Directors rate Abbott as “poor”

From the AFR:

The Abbott government’s rating has taken a dive among company directors who have assessed the Coalition’s performance in its first year in office as “poor” or “very poor”.

An Australian Institute of Company Directors survey, released on Wednesday, said that confidence in the Coalition had slumped to its lowest level since its election in September 2013.

Almost half of the 500 directors surveyed rate the Abbott government’s performance in its first year in office as “poor” or “very poor”.

The survey, known as the Director Sentiment Index, was conducted by market research company Ipsos Australia from September 29 to October 12.

Overall director sentiment fell back to the same level recorded in early 2013 when the Labor government was still in power.

More directors than not now believe that the government does not understand business – almost half of all directors surveyed said the Coalition’s performance has had a negative impact on their business decision-making and about 75 per cent believe it has had a negative impact on consumer confidence.

The Abbott Government’s first year has been poor. Its vision is absent. Its policies overly supportive of the big end of town. Its communications are confused and overly simplistic. And it has failed to present Australia with the much needed comprehensive description of the challenge it faces in a post-boom environment.

This has meant that even its more constructive policies, such as Budget repair, have alienated everyone, caused unnecessary economic damage and back-fired on the Government’s own agenda.

So far we’ve bumbled through on the tail end of the boom but things are going to get much harder next year and if the mistakes are repeated then they will do lasting harm.

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  1. But if we vote out Tony the illegal refugees will flood back in and burka wearing terrorists will attack us with Ebola!! Then who will be felt to pay off Labor’s zillion dollar debt?!

  2. From what I can tell, the directors of Australian companies aren’t much chop themselves.

    All they seem to care about is trying to get into a rent-seeking position, selling the company to a foreign investor, and/or pushing wages down. And they are too conservative (putting it politely) to try and do anything new.

    They are a vision-less bunch themselves.

  3. Yes. A less than inspiring beginning. Must make them shudder to be perceived in the same light as the previous Labor government.

    Still, over half of these Directors rated the Abbott Government acceptable or above, so all is not lost! There were tremendous expectations on Abbott following the six year debacle that preceded him. Some stupid L plate mistakes, a vehemently hostile media and loons controlling the Senate have not helped.

    As we all know, the timing of government somewhat of a poisoned chalice however there appears to be a settling and reemergence of control taking place. Let’s hope so.

    And time for the usual suspects in media to declare a truce. We are facing very challenging economic times globally and domestically and cheap political point scoring need be abandoned.

    Ps: imagine the outrage from the Left had the government implemented policies favoured by company directors!

      • General Disarray

        It’s early days yet. The Direct Action scheme could be where the rubber meets the road on the twisted drive to Crony Mountain.

    • Why would they shudder? The Libs primary method of removing Labor was to very effectively shout them down to the point where Labor became a lame duck. It was clear at this point the Libs only produced a bunch if half assed policies as means of being seen to be doing something. It’s now become clear the Libs have failed to grasp the realities of office and have been revealed as nothing more than a bunch if pretenders.

    • Hilarious as always 3D.

      “a vehemently hostile media”

      Compared to what, a bored Shitzu lap dog?

      News Corp last term scraped through the bottom of the barrel in comparison, with nothing but scaremongering and a fervent attack on any rational analysis that contradicted right wing ideology.


      “cheap political point scoring need be abandoned”

      Tell your mate Tony and his 3 word slogan spouting muppets to STFU next time and actually put forward sensible policy instead of the hideous, Thatcherite/Reagan ideology (and the attendant disasters of financialisation they ushered in) that’s delivering a one way bet for the elite and disaster for the rest of us

      • I know…… hostile media my ass.

        Newscorp and ABC still have clear bias towards the coalition (yes the ABC).

        Only Fairfax has stopped being part of that group after Hockey sued them.

    • Company directors would sell this country down the river for stock options, a week in Aspen and a hot meal, as Tory chimps like you giggle on the sidelines as the Telegraph runs front pages of Bill Shorten photo-shopped onto Kim Jon-un, Larry Pickering uncovers Tanya Plibersek’s previous life as a Marxist brothel madam, and Alan Jones fulminates over why the ALP hasn’t strangled its leader in his sleep and castrated him with a blunt spoon.

