first then zero, no 457 visa needs to exist.

    If the NZ backdoor black hole third world gateway was closed to only be NZ born able to access Australia – then it would remove over 450,000 so called NZ visas to show that NZ was just a transit point for third world guestworkers.

    That’s well over 1.5 million foreign guestworkers in Australia that should not be here, and could be sent back right now under current or slightly modified visa conditions.

    And they should be.
    At $26k net remittances year being sent out by each Guestworker or $36 billion in total by these so called ‘students’ or ‘tourists’ the loss to Australia is staggering – 2% GDP loss.

    Almost all this source of income is untaxed, fake ID, blackmarket and vice.

    220,000 mainly Chinese owned dwellings converted to slum sardine Guestworker hovels would be liberated bringing down oruces, rents & congestion : and can be used to house our own youth & vunerable who have been pushed onto the street by the foriegn Guestworker invasion.

    Time Australia acted : Kattor is correct : these guestworkers are destroying Australia in jobs, housing, standard of living and are a massive economic & social liability.

    • Agree mike

      Bullshit student visas….dumbing down our so called elite unis. Wtf do foreigners come here for hairdressing courses?

      Also, wtf is it with working holiday visas…why are they uncapped

      Friday humour…I am all for blonde female Swedish backpacker working holiday visas….let the floodgates open

  7. Yes I’m all for blonde Nordic or even brunette Brazilians too or Africans or Eskimos.

    But genuine students. Say USA or Canada visa conditions. Limited rights to work or steal a citizens job for a start.
    Genuine tourists. Same. Funds, Purpose. Place of stay. Controls on Blackmarket & vice.
    457 skills if they actually don’t exist here.

    Not the 1.7 million low level unskilled benefit seeking third worlders, all loaded up with racketeer Loans, fake papers, back door visas being recruited in to steal from us.
    With a corrupted education sector, property lobby and employers all colluding to impose these foreign invasion on us to our detriment.

    Even enforcing current Australian visa conduits would be a start.

    That would expose a million or more are here illegally or engaged in some breach of their condition of entry.

  8. Everyone should look at this article and the photos – esp the bunk beds in the laundry.

    Cage housing in sydney
    58 foreign guestworkers in a 3 bed unit


    Sydney city council has done nothing.

    Illegal dwelling usage spreads across all of Sydney as the foreign guestworker ‘Students’ and ‘tourists’ flood in to participate in the blackmarket and vice rackets.
    1.7 million foreign guestworkers in Aust.
    780,000 in sydney alone, 1 in 6 people.
    550,000 in Melb, 1 in 7 people.

    All renters, third world unskilled, recruited in from the slums of Asia & India.
    Using over 220,000 dwellings that used to be Australian couples & families, now converted to doss house squalor. Whole suburbs are now third world enclaves. Chinese landlords gobbling up anything to create foreign guestworker cage housing, 8, 10, 12 or more in a 2 bed unit being the norm. $2,000 or more a week rent not declared and skimmed off & sent back out of the country.
    Prices & rents thru the roof solely because of this.
    Corrupted unis & colleges ticket clipping on the racket.
    Corrupted blackmarket labor rackets now at enterprise level.
    Vice & squalor, congestion and ethnic overload with no assimilation or local value – just a huge social and economic burden with $36 billion being sent out of Australia by these foreign guesyworkers that’s ‘officially’ recorded (Austrack/APRA).

    This is the reality of our lack of immigration control.
    It’s an unmitigated disaster and long overdue for massive corrective action.

    • The Property Council, Harry Triguboff and every other monied and politically connected developer would beg to differ. Unfortunately, not even the Greens would take these guys on. And the ALP are too beholden to the construction unions to take serious action either. What you are talking about would literally cripple this economy. Without a continual source of new heads for new beds, there is no Australian economy.

  9. There is no doubt that lack of a sustainable immigration policy, and total regulatory failure are making a mess of things. The silence from Liberal and Labor is frightening.

  10. Katter is proof the Australian genetic stock is in drastic need of some new material. All this inbreeding is leading to severe arrested development.

    • That it takes Katter to give some profile to the mess is proof the Laberal hacks are self interested, corporatised patsies.

  11. Why’d he have to make it so complicated?

    Set up a petition that simply says that Australians want a much lower immigration rate and you’ll have overwhelming support. But what he’s written rambles on about race and religion.

    Bob takes a simple issue and makes it unvoteable.

  12. Can someone explain to me why an immigrant who gets a job in Australia is stealing a job as per some of the comments for this article?

