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    1. CatfishwolfMEMBER

      Daily mail all good.
      Although I cant read Macrobusiness on the iPAD anymore.
      Even after deleting all cache and cookies, only the top few articles will show on the screen and as I scroll down… nothing!

    2. macrofishMEMBER

      I am honestly not going to compain about getting less mail…. even if i am paying for it 🙂

    3. Email is fine but can only look at MB site and see up to date posts on the IPhone . Even after clearing cache etc, across two PCs
      and the iPad

    4. As an aside.
      MB was always the first site I opened in the morning to see what’s-what. Now I open…the AFR…before you! Now that might change if they pay-wall their site again, but they appear to be getting to much of the news before you, when you were always first. Maybe they are after you?! Who knows. But as I say….just an aside….

      • They are still locked. More importantly, the game is shifting. MB has won the arguments. Now it is about the pace and shape of the decline. It makes sense therefore that the newsflow comes first now.

        There are now more and shorter posts at MB for the same reason.

        Still no answers over there, however!