Rupert demands Peta Credlin resign

The drama intensifies around Dead Duck Tony:


Firing squad assembling.

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  1. That will probably happen too – Abbott is not one to take responsibility for anything. It’s the defining characteristic of his government. Refugees, economy, climate, health, education – you name it, he’ll shirk it.

  2. “Leading involves cruel choices.”
    Defending your client involves cruel choices.
    I’ll bet this came from Julie, asbestos, Bishop. WW

      • I don’t see Bishop’s legal representation on behalf of James Hardie an impediment. I see a negotiator acting on behalf of the client, performing their legal responsibilities to the best of their ability.

        If the litigants’ legal representation were unsuccessful in securing what was in their clients’ best interest one can fairly say they failed to secure a ruling advantageous to their client.

      • 3d, I’m more that obliging to run a review of Bishop’s handling of the Hardie case on this site. I’ll set it out in a style and with grammar the general public and the MSM can readily absorb. For her what is done is done, the facts are indisputable.
        My call is that many do not know or have forgotten, a review may be timely.WW

      • I don’t see Bishop’s legal representation on behalf of James Hardie an impediment.

        Yeah, but wouldn’t see a politician representing Big Tobacco in the 90s as an impediment either. OTOH, if a politician represented a union in the past, that’s a game breaker.

        Do you have any idea how out of touch you are?

      • Agreed, Lorax. I don’t see legal representation of Big Tobacco an impediment. Nor even legal representation of Unions.

        Our entire legal system would collapse under your ‘morally superior’ system and that in itself would be immoral.

      • 3d,

        No, she could have told them to go elsewhere, that their stink wouldn’t be allowed to waft over her, but as you know, it was going to be a big earner for her and the partners and THAT is all that mattered.

        Heavens knows, she could have counseled them to a moral outcome. Nah, just dreaming as there is no big fee in that!

      • I don’t see Bishop’s legal representation on behalf of James Hardie an impediment. I see a negotiator acting on behalf of the client, performing their legal responsibilities to the best of their ability.

        Just following orders, then ?

        Our entire legal system would collapse […]

        No, it wouldn’t.

      • I like Bishop, warts and all.

        Well you would -wouldn’t you? I’m in WA & I think she’s a starey eyed piece of $&^t and with all the charisma of a rattlesnake.

  3. Genuinely confused about why there is so much hating on the Chief of Staff and not the Prime Minister? With previous PMs there was some rumbling about the effectiveness of chiefs of staff, but not to this extent.

  4. General Disarray

    From Rupes

    Abbott again. Tough to write, but if he won’t replace top aide Peta Credlin she must do her patriotic duty and resign.

    Rupes again

    Credlin a good person. Just appealing to her proven patriotism

    Patriotism? What a hypocrite! He ditched his Oz citizenship for money, ffs.

    The old man is losing it.

  5. Just dump Abbott, two birds one stone 😉

    Seriously though, you’d only dump Credlin if you were absolutely sure Abbott could rise to the task. And if he hasn’t already…

    • Spot on. Abbott has proven his Captains calls, his own choices, are duds and his inability to stay on course is exemplary. Haven’t we already had the mea culpa press conference and promise to change? Todays effort was deja veux. Both need to go and they can take Hockey with them.

    • 3d,

      Just in case you need reminding!

      “The adults are now in charge.”

      How will you live that down?

      • I don’t recall that being my line.

        In any case, as soon as the loons got control of the Senate it was patently untrue.

        All downhill from there.

      • I thought it was the Liberal meme post election victory, don’t know who first said it. One of the political junkies here will.

      • I actually think it was GSM who kept bandying the ‘adults in charge’ one about. Where is that gawping moron nowadays, I wonder ? Frothing at the mouth over on crapallaxy with the rest of the loon pond, I imagine.

    • 3d,

      Don’t you try and weasel your way out of this one. It was YOU and GSM, both of you here at MB harped on about “the adults are now in charge”. Suck it up sunshine. 🙂

  6. If Credlin is “the problem” then if Abbott can’t see it or has let it fester this long then he is not the leader he should be.

    Maybe Abbott is just doing what his ideological and donor constituency want as best he can while he can, knowing that as a former Australian PM he will never have to worry about money or employment again.

    And a few quirky gaffes along the way won’t matter so long as his donor constituency is happy with his level of committment to achieving their agenda within the bundaries of the circunmstances he can control.

  7. A bit unfair on Peta. Was she actually consulted on the Prince Philip madness? I doubt it. This is all Abbott’s making.

      • Your right. Its lose lose for abbot on this now.
        If he does fire her he admits he is a sycophant, beholden to a king maker.
        If he dosnt he appears arrogant and out of touch and inclined to do what he wants regardless.
        He cant win from this.

      • And Petas head on a spike is probably the only thing that could shore up his support in the party room right now.

        Feb 10 is next party caucus in Canberra apparenty.

        I’ll miss the hilarity when he’s gone.

    • Targeting Credlin is how all those fools who voted for Abbott convince themselves that they didn’t make a mistake. Unfortunately, the relief, if it comes, will be very short-lived. The problem’s clearly with Tony, as many commenters here have noted.

      • Mining BoganMEMBER

        No. The problem is that the LNP have no policies and no idea. A clown like Abbott is just a symptom.

      • Just because you have lung cancer, no reason why you can’t have cirrhosis of the liver also.

  8. Mister Murdochs seemingly overt influence on Australian politics leaves a somewhat sour impression.
    Government by the people, for the people,

  9. Uncle Rupe speaks with forked tongue. He’s moved to deliberately destabilising the Abbott led LNP to force a reset so he (Rupe) can try again with someone else.

  10. Still time to get a bet on whether there will be a leadership challenge. 1.75/2.00 at time of writing sounds like a bargain.

    Someone let Abbott speak so we shoot Peta for not nailing his hands to the desk. He is Prime Minister. He wants to make the decisions he needs to face the consequences. I carry no candle for Credlin but this seems to be shooting the one person that could mitigate his damage. Therefore, he’s gone soon after.

  11. I start to feel a little sorry for Abbott, then I remember his behaviour in Opposition and it passes.

    Still, what if the Coalition axe him and we end up with someone worse?!

  12. What a complete joke, commentators calling for resignations over a knighthood as if it’s actually an important issue worth resigning over.

    Where were these commentators calling for resignations when Rudd//Swan/Gillard were spending the country into a hole …. ???