Norway SWF farewells Hector

From Dad’s Army:

Norges Bank, manager of the $US850 billion Norwegian Government Pension Fund, has outlined the divestment of its interests in 14 coal miners around the world in 2014.

Five Australian companies among them included Whitehaven Coal, owner of the Maules Creek project, which has been under constant scrutiny from green groups.

See ya and wouldn’t wanna be ya!


  1. Norways SWF “coal holdings currently still amount to €9.16 billion, which is only 4.6% less than the €9.59 billion, identified by urgewald in the GPF’s 2013 portfolio. While the divestment achieved by dropping 53 coal companies amounts to €880m, half of this sum was used to either top up existing coal holdings or invested in new coal companies.”

    The Fund also boosted investment in Chinese coal companies – more a finesseing than a divestment…


    Iliad-book 20
    Hector speaks:

    I too could battle the deathless gods with words—
    it’s hard with a spear, the gods are so much stronger.

  3. Who is dumb enough to tell the world they are sellers of anything before they are done?

    People managing OPM looking for ‘good PR’ I guess?

    Remember where all that money comes from before celebrating in the tipi.