    • Some of us are old fashioned enough to believe that the government of a country has a greater obligation to its own citizens than it does to foreigners. After all, the citizens have been paying its taxes, and in wartime, it is the citizens who get to go (sometimes under compulsion) to risk their lives on the front lines and maybe come back with pieces missing, if they come back at all. Those who don’t go often grieve for their whole lives for friends or relatives they have lost.

      If there are plenty of jobs to go around, then the issue of stealing doesn’t come up, but that is not the case


      Mass migration is only popular with our business elite because they can socialise the costs. They get the profits from the housing ponzi and a cheaper, more compliant work force. We get to pay for the Australian young people and older workers who end up on the dole queue, along with many other costs, such as from congestion. Read Leith’s posts on the lack of per capita benefit from mass migration.

      • Thanks for your quick reply. Much quicker than this response to yours! Although I disagree, I appreciate you taking the time. I still fail to read in your response however as to why an immigrant who legally is offered a job and then accepts it is stealing a job?
        Having said that you mention that current Australian citizens are more deserving of a job because…
        They have been paying taxes previously to today
        In wartime the citizens are the ones who potentially risk their lives on the front line, or are friends with or related to people who have been lost
        In regards to those points, you could make the argument that Australian citizens have been a net drain on the state for at least 16 years before they start to contribute. Wouldn’t someone who moves to Australia, is ineligible to claim out of work benefits, gets a job quickly and starts paying taxes at that point much less of a drain to the state?
        As far as the wartime issue, that seems a bit of a stretch.
        Fortunately the draft is now over and done with and I see no reason for it to come back
        Given the total population of Australia vs the total number of military veterans, unless you’re arguing that businesses should be legally obliged to employ veterans first I don’t see that as a valid reason
        In regards to both the Age article that you linked to and Leith’s posts re: mass migration they tend to focus on potential costs to the economy while completely disregarding the benefits that immigration brings to addressing those costs.
        Immigrants by living and spending their money in the country they move to create jobs as well as take jobs.
        Sure they have an affect on the country they move to (Both positive and negative), but is barring people from moving here the most humane way to address any potential problems?
        In a country of immigrants like Australia, are there any particular mass migrations in the past that you see as having a net negative effect on Australia? I would argue that we’re a better country for it.

  13. Our whole “economic growth” economic model is spinning out of control, and we are now expected to pay more GST and expect more poverty. The great Ponzi growth scheme is becoming unravelled if more public are seeing the transparency of this perpetual growth in population as a scam. Our welfare budget is unsustainable, and if we have skilled migrants entering Australia, at a similar rate that new jobs are being created, then the end result is high unemployment and deprivation. Open borders don’t work, and while migrants from SE Asia can come here as skilled migrants, and temporary migrants, there’s not reciprocal arrangements for Australians to enter their workforce! Visa holders, with permission to work, are competing for jobs with locals. We Good that “maverick” Bob Katter has launched this petition, but the mainstream politicians must consider the welfare of Australians when they uphold policies, not just discard public opinion and ignore the voices of the voters. We don’t have to ditch immigration, but reduce it to the level of emigration, of about 70,000 per year. The “big Australia” policy is megalomaniac madness!

  14. Good that Bob has changed his tune. He was previously on the record for saying that Australia should have a population of 100 million! He did not say how it might stabilise at that level however.

    The Greens believe the Australia has “boundless plains for all”. The only party with a population target is Sustainable Australia, formerly Sustainable Population Party.

  15. It is good that your bones were growing when you were 8 years old, but if they are still growing that way when you are 40, then you have a very serious problem. The same with immigration. The Productivity Commission modelled increasing skilled migration by 50% in its 2006 Immigration Report and found that there was a per capita benefit of less than $400 after 20 years. The only real winners here were the owners of capital and the migrants themselves. Ordinary people were worse off because of wage depression. Nor did they consider the costs of such things as congestion and otherwise unnecessary water restrictions (estimated at more than a billion dollars in the last drought).

    Our elite want mass migration because it increases aggregate GDP, giving them more to skim, and because it siphons more of the wealth up to the top. They can also socialise most of the costs, for example the dole payments to Australians who are passed over. The US had very low immigration from 1921-1965. If a lot more immigration is good for ordinary people, then why are wages for most American men less than or not much greater than they were in 1973 in real terms?



    I don’t dispute that there are cultural or educational advantages to having some immigration or that there are some very talented people who would be an asset anywhere, but we would be talking about thousands of such people, not tens or hundreds of thousands.

    In terms of the environment, the Australian Academy of Sciences recommended 23 million as a safe upper limit for our population back in 1994. So far as I know, they haven’t updated this.