MB 2.0 soft launch

Welcome to the MB 2.0 soft launch. We’ve recreated the site to provide members with a simpler and quicker user experience.

The growth of the site continues to be extraordinary and it was experiencing slowdowns on the Wordpress platform. In the foreseeable future we expect demand for quality analysis on the economy to rise much further so we have prepared for that eventuality ahead of time with a site that can carry far higher traffic loads without inconveniencing existing members.

As always we look to the MB community to enhance our own insights and ask for your constructive feedback about the new theme on this thread.

The MB Team.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. Cool – promise to give these new comment boxes a work out. 🙂

    Reading on an iPad 3rd Gen using Chrome.

    The page is not scrolling quite as smoothly as before – it seems to be dragging a little.

    Will switch to safari and try that out.

    • Similar in Safari but scrolls fine when the menu on the left side is open. Just a little less fluid when that menu is closed. Other than that looks good – though my Russian’s fiance has gone missing.

  2. Ah I thought I was going mad. Not keen on the light colours. I preferred the contrast between content and background before. But hey, you guys’ll do what you have to do 🙂 Carry on

      • my initial thought was that I prefer a dollop of black and borders, but possibly thats because I had just become used to the original MB layout.

      • Even if the left and right space was filled with the grey/charcol would be good, all the white is rather harsh on the eyes making. The font definately needs to be a bit larger also.

        Apart from that its looking good.

        EDIT: The email reply notifications are blisteringly fast now !!

        • I must confess I never get them [I dont click the box] – I just scout the postings I am interested in.

      • Agree… it’s a little too white. Small font and lots of white hurts my eyes almost more than reading the dribble in the Domain section of the newspaper.

  3. Can’t see banner and icons on title bar. Also, there’s an empty white strip at the top. Chrome, Android, Galaxy S4.

    • Nice. Loads on my old S2 using the default bowser like fully quick – faster than Fire Fox! Same issues as Lorax, cleared cookies and cache and still only get the red banner but no MB title, icons etc. On my home pc Win 8.1 and Chrome, sweet as!

      • It was like this last time as well. I’ve sent Mr Grumpy a screenshot so hopefully gets fixed this time.

    • pyjamasbeforechristMEMBER

      Also getting this issue. White bar at top the red header but with no text or icons. The rest of the page works great. Both on my Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 with Chrome

  4. Nice!. HnH, I’m curious to know how many readers MB is getting on average daily. Can you share these stats with us?

  5. Wondering why there is STILL no native search function?

    Some standard blog functionality still missing:
    a) ability to subscribe to thread comments without posting
    b) ability to subscribe to RSS feeds for particular categories/tags

  6. font is too small on my venue 8 pro using win 8.1 ie11 immersive in 800×1200 portrait

  7. Opera with addblock.
    Faster open on window startup, faster page D/L. Faster scrolling too. No subject wordle(?) bundle on RHS. Banners present.

    Bare but clear & fast.

  8. Awesome, waaaaay faster on laptop with chrome and pleasing to the eye. Keep up the good work.

  9. Faster. Like lighter text. Clunky scroll function. Where is latest comments listing? Text slightly too small. Able to edit comments?

    Good luck.

  10. Two points:

    1. Fonts are too small. Difficult to read and space between letters is not even sometimes.
    2. Would be nice to have modern commenting system. Like Disqus, for example.

  11. Like.

    Agree with comments above. More of the introductory paragraph below the headline on the main page would also be good, generally offers an insight into what the articles’s about which is great for us relatively time poor types..

  12. Think a thin border around each user comment would make it easier to track flow. Finding it much quicker though & have option to edit my posts… perhaps added after earlier comments.

    • Borders are soooo 2014!

      Just use a light contrast background colour (suggest a lighter shade of grey) with appropriate margin and padding to show message thread order. Looks sharp, clean and the eye just follows it without the harsh noise of borders interrupting the important stuff like text…

      • maybe they could use 50 shades of grey in the background to attract more female readers? haha

      • In my opinion shading on the background would just make it harder to read the text. Light grey borders (or thin separation lines as suggested by 2big2fail below) like those currently on the sides wouldn’t distract much from the text.

  13. After chatting to a young person tonight, I think you will need the capacity. They know they’re getting lied too and theyre looking for answers on what the hell is going on. And let’s face it Domain (Fairfax), RE.com (News) and Captured (ABC) are going to release as much information about the politico-housing complex as a Labor senator on their development interests.

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      • I’ve had a couple of emails from delusional economics – he is onto closing loopholes (I believe the MB twitter account was hacked overnight)

  15. Much prefer the previous darker theme on the laptop, the black background with red logo looks classy, this grey theme is just too drab, like some piece of modern German architecture!!! And not so easy on the eyes as more glare.

    New theme is fine on mobile though.

  16. Billybob McBob

    Like it, congrats and well done on the update!
    One small request: scrolling is now too slow and needs to be faster (can’t quickly scroll to the bottom of a thread to add a new comment, for example). Old site was better for this, though crashed sometimes when I scrolled too much (on iphone5s with various browsers, same issue in all of them).

  17. You need a thin line separating comments (similar to the vertical line that you have on the left). Also, space between comments needs to be a bit bigger. Also, you could perhaps add a “recommend” button next to the the reply button. Finally, comment indentation (to the right) is too big I think, you could make it a bit smaller. See NY times comments below for a formatting/style example:


  18. To re-iterate others’ constructive feedback

    Font a tad small
    Page a tad too white
    Scrolling on ipad terrible
    The ‘You May Also Be Interested in” banner is linking to somewhat dated material of no actual interest
    Given this is your full time job now, as advocates for a better Australia, you should probably start putting your photos next to your by-lines so the kids know they’re not dealing with a couple of basement dwelling shut-ins
    Those Chinese women you meet online are generally pretty frigid, and all a bit conventional sex-wise.

    Otherwise, bang up job.

  19. How do you get desktop view on iPad. Preferred that previously and suspect Im missing improved layout features and recent comments. Cheers.

  20. I love the minimalistic design and the smaller avatars… If others prefer everything bigger you can always zoom in.

  21. After signing in, home page still shows the ‘sign up for a trial or log in’. Box is not disappearing and showing the status of my account as it should.

  22. Many people have commented on the scroll experience. It’s because for touch screen devices, a JavaScript library is being used to mimic normal touch interactions and scrolling. In the past, a library like this has been used because mobile browsers haven’t had very good fixed positioning support (for the sticky site header). However, this isn’t the case anymore. Please get rid of it and allow browsers to provide a scroll experience natively.

    It would be great to see the page size pruned down a bit. A full page refresh is 1.2MB at present.

    Thanks MB Team

    • Agreed with Tom, this is the reason for the scrolling issue.

      Some minor suggestions:
      – increase font size by 1 or 2 points
      – comments section could use some thin light grey borders/lines to differentiate replies

      Great job and keep up the good work!

  23. You may be interested in section should be restricted to articles from last 3 months or so. Articles from 2013 are showing up which are good to read from a historical perspective but I would rather read ones from the recent past. Just my opinion.

  24. Guys
    I am stuck on a home page from early yesterday with teh Dad’s Army article. Recent comments are also stuck at that time. The only way to get into the site is to open e.g. Dad’s Army however returning to ‘Home’ after that just takes me back to that same page. Bit frustrating and makes it difficult to navigate freely.

  25. I’m still stuck on Dad’s Army – is this happening to only me?

    Agree re comments that are replies at the bottom of the page – if you are replying it is annoying to have to find the post you are looking for all teh time to check the pooints. I know one could copy the whole post and then delete the parts one doesn’t want – it just seems to be out of joint.