Will ISIS break the euro?

A new risk for 2016/17 is rising. No, it’s not terrorism but it is its abominable offspring, from The Independent:

Meet “le Front National”. They call their leader “our Joan of Arc”, the saintly heroine who has come to lance the Muslim peril and slay the Brussels hydra. And to her supporters, Marine Le Pen, leader of France’s National Front, is the only woman who can save Paris from subjugation to German economics and the American interest: by dissolving the euro and pulling out of the military command structures of the Nato alliance.

Marine Le Pen is set to top the first round of France’s 2017 presidential elections: polls taken before the Paris attacks have her on 29 per cent of the vote. The run-off is tighter still: she would win as much as 41 per cent against rightist Nicholas Sarkozy. For the presidency, Le Pen is the opposition.

The massacre in Paris will only help Marine. Parisian polite society has been quietly muttering that 2017 was still a safe win for the centre-right: barring a major catastrophe in the eurozone or a serious terror attack. This worst- case scenario has now taken place. The French establishment is on edge – if they lose control of the security situation, an unthinkable political event could be possible.

Marine is no Farage-like farting trombone; this is what a serious party looks like, a well-oiled operation. Its presentation and rhetoric is professional. Her commitment to detoxifying the FN brand has even seen her break from her father Jean-Marie.

Right across the Continent a delayed political reaction to the financial crisis is taking place: voters, exasperated with political correctness and economic orthodoxy are abandoning entrenched, established parties. This is why Le Pen is doing so well. Her boom in the opinion polls has been in this latest wave: between 2012 and 2014. You name it. Marine’s FN is everyone’s favourite populism: anti-austerity, anti-American, anti-euro, and last but not least – an anti-immigration party.

Business Insider has more:

Only a few years ago, reverting to a pre-Schengen agreement  — referring to the 1985 accord that allows for the free movement of people and goods across the European Union — would have been regarded as nearly impossible. Today, it seems more and more like a very tangible possibility.

“We haven’t heard rhetoric like this in Europe since the 1930s. It really worries me,” Morgan Johnansson, Sweden’s migration minister, told the BBC days before the Paris attacks.

…Marine Le Pen, the head of the Front National party in France, wasted little time after the attacks in displaying her rising clout.

In a speech the day after the attacks, she declared that “France and the French are no longer safe.” She insisted on the importance of re-establishing border controls in France, something that seems to have struck a chord with much of the increasingly anxious public.

“No matter what the European Union says about this, it is essential that France regains control of its border, for good. Without borders, there is no protection or security possible,” Le Pen said.

Her speech about the attacks was widely shared on social media, and it even appeared to bring in some who were previously sceptical. Among the more typical reactions: “I don’t normally like her, but she is right.”

Yet, French President François Hollande’s perceived strong reaction might yet spur others against aligning with the far-right party in December’s upcoming regional election.

Anand Menon, a professor of European politics and foreign affairs at King’s College in London, said Hollande’s reaction thus far — France pounded ISIS’ stronghold in Syria not 48 hours after the Paris attacks — have made former US President George W. Bush’s post-September 11, 2001, response seem “restrained.”

“Francois Hollande set himself up to be the defender of security in France,” Menon said, pointing to the “hawkish speech” the French president delivered after the attacks.

“I thought it made Bush seem restrained in the aftermath of 9/11.”

Something of an anti-ISIS, if not anti-Islam, political bidding war. It is an environment supercharged with economic risk for a malformed currency entity and just another reason to buy US dollars.

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  1. It was the corporatist globalists and their institutions and powers that led us into this morass, regardless if they are of the right or left, so it’s pretty rich their mouthpieces like this rag criticise the Marine’s of this world. Pray the Marine’s succeed, otherwise in a another decade it will be out right Nazism.

    As for the Euro, goodbye you stupid dumb f*^&*&k.

    • I have said for 2 years that the EU is one right-wing party win away from collapse. The rhetoric from the right is getting louder by the day and the actions of Merkel in Germany will just make the situation worse for winter. Dumb Dumb Dumb.

