Chrome is to blame!

The Chrome bug is coming from the source at Google. Chrome automatically updates which is why many of you are affected but it also means it should fix itself soon as well.

In the mean time use a different browser.


The MB Team.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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    • Me too. Check your ISP default as I found my IE coexists with the ISP google search default…….I don’t understand that, but cleared the cache and seems ok now.

  1. BoomToBustMEMBER

    all was fine in my Chrome and MB world today, they I clicked back to and all in unfine. No browser restart, no update. And big words saying “Chrome Is To Blame”

    ….and the police chopper is circling, should I be worried ??

  2. The other browsers didn’t go “stupid” also – the site was down for a bit there – server was returning a 500 Internal Server error

  3. Yay, thanks for the update. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what was wrong (and I do web networking for a living), and it was only bothering me on your site. I run the chrome betas though, so have had this issue longer than most obviously..

  4. Ronin8317MEMBER

    Other people may be having issue due to too many redirection using up server resources. In the 1 second before it times out, it typically redirects 50 times.

    The next Chrome update is on July 27th, so it may be a while yet. In the meantime, the problem can either be fixed on the web server by

    1) Updating WordPress to the latest version (and pray nothing else breaks)
    2) Installing a temporary plugin which will turn all HTTPS request to false before processing
    3) Add the below line to in the function that is attached to the ‘admin_init’ in your WordPress plugin

    $_SERVER[‘HTTPS’] = false

    4) Implement HTTPS

    I have a feeling that Google will force every website to be HTTPS soon.

    • Was wondering if it was an https issue – have seen something similar on Magento in Chrome.

      How’s the response tho – “It’s Chrome’s issue, use another browser” not hmmm what can we possibly do to fix for our visitors. (i.e. fix htaccess/Wordpress)

    • Testing a WP core update is easy.

      Add a sub/add on domain
      Add another WP instance (copy existing)
      Copy existing DB over
      Copy plugins, theme, etc

      I have a test add on domain and run everything through it on existing data and it means no issues.
      Minor overhead.

  5. moderate mouse

    Mine has been acting up for over a week now, thought it was my computer. Hopefully this is the full extent of it and the crappy freeze/not responding rubbish ends soon. First World Problems, but still…

  6. Is Internet Explorer still a thing is it?
    On a more serious note, I travel for work almost constantly so I’m always reading on my ipad. I’m still finding that the scroll function on iOS is a bit spazzy (slow to respond swiping up or down.) Is there any fix in the works for that one?

      • Slowness is not phone related.

        I have it on 2 different phones, one is latest, the other 3yo

    • Geo FibonacciMEMBER

      Yes, please can we have a readable (bigger text) on the mobile version, and an option to load the desktop version on mobile. PLEASE!

  7. ewsydney995MEMBER

    Did anyone else ged ads by cloudscout popups this week or was that a virus on my end? Fixed u p now.

  8. That has been driving me nuts for a while but only at work – I figured someone was sending me a message.

    Looking forward to the automatic Windows 10 update next week.

    That ought to be fun!