Read if you use Gmail for your MB daily wrap

After four years of supplying the MB daily email to readers that choose (and often pay) to receive it, the monopoly popularly known as Google has mysteriously recategorised your daily MB email into the “promotional” tab within your gmail account. To reverse this inconvenience please follow the steps below.

Step one: Click on the “promotions tab” at the top of your gmail page.


Step 2: Right click on the last email from titled “MB Wrap…”. Then in the drop down box scroll over “Move to tab” and then click “Primary”.


To complete your shift of the MB daily email to the primary account, then click “yes” to make the change permanent:



The MB Team.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. Some Cyber Asshole reclassified all my email on Friday, is going to take me most of the weekend to re- sort it. Am absolutely not happy.WW

      • Instead of worrying about your email list how about fixing up your billing system. I never gave consent to being billed by eWAY (or any third party handling my CC number) and now I’ve been charged again by these fwits for a membership I cancelled over a year ago. Get your act together and fix that.

      • It’s an auto-renewing sub. Evidently you never cancelled it. MB can’t process credit cards by itself, like everyone else on the planet we need a bank for that.

  2. OMG Tin Foil stuff (not the OP).


    People (largely) expect content (often well thought out long copy or ebooks) and then moan when some advertising appears around the web.

    (FWIW I like DDG).

  3. Can I recommend dumping email and going with Feedly, which will organise all your MB articles in a nice list so you can go back and re-read all the comments (we all know this is the best part of MB).
    I’m not trying to sell the app (you could send me $100 anyway) but I love it and the good thing is that it looks work oriented enough that you can have it open at work all day.. (not that I’ve ever lost an hour thinking about MB threads when i should be working!)

  4. Sorry how is Google a monopoly ?

    Facebook, Bing, Apple, Microsoft, Adobe, Linux – am I missing something ?

    People want free – like maps, astonishing stuff, then bitch like raging banchees.

    Strange, very strange.

    I bet you have an iPhone.

    • Perhaps “monopoly” is just a soft euphemism for severe abuse of market dominance.
      It is all about reprieving you of choices… treating you as australian exported livestock or cage chicken… making choices for you without asking for your permission.

      Just see the latest EU lawsuit against Google.

      Of course, hardly different from MicroSoft or Apple, MSM, Realestate or Domain…
      But Linux… now that is the true freedom of choice. The only limitation of a Linux is between keyboard and chair.

  5. Anybody who signs up for a trial account starts getting a daily email (if I recall correctly). That’d probably do it..

  6. After I signed up for the trial account I started getting multiple emails every day, up to ten at once. Now they all go directly to trash thanks to a filter in my – you guessed it – gmail. Am I missing much? I read the site everyday anyway.

  7. Andrew William

    I know it is old school now and many think it is past its sell by date, but I work in print and there has been a resurgence in its popularity due to its portability, user friendliness and the fact people like to have something tangible to read. If you (MB) would, at any time, like to offer a ‘Weekly MB Wrap’ in printed format, I would be delighted to organise everything from design, print and post for you. After all, we all liked the Economist in print format and over 200,000 of us still like a daily newspaper in print…..

    • +1

      Since the Internet sometimes throws stuff that it don’t think matters much in the wpb, and it could go down sometime in the future, you know, another option for the MB honchos to consider would be to offer subscribers each year a DVD containing searchable MB archives including all articles and links published up to that date (including reader comments of course)

  8. Subscriber. Monopoly to describe a company at the top of its game with no structural support like the big four banks is hardly a monopoly. Poor choice of words. Be careful about reporting news and voicing ludicrous opinion.

      • OK, fair by definition. The defamatory connotation with which you apply this term is the problem. Why? This so said monopoly has single handedly moved human endeavour decades forward and empowered you, your associated business and especially the little ones on the ground like my self with every practical aspect of life. It’s a pity then they be categorised as you have done. Perhaps a charge for your readership to receive your content would make you warmer because with out then, the likes of a true Monopolistic organisation (by business model intent) like Microsoft would surely have done were it not for them.

        Like the Macrobusiness content, keep this type of opinion binned unless you are profiling them and said monopoly with facts and figures as you might cover your core topics. A response you have elicited from me is a waste of your time and mine.

    • @ simpleton

      “This so said monopoly has single handedly moved human endeavour decades forward and empowered you, your associated business and especially the little ones on the ground like my self with every practical aspect of life. ”

      Wow, I do not think that people that get paid to praise “the king” could have said it this good.

      I probably do not get so emotional because I use about 5 different tools to prevent “google’s empowerment” that is improving my way of life beyond my intellectual limitations.

      • Good for you. Please enlighten me with where I and everyone else can benefit from said tools and process to avoid or prevent using Google, by your implication the only search engine that internet access might allow! Sounds like Google might want to find lawyers to not allow such circumvention of their services!

        I”m happy that you have choice, and I’m sure Google is as well.

  9. reusachtigeMEMBER

    Ever since you upgraded your site I get constant browser crashes on my Galaxy Note 3 when reading. It’s a pain!