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      • Traditional polling vs SocialWebsphere.

        Look, 300 years of inertia certainly add something but, who knows, I am adamant that — unlike you — either way it will have HUGE consequences across Continental Europe, and it will circle back again.

        Ask yourself this Lorax, in the last 100 years how many countries have voted to free themselves from London? You’re living in one of about one hundred o.0

      • The other 100 countries didn’t share a currency and a border with England.

        We voted No in 1999. Nothing since, and we’re unlikely to have another chance until we elect another Keatingesque PM. The fact that we voted No when it was really just a symbolic change suggests to me there is Buckleys of the Scots going for it when it comes to the crunch.

      • The mere fact that the Scottish got a vote on independence will have massive repercussions. It will spark a wave of independence votes and devolutions across Europe and possible across the world. Significantly increasing sovereign risk for investors.

      • Nonsense the other 100 countries shared a currency most definitely, our “vote” was symbolic as you say, theirs not so much.

        Also sharing a border (Hadrians Wall anyone) might be even more reason to do it…