Abbott passes new wind war

From The Australian:

The Abbott government is being urged to strip billions more from subsidies to wind farms in the final report of a Senate committee that has already pushed renewable ­energy investment to favour solar.

In its recommendations, the committee says renewable energy subsidies for new wind farms should be limited to five years from more than 20.

It also wants the issue of renewable energy certificates restricted to projects in states that adopt federal regulations on infrasound and low frequency noise.

Why not adopt regulations on unicorns and bunyips.

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    • In its recommendations, the committee says renewable energy subsidies for new wind farms should be limited to five years from more than 20, because the need for renewable energy is only temporary, and should dissipate with time as more fossil fuels are mined and the climate stabilizes. It also wants the issue of renewable energy certificates restricted to projects in states that adopt federal regulations on “infrasound” and “low frequency noise”, which apparently do exist in Australia, despite all the studies showing they do not exist anywhere else in the world.

      Just adding to the insanity, why not? 🙄

      • “because the need for renewable energy is only temporary, and should dissipate with time as more fossil fuels are mined and the climate stabilizes” WTF!!!!!!!! what kind of dribble is this ?!!

      • Unfortunately the 90% of Australians who read and believe the Murdoch press along with commercial news, right wing radio etc will believe this extreme right wing boofheaded circus of popular opinion overriding science and engineering. Australians en mass may as well all catch religion and then at least they can ask god what the correct answer is, just like Tony does.

  1. truthisfashionable

    I honestly hope that renewable’s (particularly wind and solar) continue to fall in price and increase in efficiency so that they are the most economical option to choose when compared to burnt dinosaurs.

    • Josh MoorreesMEMBER

      I think in the long run this is a certainty however as the rest of the world phases out coal the price is going to fall a lot making it pretty economical especially if we have a gov who doesn’t believe in climate change.

      • “Falling coal and gas prices are a renewables nightmare.”

        But great for the fossil fuels industry, right?

      • Josh MoorreesMEMBER

        I think you are vastly underestimating the pace of technological advancement occurring at the moment (in all areas not just renewables). In the medium to long term I don’t see any way fossil fuels will be able to compete renewables have much quicker deployment speeds and overcapacity in the manufacturing is pushing prices down. And that is before you even address people’s desires to have an impact on CC, I know when I build my first house in a few years I intend to go off grid if the batteries are available by then.

        There is still likely to be some demand for large load generation for industry etc I can see this being filled by gas plants and other renewables (ie wave power, hydro etc) but making predictions is a fools game really

      • 3dik

        Falling coal and gas prices are a renewables nightmare

        Looks like 3d doesn’t expect Paris to produce any binding resolutions, and doesn’t expect voters around the world will ever demand action on climate change, even as the situation worsens. He’s the fossil fuel industry’s Dr Pangloss, our 3d!

      • BubbleyMEMBER

        The Chinese government is under enormous pressure from its populance to improve air quality in major cities.
        It doesnt matter how cheap coal is if people can’t breathe.

    • Translation: “I am deaf to reason”

      We’ve known that for a while, Heisen 🙄

    • R2M It has been a long journey to skeptism for me. I studied photovoltaic engineering I was so convinced of the seriousness of AGW before switching degrees. For over 10 years I believed in the thesis and avidly followed the science. Gradually I became skeptical the more I read and the more I realised the whole thing was a money making scam. To say I am deaf to reason is not at all fair. I doubt anyone else here has made a solar panel. I work in a startup that is set to replace cement one of the world’s biggest CO2 emitters, though importantly it is cheaper the cement. This will do more for reducing CO2 than solar panels ever will. Human history is one of overcoming seemingly impossible challenges. Fossil fuels will no doubt be replaced in time but the market will do this far more effectively than government ever could.
      The alternative to skepticism is to be gullible. We should always be skeptical and it would be nice if you did not airily dismiss our views. No doubt the financial bets you have made have been done with strong research and fair doses of scepticism. We are perhaps not as far apart as you may first believe.

      • Heisen, I’ve got your number. On July 28, 2015 you said that 2015 “will not be” the hottest year on record.

        We’ll see who’s right on that. If I am, you need to STFU

    • Well that I am totally certain to win. The warming period in the middle ages easily surpasses the temperatures of today. If there is statistically significant warming shown via satellite data YOY then sure, but we all know that there will not be. Also even if there was so what? Fossil fuels have liberated billions from poverty and continue to do so. I am going to hold you to your statement that “there won’t be future generations the way we are going.” Now that is something I would bet an overpriced Australian house on being wrong.

