Iron ore miner breakevens revisited

Nice little interactive here from The Australian:


  1. I wonder how likely that Roy Hill figure is going to be? How can one tell until the dirt starts shipping? Is that a best case scenario?

    • AlbyManglesMEMBER

      poor Gina, it could be too late to lose the weight she used to use to throw around

      • She’ll be pushing for an FTA with Africa so she can bring in all the workers she needs on $2 per day. I’m sure that’s not all she’ll be using them for!!

  2. notsofastMEMBER

    So where are the Chinese Iron Ore suppliers breakevens?

    Or don’t they count? Or is it more a case of you don’t want anyone to end up in jail?

    • The vast majority are well out of the game except that they are largely state owned enterprises. So they will keep going as a means of maintaining the “iron rice bowl” of working for a state owned company.

      There is also the security issue of maintaining a domestic supply. If seaborne trade was limited or stopped, they want some Iron Ore to be ready at hand.