Malcolm Turnbull Australian Prime Minister

Your new PM:



Julie Bishop remains deputy PM.


  1. But where does it leave the relationship between Australian political figures, the media (particularly the Canberra based political crowd) and ordinary Australians?……….

    How many spills in the last ten years again?….

  2. Going by last 5 years (this is our 5th PM in 5 years) I wonder how long this honeymoon period will last?

  3. It’s good to see the last of the career hacks of the past fall away. Gillard and Abbott were the party machine personified… The parties still suck, now just a little less.

    • Shame is that no matter the winner of this leadership battle or future federal elections we end up with one too many politicians.
      We need a system of representation that truly represents the people.

    • Not to cut too fine a point on it but

      Anyone else care to join in?

      Hacks, all

      • Totally agree, my point is that these were the hacks of the old days of Keating and Howard that did nothing but hang on for their piece of power at any cost.

        The parties still suck.

      • They should have been top of the class
        I apologise but was overwhelmed by the complete mediocrity

        It was a tsunami of povenly representation

  4. Kevin Andrews ran for deputy. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. The 30 voting for that pious moron should stand up. edit – so your electorates will know.

    • He stood as a protest, clearly.
      I really want to see Kelly O’Dwyer move through the ranks, the only reason Bishop gets any votes is she is the token woman of the LNP.
      Take that away and what does she have?

    • Euww! This is funny though. Despise Kevin Andrews for being the main stalwart for introducing WorkChoices under Howard.

  5. I don’t know why you guys are all celebrating.

    Malcolm Turnbull has openly stated that he isn’t going to be changing LNP policies fundamentally. He reckons their ‘messaging’ is the problem.

    Basically, he claiming he is better at polishing LNP policy turds.

    • Abbott’s a douche. He deserves this.

      But you’re right. The two major parties and our version of democracy are real problems. Those are the bigger battles to come, which nobody should forget.

      But for one night, I want to kick back and revel in this blissful feeling of schadenfreude!

      • The Traveling Wilbur

        +1. Makes you feel, just for a moment, that there might be hope for the future. This too shall pass no doubt.

    • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

      “Malcolm Turnbull has openly stated that he isnโ€™t going to be changing LNP policies fundamentally”

      That was before the coup.

      • Doesn’t mean squat. He’s probably referring to party fundamentals (I.e. the party Menzies created). If that’s the case, he can throw most of the current policies out because they’re a million miles from Menzies’ vision.

      • And only coz his idiot caucus (conservative wing) think a) climate change is a test of our faith in God (like Dinosaur bones, hat tip Bill Hicks) and b) same sex marriage will have the world taken over by The Gays and The End Days will surely follow thereafter

        Again, if Turnbull can consultatively point to data (not teh metadataz) that shows the electorate wants these policies, show them how they won’t make us worse off and appeals to their sense of self (keeping their jobs), we might see LNP policy move.

        In any case, As Tony Jones said, a plebiscite with a PM SUPPORTING it, is a whole other kettle of fish than one where the PM obviously doesn’t want it.

        Climate change: wait till Paris, come back, “we need to do more”. And by the way, let’s get our renewables industry going (mfging and R&D) and by the way, jobs.

    • Not necessarily. He cannot be seen to slag the previous administration after all, he only won by 10. But he is sooooooo much smarter than the others and I think is a nationalist underneath, not just a mindless servant of the big end of town

  6. FiftiesFibroShack

    So the 1 informal vote… I’m guessing Dutton forgot how to use a pencil again, or they refused to give him a crayon. That or ScoMo.

  7. ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

    Ha Ha ,Loved the angry talkback callers on 2GB (Rightwing station for Boomers, Arseholes and Ignoramuses).they hate Turnbull.
    Even funnier was Andrew Bolt , I actually thought he was gona cry when stating how deflated he was at the result.

  8. Brilliant(ly funny) ! Liberal Party goes *POP* and fizzles like a cheap Chinese made party streamer, while the nutters scramble around the floor scooping up the debris and try to put it back together again.

    Enter Stage Left, Malcolm, the Great Explainer, Upholder of Menzian values, and Pompous Showman Extraordinaire.

    • Good comeback spleen.. welcome back ๐Ÿ™‚

      Meanwhile, 3d1khead is crying a lonely cry for his muse, Julie Bishop.. always the Princess, never a Queen (8 years and waiting). LOLOL..

    • Not merely a showman. He is there because he wants to do things, otherwise he would be on a beach. He has the capability.

  9. From the ABC website a comment from the Dalek………

    ” rupertmurdoch
    Sad to see such a decent man as Abbott toppled. Now Turnbull needs a November election before Labor sacks Shorten.”

    This tool is still trying to orchestrate events in the party ………………. for Gawd’s sake just lay down and die you venomous old bastard!