      • You’re not going to weasel out of this with hand waving and obfuscation, son. You said what you said, and no matter how often you call for help on pre-record keeping, localized weather conditions (“Medieval Warm Period”), or bleat “so what?”, “poverty”, think of the children, coal is good for humanity, and so on, you are going to be nailed if you lose this. 😎

        I am totally certain to win

        Noted 😉

      • Cool we are family I am your son so this is like a family spat now. Being my father you will be able to see your grandchildren (my children) grow up but that will be it. It is a shame as our spat means you think this will be the last generation of our family ever. How terribly depressing. Oh I am on to you Dad. I am going to hold you to what you said. There is no weasling your way out of this. Let’s hope your prediction about our family’s impending doom is as good as your predictions around the gold price over the past 5 years.
        Infact you make a good gold pumper because in the face of being continually wrong over the past 5 years its OK because one day you will be right. Like we will have no icecaps by 2003. 2004. 20012. 20015…, Perth, Sydney etc will have no water, yer there is no heat in the troposphere but it is in the ocean somewhere, the great barrier reef will be bleached by 2015, pacific islands will be swamped even though they are growing. If you are so certain of our doom you should go all in short on 30 year treasuries as there will not be a anyone around in 30 years to pay them off. I promise dad on your death I will hold the position in your memory

  2. wind farms are so noisy they have to be stoped but Sydney airport being next to CBD directly affecting health of more than 500k people is fine

    • Sydney Airport does not affect the profits of the LNP’s backers, so yes, it is absolutely fine!

      • I think during few hours a day the real ruling class of Australia gets disturbed by airport as well (north eastern suburbs). Maybe they are willing to tolerate that in exchange of having an international airport at convenient distance.

        These people think of Mosman and St Ives as “fake rich”; a kind that has to work and still works for them – real owners of Australia

    • Please I Lived in Mascot for four years. Everyone who lives there knows what they sign up for

      • they just don’t know what long term effect noise has on their health.

        on the other hand, Tony knows that and that’s why he is trying to protect citizens from terrible effect of wind turbine noise

  3. “Infrasound and low frequency noise”

    Quick, there are a few hypochondriacs living iin the sticks! Let’s shut down an industry!

    Ha ha ha! You truly are ruled over by corrupt paranoid culture warriors who y’all voted for. This is so far from evidence based policy that it’s actually funny. It’s like Sir Joh is running the joint after he went senile.

  4. Hi X,

    How has your life improved from increased population over the last 10 years or so?
    How has your life not improved?
    I would suggest that for the existing population, rampant immigration is reducing their standard of living. If by saying that statement, I’m racist, then string me up.
    If the standard of living has declined, when was the last time the existing population were asked whether or not they were happy with our population? And whether or not the numbers here are playing a part in declining living standards?
    I wonder when something, or someone, will have enough balls and clout to truthfully represent the mood of existing Aussies views on our population. I think I will be holding my breath until my last,
    They better ask soon while there are still some of us that were born here left. Maybe that’s the reason they are not asking that question right now, since they know damn well that most if not all of us born residents here think it is lunacy and suicidal to not address overpopulation.
    I’d suggest what is happening is happening without widespread approval by people born here. But then again, their views don’t count for much any more do they? It appears that pollies just want us to die off so the replacement immigrants, can just accept whatever our pollies dish out, since whatever they dish out here, is better than what they had in their place of origin.

    It doesn’t help the rest of us.

    Then again, I’m full of it right?

    Population is an issue no one sees as important. We can just keep growing and our existing infrastructure will happily cater for infinite numbers without any increased economic cost required.
    I must be living in a different country since all I see, is less blue sky, clouded out by increased cement, and a growing debt.

    Take care X

    • he, similar to majority of people, still thinks that more money means higher standard of living. Reality is quite different, most of the time quality of his life is worse and that cannot be offset by short episodes of “better life”: few weeks holidays on an exotic destination, better vine, cleaner cocaine, younger hookers … are not enough

  5. Hi dr x,

    Dumbum me thought the following was logical:


    But then, we have smart politicians who know better logic than the above, so the above must all be a load of rubbish.

    Maybe we should just increase our population even further since we are told how much of a good thing it is.

  6. BubbleyMEMBER

    Who is the “Senate committee”? Members of the coal industry?

    This recommendation smacks of vested interests and corruption.

  7. BubbleyMEMBER

    This makes for interesting reading.

    Much of it assumes that there is audio disturbances before the Independent Expert Scientific Committee on Industrial Sound has even been created. This is the first point in the document.

    If the Independent Expert Scientific Committee proves there is no noise/health issue, the recommendations from #5 on, like the apointment of Wind Turbine Ombudsman, are irrelvant.

    • Fahggedaboudit. It’s a topic that’s been researched again and again internationally and we know the results. The “research” in Australia is all about money and politics.

  8. Research shows that people who are receiving payments for having windfarms report no health issues. People living nearby who receive no payments report health issues. Its a clear case of green eyed jealousy. They see their neighbours earning 20 – 50k a month for nothing – just renting out space for the turbine, while they get stuff all and have a whinge. It’s the Aussie way… if you can’t keep up with the Joneses, have a big sook about it.