Formatting troubles with new site?

I’ve had a number of inquiries asking for help on formatting problems with the new theme. We’re working through many of your kindly suggestions but if the posts are not updating on your screen or there the formatting is amiss then clear your browser cache.

That will solve most problems.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. Have noticed improvements flowing through over the last few days.

    One thing for the suggestion box – safari on IOS8 allows for the desktop site to be requested so users don’t need to use the ‘mobile’ version. It doesn’t seem to be working for the new site.

  2. Yes same problem as marked64.Need to refresh everytime I come back.I am using Google chrome on my notebook.

  3. Is there any way to increase the font size on iPad running Safari on iOS8? The site doesn’t seem to respond to the general iOS8 font size setting.

  4. So opening this post is OK. However if I try to log in to anything else it says “Log in to reply” (after I have already loged in. Hitting that tab then takes me to my account details.
    Frustrating i tells ya! Understandably not as frustrating as getting our complaints! Cheers

    Edit: Am logged in to other things it seems but your April Fools joke seems to be complete. it’s the one i go round and round on with account details!

    • I had similar problems with the old site using the Seamonkey browser on Linux – couldn’t log in at all.
      No problems with Firefox on both windows and Linux though.
      Haven’t tried seamonkey on the new site though…

  5. I find that pictures are not being loaded past the first two or three articles and the flash/load symbol keeps spinning. Rather annoying. Cleared cache, still the same issue. Why would it load the pictures for the first 2/3 stories, and not the rest?

    • @value the feature you’re describing is called ‘Lazy Loading’. It’s used to load resources (images in this case) only as you need them, generally speaking that’s when they come into view in your browser window.

      It’s designed to improve performance significantly on mobile devices as you’re only downloading what you need as you need it. Obviously it saves money on data for everyone too.

      Anyway, the issue you’re experiencing is more than likely being caused by a script error occurring after the page has loaded. A script error can block other scripts, including lazy loading scripts, from running. This is why you’re having the experience you’re having.

      As for the solution, you’ll need to send/post your error console to MB and they’ll work out a fix. This problem may actually be unique to your environment too, which may be why it hasn’t been addressed. Google around for instructions on how to view your browser error console.

      Hope this helps!

      • Thanks, O. Looking at the home page where multiple stories are listed, I get the first three images loaded. Scrolling down, all other images are in “lazy loading”. If I click on the fourth image and select “Inspect element” on Chrome, the 4th, 5th, and 6th images (set of 3) get loaded. If I repeat inspect element on 7th image, the next three images get loaded. So scrolling of the screen as they become visible does not work, but it is happy to load 3 images at a time if I do inspect element. This is rather strange and not sure whether anyone else on Chrome is experiencing the same issue.

      • No worries @value.
        Inspect element in Chrome Dev Tools seems to be forcing the lazy load, which would suggest the script works, however it’s not being called / executing on the scroll event properly. Another explanation could be your viewport (browser window) size has not been calculated correctly which would screw up when the new images are requested. Hard to say without replicating the issue – but for the sake of your sanity, you’ve got yourself a bug!!
        I should point out that lazy loading is a feature provided by the MB site, not Chrome. So it’s something MB can probably help with.

  6. Even worse, on the Macro Morning piece as example, I can only see the first 2/3 graphs, the rest of the graphs are not loaded up – getting the flash/load spinning symbol. Hope this is resolved or I am not getting my subscription value.

  7. I have to keep ‘logging in’ and Out to get the latest posts, and to be able to “Reply”…..Same as the others above, I guess…..

  8. Tiny avatars make them unintelligible. Seems a silly move to reduce them to 35px from 60px. Why?

  9. Consider employing some ‘cachebusting’ techniques, especially given you use a CDN. It’ll prevent/solve a number of the issues above. I seem to remember caching issues from previous updates too.

  10. The comment counter inside articles (i.e. After I click into an article, not the headline page) is now gone on mobile browsers. Also can’t highlight text in articles and comments with the mobile browser.

  11. Still can’t pinch and zoom on my iPad.

    Increasing the font size on the site doesn’t address that issue?