  10. Surely we should be wary about what is assumed! As I read Fairfax gushing about Shorten now faces a popular prime minister, who says Turnbull is going to be popular. The electorate is a strange beast, if the last decade has taught anyone anything it is do not assume the electorate will do what a poll two weeks ago said they were going to do.

    For the economists it seems the joke about being stuck on an island and assuming a can opener springs to mind.

      • How long before the pro left media that is gaga for Turnbull, turn on him and we see the flow of out of touch investment banker stories? Give it a month.

  11. Farewell Tony, you got what you so richly deserved, nothing more, nothing less.

    10 votes, I wonder what damage Tony will attempt to inflict over the next yr?

  12. And the difference we’ll all see from tomorrow is:

    1. no more entitlements for top 1%
    2. crackdown on illegal RE purchases
    3. better social system
    4. end of the ponzi and dawn of the production based economy
    5. _________________________________ (fill in as required)
    6. None of the above (or anything at all).

    • entitlements will stop going to top 1% class because they don’t deserve it – instead entitlements will go to now go to true rich class top 0.1%

  13. Kevin Rudd was removed when he threatened to introduce tax on the resources sector. Some say it was the movement of big co. With Turnbull (ex-Goldman Sach) now PM, does that mean Abbott was removed because him and Joe Hockey wanted to force multinationals to pay their fair share of Australian tax with the multinational tax avoidance law? How soon before getting into office will Turnball ditch that law? I watched his TV statement today and he keeps saying what is most important in Australia is “CONFIDENCE” in business. So by continuing to allow multinational companies to hide their tax offshore would constitute to this ex Goldmach Sach employee as improving confidence?

  14. So the Coalition wins the next election, and we can watch Mal’s winning smile slowly wilting as the economy hits the fan. His manicured, but soon shyt-flecked veneer, his fancy suits smeared with neolib failure.

      • Than anyone else in parliament you mean? Oz’s best option is a self regarding bankster from the vampire squid complex? It’ll be funny to watch anyway, till Scott mounts the next putsch and it’s jack boot time!

      • Yes, that’s what I mean. Smart, not beholden to the party machine, a bankster, but a good lawyer as well, not in need of his politician’s salary….Better than Bill or Scott, or Julie.

    • I object to your bias against nice suits.

      You obviously would prefer a slovenly, slob in a $100 polyester suit.

      No thanks.

      Dress to engage.

  15. MEH.

    …. can we just hang both front benches and just make Wilkie the interim PM, while we try and fill the remaining 95% of both houses?

  16. @ Fitzroy – Than anyone else in parliament you mean? Oz’s best option is a self regarding bankster from the vampire squid complex? It’ll be funny to watch anyway, till Scott mounts the next putsch and it’s jack boot time!

  17. 68 posts and nobody has mentioned… BYE BYE JOE HOCKEY!

    The joy. Cannot be contained.

    Very tempted to pop open the Moรซt ice…

  18. Hopefully Turnbull realises this is his one shot, and that the loon pond despise him no matter what he does. Reform time, bitches!

    1. Kill direct action. Restore carbon pricing.
    2. Revert NBN to FTTP.
    3. Immediate transparency on asylum seekers. No kids in detention. No indefinite detention. No turn backs.
    4. Reform of pensions, neg gearing, cgt back on table. And just bloody will implement at least some of the Henry tax review.
    5. Commitment to education funding.
    6. Actual enforcement of foreign buyer laws, with a programme to audit foreign purchases over last 5 years looking for breaches.
    7. Announce a nation building programme to decentralise out of Sydney and Melbourne. Tie university, tafe, and government department funding to this. You can even do what Gina wants and try to open the Kimberly, although I suspect that area is doomed; it’s not empty by accident.
    8. For God’s sake, swallow ideology and pull out all stops to retain manufacturing. No developed nation has ever deindustrialised as much as Australia will have by 2018. It’s a dangerous experiment. Failing that, Australia needs something to replace it, and new industries almost never succeed without state support.
    9. Reduce immigration intake to bring growth from immigration to under 0.5% p.a.
    10. Implement a real infrastructure programme; run it hand in hand with the decentralization programme.

    • Restore carbon pricing, NO WAY! As a small business that pays over $13,000 per quarter in power bills, the removal of carbon tax reduced our electricity bill by $4,000/qtr. We’re a small business. We’ve done everything we could to reduce our bills, e.g. installing LED lights throughout, automated switches to turn off lights when somebody is not in the room, etc. Imagine the likes of Woolworths and other big corp manufacturers energy expenditure? They will just pass the costs onto consumers. I will only agree with the carbon tax when we have solar panels that are capable of sufficient ROI. I contacted 3 solar panel companies and for the amount of solar panels we need (approx $450,000), it would take nearly 9 years ROI. If the government is willing to extend a solar loan with 5% interest to small-large businesses, we would move to solar in a heartbeat.

