Waiting for the Fed

Janet Yellen meme

by Chris Becker

If you thought the last couple weeks of market action was benign, get a load of whats coming up this week! The FOMC meeting on Friday morning (Australian time) is the big one that everybody will be watching as markets remain completely spooked by the spectre of a Chinese economic slowdown.

Here’s the short list of key events to watch this week before the big one:

  • Monday – nothing, just watch for endless positive spin about the weekend’s China economic releases
  • Tuesday – RBA minutes from its previous meeting and German ZEW survey and US advance retail sales – these 2 are very important for Euro and USD
  • Wednesday – Westpac Leading Index and US CPI – obviously important leading up to the FOMC meeting, especially average earnings
  • Thursday –  NZ GDP for 2Q (Aust banks watch out) and weekly initial jobless claims (some importance)
  • Friday – RBA Governor Glenn Stevens testifies at Australian Senate (boring Glenn meet rudderless politicians. Boring – rudderless)

It’ll be four AM Friday morning Australian time for the outcome of the Fed meeting. I think I’ll stay up for that one because if they do shock by raising rates (or Goldman Sachs have suggested, by starting another easing program!) algorithms will go nuts across the major futures and indices as they’ve never experience such an event in nearly 10 years:





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