      • migtronixMEMBER

        Wouldn’t take much uncovering *cough* for Pickering he’s a great patron of such establishments.

      • I have doubt they (company directors) will once the Trans Pacific Partnership and Trade in Services Agreements are signed by Tony ‘the crusader’ Abbott and Joe ‘Bungle’ Hockey.

    • migtronixMEMBER

      had the government implemented policies favoured by company directors!

      Wait, what?! The government had, do, will, can, shall, has, and intends to resolutely continue implementng policies favoured by company directors.

      Seems your company director buddy are even more bitchy and sniddy and mean-spirited than the hipsters you despise so much….

    • More spinning to do 3d…

      I’m just imagining what you’d have to say if union leaders had the same confidence in a Coalition government as they did in a Labor one (instead of the reverse with business leaders).

      Business leaders’ confidence in the Abbott government has slumped to the lowest level since the coalition won power, with almost two-thirds seeing no benefit in scrapping the carbon tax.

      The Director Sentiment Index fell 7.1 points during the second half of 2014 to minus 29, the same level as when Julia Gillard was an unpopular Labor prime minister in early 2013.

      Three-quarters of business leaders polled believe the current government’s performance is hurting consumer confidence and nearly half say it’s affecting their business decisions.

      “It’s concerning that these numbers are starting to get closer to those that we saw under the Gillard-Rudd government,” the Australian Institute of Company Directors’ chief executive John Colvin told a conference call on Wednesday.

      • migtronixMEMBER

        I’m just imagining what you’d have to say if union leaders had the same confidence in a Coalition government

        What did your imagination come with? Mine went something like this:
        “Martin Fergunson is a great Australian and given this country a new vision for Unionism, this is a vote of confidence in the strategic role the Coalition government is taking to reshape Australian labour relations and give us the agile and resilient labour market the economy of this great nation needs”

    • “Some stupid L plate mistakes”

      It’s clear that 3d has a new crush.. Julie Bishop. 🙂 won’t be long before Uncle Rupert swings around.

  4. It was mere weeks after the election that it suddenly dawned………jeez, these guys are aren’t very good are they?

    And we have been living with the consequences of their lack of ability ever since.

  5. Its vision is absent. Its policies overly supportive of the big end of town. Its communications are confused and overly simplistic. And it has failed to present Australia with the much needed comprehensive description of the challenge it faces in a post-boom environment.

    I don’t think anyone who voted for Tony even hoped for any of this coming from him.

    He was voted in only because there is no democracy in our two party system country. People punished previous government but unfortunately for us that means we always get somebody worse against our will.

  6. I’m all for putting the boot into Abbott…..but booing him at the Whitlam memorial service today? Seriously? This country has no class.

  7. Lmmao…. Bishop is just as unpopular as Tony, she just comes up level to him from a previous 11% percent.

    skippy…. ballooned to death…

  8. You can only hide incompetence for so long. It’s even shorter when you are in the spotlight.

    Cronyism is on for show too. In Oz it is a race to the bottom, there is no hope other than to ‘survive the flush’ or move to greener pastures.

  9. I trying to understand what Tone did to attract the ire of that self-referential bunch of tossers. Did he not bend over too much?

  10. Can any of you geniuses name just one thing a liberal government has ever done for this country since federation? Not including new taxes ( GST anyone?). I can’t think of a single one. Medicare, free education ( which all current politicians benefited from), NDIS etc. All labour. Also every meaningful economic reform this country has ever had.

    Very easy to rip slash and tear. Very different to try and actually improve the living standards of Australians.

    Amazing how forgiving you guys are for a bunch of animals that are only interested in keeping their incumbent big business friends at the top of the tree,

    Coal is great for humanity! So true just a century out of date. What a bunch of visionaries running the show!

    Be proud Abbot fans he is truly exceeding even my expectations of monumental incompetence. I call it incompetence because the truth is even worse.

    Just one reform ! ( apart from a random 10% tax on nearly every transaction in the land

    Come on folks just one?

    • The Traveling Wilbur

      Spruiking population growth as a solution for caring for an aging population in future years – “… and one for the country.”. I.e. the Baby Bonus.

      And what a FSI that was (is).

      And Tone’s contribution will be some massively over and badly done form of PPL.