    • The Traveling Wilbur

      Maybe he could setup a nationalised car manufacturer? Call it Holderd or Folden maybe? The Folden Admiral, I can see it now. Would have the advantage of no local competition too!

      • Bullshit. You’re claiming the policies I listed caused all Oz government debt.

        Please try again next year.

  19. The Traveling Wilbur

    Well… it’s the next day, so time for some ‘what next’ thinking now… and my first thought is, must be time for the third coming of the mesiah… I can hear the furious clicks of the mouse as Kevin hurriedly purchases his one-way ticket back to Oz. [Be nice to the hostie Kev.] … and so it begins…

    Hey, someone had to go there eventually.

  20. Great! Let’s dispense with the illusions and puppets and put Goldman Sucks’ (a.k.a the people who really run the country) man in the job.

  21. Well done Straya.

    One out of touch lunatic, gone.

    And replaced by…

    An unelected member of the financial elite, a former head of Goldman Sachs, rich beyond most Strayans dreams.

    He will ‘fix’ things.

    Good news is the Coalition are now totally white-anted.

    Mastotermes let loose.

      • Welcome to the Westminster system of Government, buddy. People moaning about the ‘unelected change of leaders’ fail to realise that the PM’s office has very little real executive power. They seem to think the PM’s role is like that of the President of the US, another dirty little Americanisation of our culture.

    • At last we have a prime minister who is not an idiot . That is something to be grateful for. If he and Bishop are true to their word then this is Menzian coup over big business.

      • He’s a rich idiot who believes lot’s of money can be made from climate change. [at your expense of course]

  22. One puppet replaced with another just to extend the game where elites are wining and everyone else is losing – all nicely summed up in the old Latin: “bread and circuses”

    • The Nats gave everyone a warning before the ballot yesterday that their agreement was with Abbott, period.

      Nobody is talking about this?


      Grab the popcorn, anchovies and kabana. It might be fun.

      • But why does anyone care what the Nats do? Unless the QLD LNP leave as well, the Liberals have the numbers to govern without the Nats. The Nats and Deputy PM Truss have far more to lose than the Libs and Turnbull.

    • intellect can be used for various goals and if great intellect is not matched with great morality damage becomes far greater …

  23. I find it truly bizarre to read MB comments that seem to indicate they think it’s impossible for someone who once worked for a company that has a poor reputation is somehow incapable of leaving that employ behind and acting in the national interest independent of said employer.

    • MTs advantage is that he understands very well how rotten the system is in financialisation of everything land. The question is whether he wants to, or can, reform? I’m pretty sceptical.

    • There’s a rather large difference between being a secretary at a company and being a key part of its operations.

      • Making assumptions he won’t be an excellent Prime Minister because he worked at GS is rather assumptive, presumptuous and pejorative.

        Let’s wait and see eh?

        Maybe MB readers are just showing their biases/leanings/cynicism.

      • Making assumptions he wonโ€™t be an excellent Prime Minister because he worked at GS is rather assumptive, presumptuous and pejorative.

        I think the assumption is that he will continue to work in the favour of GS & Co. This hardly seems unreasonable.

        Maybe MB readers are just showing their biases/leanings/cynicism.

        I think the people ignoring MT’s previous behaviour in favour of his lip service are the ones showing their “biases/leanings/cynicism”.

      • I think its unreasonable. Especially of a lawyer who represents clients. The lawyer is not the client. He doesn’t do the 25 years nor did he do the crime. He is just doing his brief and could be at the other end of the bar table tomorrow prosecuting. It helps him see both sides of an argument.

  24. Seems like a choice of being run for the CFMEU or Goldman Sachs. The Socialists on this site should be careful what they wish for, but good luck Australia, decent people don’t stand a chance in this country.

    • Yep. Between the amoral financialisation crowd and the blatantly corrupt union hacks there is very little hope.

    • I’m confused. Why would socialists be voting for Labor? Preferencing them over the Libs sure but voting for them, no thanks.

  25. We have the first opportunity in generations to have a self made, intelligent, articulate PM that hasn’t spent his whole life in politics or unions.
    In my view he played a pretty straight game behind Tony every one knew he had ambitions for the top job.
    To re cap the differences that potentially make him a good leader for the country….
    *Lost the opposition job by standing firm in his belief in the science of climate change against the lunatic fringe of the liberals.
    *Made his money in the real world and not as a miner or specufestor.
    *Defended free speech in the spy catcher case.

    Good luck to him!

  26. I wish Turnbull good luck too. Though I do wonder about his activities in all his previous few years, where amongst other ‘things’ he was supposed to be working on the NBN etc…..but was obviously spending most of his time working behind the scenes, lobbying folk towards his ambition of becoming PM.