Another Government ineptitude curio

From SBS:

Social media users have reacted with disbelief after Christoper Pyne started a petition to save the ABC in his home town.

Federal minister Christopher Pyne took to Twitter to beg the ABC not to shut down its South Australian TV production unit.

“The board must reassure South Australians that the local TV production house of the ABC will remain in South Australia,” Mr Pyne’s petition says.


Earth to Chris, we can see you!

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  1. Pyne is being disingenuous or stupid, as always. What does he think happens when you severely cut an organisation’s budget?

    • Imagine his surprise when his home burns down in the next climate induced bushfire, or when his kids can’t get into Uni (without the help of a ‘scholarship’), or can’t get admitted to a public hospital… at the end of the day, these tiny brained morons eventually have the same road to Damascus type conversion as their philosophical inspiration Ann Rand did when she developed lung cancer and fled to the safety net of US socialised medical treatment that her acolytes eventually all but destroyed…

      Maybe a cure for their zealotry is daily dose of Benzene administered to their morning coffee?

    • Every time I see his smiling face I start to feel violent.

      Very rare for me, but every man has his limits…

  2. This is all part of the plan.

    The govt/Murdoch/3d want the ABC to stay in its old Aunty box, regional tv/landline/gardeningshows/bbc repeats……..and stay out of news/business/politics /online/popular sport (Murdoch turf)

    Pitch the trad ABC viewers against the Mark Scott online move.

    Classic Murdoch divide and conquer.

    • ABC should be kept as far away from politics as possible – your programming suggestions provide Aunty some scope for competency.

      • Exhibit “B”

        The national broadcaster should be banned from broadcasting news related to politics and banned from the internet.

      • Sky does politics very well – an entirely different league to the ABC. ABC could only dream of having David Speers et al.

      • Sky does politics well. Haha even you must be laughing as you write that 3d, and maybe muttering “ha i can’t believe i get paid for posting this tripe, haha”

      • “What about Sky?”

        That’s a bad migtronix! Don’t encourage him to do another one of his gratuitous plugs for Skynews!

      • “Sky does politics very well – an entirely different league to the ABC. ”

        Meh, too late..

        Anyway, yeah they have David Speers and a couple of decent journalists, but the et al. gets very thin very fast.

      • The national broadcaster should be banned from broadcasting any news related to criminal offences commited by Newscorp employees in the course of their employment particularly the bribery of public officials.

      • 3d,

        Kevin Rudd had a least two key disastrous interviews at the hands of the ABC and Gillard a couple too.

        Yes the ABC is left of right wing news sources – but any neutral source would be.

        Being left of a right wing news source does not make it left wing biased unless it fails to be right of left as well.

        The problem with irrational politically/pre-determined types like your self is that you can’t imagine why any sensible person would have a view differing from yours. So the explanation must be that those with differing views must be either, stupid, evil or insane. (Including 100% of peer reviewed peak body climate science).

        To me the ABC aggressive interviews both the left and the right.

        What we see from many of the right biased sources is nothing but boring as bat shyt fire side chats with those on the right….

        It’s not rational to want to silence alternative views – alternative views such as these here @ MB – help societies make less errors.

        I virtually demand that my staff argue with me – offer differing views – what is the point of paying them so much If I don’t get to access ALL of their intelligence…. But I don’t recon you’d operate this way some how …

      • 3d,

        “ABC should be kept as far away from politics as possible”

        I Know this is a troll but probably actually reflects your preferred view.

        OK so we should only get our political news from sources owned by billionaires who have a barrow to push.

        It’s not like billionaires are at all selfless right? So why would their news that they clearly infect with their views also be selfless?

      • Funny how 3d keeps ranting on about ABC bias when non other then our communications minister said the other day that they get as many complaints for right wing bias as they do for left wing.

    • I think Patrician, it is as simple as Newscorp thinking getting the ABC out of the media/news space opens it up for themselves, but what they don’t realise is they is just so much choice now. From Quartz to a hundred other blogs. This is boomers at news setting strategy and losing.

    • The ABC online presence is fantastic. It’s little wonder the Murdoch stooge stable is so agitated.

      Mark Scott is doing a great job.

      • The Murdoch press attacked the BBC in the UK for the same reason. The BBC was killing it in the online sphere and cutting into News Limited’s profit margins.

        There was a concentrated program in the UK to reduce funding to the BBC using the “private businesses cannot compete with government funded organisations” argument.

        The reality is that News limited is not keeping up with new delivery methods. The dinosaur is kicking up a stink and resisting change.

    • Foxtel has been doing some heavy advertising recently of $25 a month packages.

      Looks like they are facing the inevitable change in the market place.

  3. General Disarray

    In related news Scott Morrison is outraged that detention centre personal are facing job losses in his electorate.

    • LOL and Abbetz is campaigning to open up some more family planning centers to boost the local economy

  4. Pyne makes Sophie Mirrabella look like Mary Poppins, Gillard’s mincing poodle has turned into a salivating nasty Jack Russell Terrier. Why the Labor party and the Education Unions haven’t found a Cathy McGowan from Adelaide’s Eastern suburbs and started a campaign in Sturt shows their own ineptitude I suppose.

    • You would think a minister in the government would be able to chain more than one set of action/consequences pairs together though ….

      • “be able to chain more than one set of action/consequences pairs together though”

        I think that’s a bar to entry these days….

    • The Eastern Suburbs of Adelaide is stuffed with moneyed (by Adelaide standards) decrepit NIMBYs who are extremely conservative.

      They’ll vote for anyone who looks blue-ribbon Liberal so long as they think any and all change will be averted, with the exception of their property prices going up.

      They really are that stupid; it’s a common refrain from ex-Adelaidians that they’ll never return. Paul Kelly even wrote a song about it.

      “All the king’s horses, all the king’s men
      Wouldn’t drag me back again
      To Adelaide”

  5. Hewson

    The Abbot government;

    “is the evil of two lessers”


    I blame Labor’s ineptitude for Abbot – had they been at ll competitive – they might have been viable or even better – we might have Turnbull…

  6. More comedy gold.

    Is the current government planning to take the show to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival next year?

    They’ll be our most successful comedy export since Tim Minchin.

      • That probably won’t even be their best line.

        We are witnessing stupidity of a scale that is unlikely to occur again.

      • Ye of little faith…

        … I for one have almost complete faith in Australia’s ‘full retard’ abilities.

        In the last decade, I have learned to never bet against the pig-headed belligerence and self-entitled stupidity of the Australian people.

        I would dearly love to be shown to be wrong. I doubt it though; nothing will change until a huge recession hits, and Australia’s aspirationals finally realise that they aren’t the 1%.