Farewell Maurice, it was bizarre

From Fairfax:

As expected. Our new PM, Malcolm Turnbull, quietly let Maurice Newman’s position as chairman of the Business Advisory Council expire Saturday night while everyone’s focus was on his ministerial chess play.

It leaves the BAC without a chairman for now, according to the council’s web site.

But the real test of Turnbull’s intentions comes at the end of November when the terms of most of the remaining board members expire.

This includes Wesfarmers chairman Michael Chaney, BHP chairman Jac Nasser, and Telstra’s Catherine Livingstone.

It is an appropriate end that Maurice be replaced by nothing but a higher percentage than historical norms of greenhouse gases.

Scrap the council, Malcolm, why do you need these card carrying rent-seekers in your ear?


  1. Historical CO2 level were above 800ppm for 99.5% of the earths history, or do you think the world is only 5000 years old? Seriously H&H why are you blinded by faith on this? The global warming turd pie is baked by the same interest that bought the housing turd pie (Banks, corporates, elites and MSM) yet you think this one tastes grate? WTF!!! Do the maths buddy, Spending 60billion on renewables to prevent 1 billion of damage is utterly stupid in a world with all the problems we have. Of course it makes the parasitic vested interest a boatload of money for zero effort, but it not like money ever drove peoples motivations! Of course you probably think the science is settled, because science is clearly not about asking questions.

    Rob (the vested interest hating scientist) incase R2M hadn’t realised that there were more than one of us (ie comrade Robert of shorten loving fame)

    • Historical CO2 level were above 800ppm for 99.5% of the earths history

      Yes, and humans weren’t on the planet during those times. We have evolved when CO2 was around 280ppm (since the Industrial Revolution, from 280 ppm to 400 ppm as of 2015).

      CO2 levels have not been as high as they are now for at least the past 10 to 15 million years, during the Miocene epoch.

      BTW, good riddance to Newman (WHAT an idiot!) And you are just like him, Rob 🙄

    • Dude! It’s just entertaining writing. A more literary and topical way of describing him as a sack of hot air.

      Buy a sense of perspective before the AUD drops again… 🙂

    • Is that you Maurice dear? Time to sit quietly with a cup of tea and let the rest of us get on with the laws of physics.

    • I love these ‘Merchant of Doubt’ comments. So full of inaccuracies, cherry picking and outright lying. Almost everything in the post is wrong. It takes so much time to argue about every point that it is not worth the time. But what it does is spread ‘doubt’ to the general public. This is almost certainly a ‘paid for’ comment.

      If it wasn’t for those plucky billionaires, those tens of thousands of scientists and science organisations would get away with it!

    • A scientist who doesn’t understand climate science, must be from another field just like 99% of the other so called “scientists” who are deniers. Right now we should be getting colder & for several hundred years yet we are/have been getting warmer.

    • Just by the way…

      This assertion that CO2 was high in the past comes from Plimer’s Heaven & Earth.

      I went searching for the source data Plimer used and noted;
      – he removed the error bars, which were 50% for the indicated value,
      – he REMOVED contra-indicative from the similar periods that showed that CO2 may have also been 500, 700 or 1,000 ppm.
      – knowledge of CO2 beyond ~900,000 years ago is very, very uncertain.
      – for the last 900,000 years we have actual air samples from various points across the globe that all corroborate
      – what is certain;
      > current CO2 is higher than at anytime in the last ~900,000 years
      > the current rate of CO2 rise is ~35 faster than the previous fastest rise
      > previous fastest rise occurred during the exit from glaciations as mud/forests thawed etc
      > previous inter glacial periods, (warm periods like now) exhibited only modest CO2 variation
      > this current – fastest rise in recorded history – is occurring during an interglacial period – a time when as I said C02 has been historically flat.
      > this current CO2 spike alingns perfectly with industrialization.

      Robert – this is only part of the reason there is a 100% peak body consensus.

      Robert – if you think you know anything about AGW – you’d know all this ….

  2. We can all feel nostalgia for the 1980’s – Global cooling as a threat, thatcherites, no damned internet. As a vision for business? We keep returning to this word “relief”. So much damage in just two years.

  3. I had lunch with Maurice at the cricket last summer. It was extremely difficult to reconcile his public batshit crazy views with the fact that he seemed thoroughly nice and normal to me that day.

    • I am sure that (invoking Godwin’s Law) Hitler was a very nice bloke over a free lunch and a cheeky Pinot too.

      Note – I am not actually comparing Maurice to Hitler, I am attempting humour 🙂

      • Hitler was a very urbane and pleasant man.

        for one woman, the name Adolf Hitler evokes a smile not a shudder.

        Rosa Mitterer, who worked as a maid for the Fuhrer at his mountain retreat in Bavaria in the 1930s, liked Hitler. Rosa is 91 and until now has kept a vow of silence about her experiences. She has chosen to break it after realising she is the last survivor of the circle who served the tyrant in the years before he launched the Second World War.

        And her verdict on her former master: ‘He was a charming man, someone who was only ever nice to me, a great boss to work for. You can say what you like, but he was a good man to us.’

        Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1091768/Hitler-perfect-boss-Former-maid-breaks-silence-charming-dictator.html#ixzz3mRJAzyma

      • Normally when someone quotes the Daily Mail in a discussion involving Climate Change I normally roll my eyes. So you now have me confused 🙂

      • Ah, the sound of a joke (with even a smiley face to help) whooshing over your head. And you throw back a personal insult to boot. Nice.

        Let me explain the joke:, The discussion above involved CO2 and climate change (no, not your last post). But you have a quote from the daily mail. Most posts from the Daily Mail used in climate change discussions normally have some ‘expert’ denying climate change and some looney (like Robert above) will use it as a ‘source of truth’ to deny peer reviewed science. That a daily mail article has used to confirm a Hitler story in a blog where climate deniers have been out in force is pretty funny (I have no reason to doubt the accuracy of a Hitler story in the Daily Mail). I was trying to point out the funny side of it.

        And you call me an idiot for it – I suppose that is what you get when you invoke Godwin’s Law early in a blog post 🙁