      • Nazi’s (National Socialist) were actually left wing – a common misperception…

        Socialist with the common man – but with state corporate overtones. Not unlike German now is some respects…

      • I am aware of that and I don’t think the issue will come from the left this time – France, Spain and Italy have always been my focal points for where this will start (in that order too). Germany and Merkel in particular is just providing further ammunition for these parties to rise to power through the whole austerity deal first and then the open borders to Syria debacle. The right in France is particularly dangerous with rising youth unemployment in the rural areas. Throw in the large numbers of existing immigrants who don’t have work and have been agitating for the last decade or more, and you have an explosive situation. Hollande might maintain power for a while longer with his external attacks but should another attack occur in France, then he will be seen as weak on the domestic security and failure to deal with the immigrant issue. This is when it will be become an explosion. If you have spent time in Toulouse, Lyon, Marseille or Montpellier, you can see first hand the large gang/organised crime issues that exist in these cities. Doesn’t hit the news often but the drug problem and violence is huge. Question is, will cooler heads prevail or will this get out of control…..

      • Did I say the Nazis were right wing Skip? They were neither right nor left, they were the “extreme middle” as somebody once described them, if that means anything, but that’s still an inappropriate term for the combination of fascist corporatism strapped to the back of middle class paranoia and a heavy dose of racism and imperialism. The whole left-right paradigm disappears up its funnel when faced with extreme situations.

      • Nazi’s (National Socialist) were actually left wing – a common misperception…

        I begin to understand where this trouble with ‘<‘ and ‘>’ comes from.

      • The Nazis were sure as sh*t officially right wing after the Night of the Long Knives. Murdering the socialist elements was the whole point of the operation (no pun intended).

      • Fyodor Dostoyevsky

        Nazi’s (National Socialist) were actually left wing – a common misperception…

        No they fucking weren’t – they are the absolute epitome in every single sense of the word of what the far right wing represents. Calling themselves National Socialist has no bearing on what they actually were – just like Peoples Liberation Army, Democratic Republic of North Korea, Congo or anywhere else.

        You can call yourself the fairy god mothers benign benefactor for all anyone gives a shit – that doesn’t make it so. The NAZI party were the founders of propaganda and PR, calling themselves precisely what they were not is the hallmark of astroturfing bullshit so prevalent today.

        Fascism is the preserve of the right wing, make no mistake about that. Anyone who claims the NAZI’s were left wing is either absolutely lying, or is amongst the most ignorant of gormless tards yet to surface amongst human intellectual detritus.

        I’ve done several masters in political philosophy, history and theory – and this feckless tripe is the most common theme I hear amongst first year, first week, first day political heroes, before they are laughed out of the room.

      • Fyodor
        For mine I regard the Left /Right issue as a circle. From a mid-point you go far Left or far Right – you end up in the same extreme place.

      • Fyodor Dostoyevsky


        This is a false dichotomy. You are referring to the point of ending up in oppression and totalitarianism. That said fascism and the right wing has this as a starting point. The basis for the left wing is governance in the interests of and benefits for the people. The right wing governs in the interests for the state / corporate alliance. Its that simple.

        So when states resort to oppression and the structures of power are usurped for vested interests, be those powerful elites or private corporate interests (of which there is historically very little difference) they have become right wing.

        There is no circle, there is a line. You are either governing in the interests of the people, left wing, or you are a right wing fascist. Stalinism is a fantastic example of this – where left wing communism moved to the right and became fascist totalitarianism. Its no longer left wing at all, it is purely right wing state oppression for the benefit of the few – not corrupted communism.

        Consider a medical analogy, whereby the state is attempting to assist people with their health for free, a socialist paradigm, then the state gradually over time becomes more draconian and eventually decides that for the benefit of the state and for cost benefit it will enforce mandatory sterilisation, euthanasia of the elderly or weak – it is no longer a left wing paradigm for the benefit of the people, it has shifted to become a draconian right wing holocaust and genocide – even though it is still free.

      • “I have said for 2 years that the EU is one right-wing party win away from collapse.”

        I’d describe myself as reasonably left-wing and I’d sure as hell support my country leaving the EU if I lived there. I used to be a big fan of the EU but it’s clear to me now that it just can’t work on so many different levels (social / political / economic).

      • Have been to Lyon, beautiful city. But there are suburbs (which I didn’t go to at all), that some live on 50 Euro month. Not registered as French citizens, and have been there for generations… it is what it is. Oil and water.

        As to the arguments above – I think people are mistaken. Nice theories, but factually wrong in some instances. Communist countries can go to war with each other, as do right wing nut jobs. Left is no better than right. It comes down to ideology. I could go into lots of convoluted arguments – but I won’t just point out a few facts. German Communism versus National Socialism is the equivalent of Trotskyism vs Leninism – from the outsider it seems like they are the same communist clap trap. But they are in fact very different, and it was the differences that matter most to the participants!

        Nazi’s were socialist, they believed in the state, that the state provided for them, minimum lifestyle choices. Thats why there were such big public works – and the introduction of the peoples car by VW was a key initiative. They also believed in giving up liberties – with is an anthem to right wing societies, which are more freedom of the individual. The fact they were willing to kill communist was simply a political necessity. Marxism was roughly about as popular as Nazism at the time – it could have gone either way, one had to win (would communist Germany and Russia still gone to war? Thats the interesting question – Probably? Eventually).

        The confusion starts when Hitler backed Fascist Franco (but even then he wasn’t, he was a Catholic nationalist against marxist lead atheists/agnostics, some state nationalists too, confusing I know). Then Fascist Italy joined Germany. So Germany got tagged fascist too – it fact it never was. It held direct control over the corporate sector, as to do what the state wanted – the pure definition of a national socialist.

        A case in point, just because communist Russia and Great Britian fought on the same side in WW2, does that imply the UK was communist – no of course not!!! Think of German Communists versus national socialism as Trotskyism vs Leninism…

        Many comments written above are quotes from school books in year 10. Its half way there – but not all the way…

        Nazi’s were left wing. Read their manifesto, and what they did socially and politically. This point is not really in dispute.

      • It is true there is no dispute. Nobody disputes the Nazis were far-right-wing fascists except Fox News wackos and associated hangers on shouting SOCIALISM at every turn trying to shut down debate, all of whom can be safely ignored in any serious discussion.

        “Right-wing societies” are not about freedom of the individual, they are about the “freedom” of the *powerful*. All the ideas underpinning “modern civilisation” as we know it, constraints on the rich & powerful and real freedom for individuals regardless of social status – strong public services, individual rights, free speech, independent judiciaries, separation of powers, democracy – are left-wing principles. Which is why right-wing parties fight or undermine them at every turn.

        (It is rather odd to find a committed reds-under-the-bed man like yourself advocating for such a quintessentially left-wing policy as universal healthcare, however.)

  2. reusachtigeMEMBER

    Someone needs to stand up and crush the enemies of freedom that have made their home in Europe! Political correctness has failed!!!

    • Good satire is indistinguishable from sincerity.

      Too bad this cheeky post is a real rallying cry. We’ve seen this before. We know where it ends.

      It ends in war.

    • Europe needs it’s own Donald Trump!! Or better yet, after Trump is elected to POTUS, he can fly over and be appointed president of EU as well!! The only way to beat terrorism is to give up your freedom before they take it away from you.

  3. The EU are quite capable to destroying the Euro without anyone’s help. Their anti-democratic streak will make sure of that.

  4. It’s not too difficult to imagine Tony Abbott and a few of his jackboot mates in the Lib Parliamentary party clubbing together to do something like this in Australia, particularly if a major terror event happens on our shores.

  5. Paul Craig Roberts former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal has written recent very interesting articles about the Bombings in Paris.
    Well worth reading – short & informative.
    More Paris Puzzles — Paul Craig Roberts
    Will The Matrix Prevail?

  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zFJfSIpIbDg – – – 2 min Video – – Farage – excellent as usual

    Nigel Farage: The EU is Increasingly About War European Parliament, Strasbourg, 5 February 2013

    “The EU is increasingly about war,” exclaimed the outspoken UKIP leader in 2013 in front of Francois Hollande and his European parliamentarian peers. Amid the collapse of the French economy and capital flight, Farage jabs at Hollande it is clearly “impossible for France and Germany to stay together inside the same economic and monetary union.” So on the basis that the country is bankrupt (as France’s employment minister has said), Farage asks rhetorically, “what do you do? Well, the old trick – launch a foreign military intervention.” He concludes ominously prophetically, “taking on fundamentalist, radical Islam in battle is something that will launch ourselves… on a decade of unending, unwinnable misery.”