Ebola panic goes global

Ebola panic is setting in and not before time. Here’s a linkfest (updated from Zero Hedge):

The latest chart is not pretty:


I think we can safely say that we are now exponential. And some more charts for context:

It still appears to be the case that this is not an airborne virus and so should be containable once West Africa is shut in. There is an experimental drug as well that appears to be effective. God help the poor souls of West Africa but the best the world can do is shut it down and crop-dust the place with the new drug.

The Australian government should have a blanket ban on all travel to and from the effected countries if not a part of the health effort.

David Llewellyn-Smith


  1. and this article is just helping spread the panic

    how would you justify preventing healthy people, especialy Australians traveling from west africa back here?

    would you use media panic to justify the decision?

    ebola is very rare not very contagious disease that killed less people in this outbreak than flue in Australia this winter.

    Would you ban travel from countries that recorded cases of flu (there is no effective drug for flu) ?

    • “..not very contagious disease..” So all that protective garb is basically unnecessary? Would you tend to the afflicted in your jeans and t-shirt as my doctor does me if I present with your comparable influenza symptoms….

      • migtronixMEMBER

        Because it’s very deadly J, influenza not so much. My bet is if you presented with influenza and reported that you had just landed from sunny Seira Leon he’d be in a space suit quicker than you can say “what’s up doc?”

    • Easy for you to say Dr X you have the X-men backing you up.

      This is hype to distract the world from Israel and it’s disgusting slaughter. We in the west should hang our heads in collective shame for having supported these Zionist murderers.

      Why are the MSM freaking out about deaths circa 900 when the Israelis have killed almost 2000 and wounded thousands more, not to mention how these filth shattered Gaza. Doubtless the loss of key infrastructure will ensure that more will die in the long term.

      ABC reporting is so slanted I could ski on it.

      The world is sick of US/NATO led wars along with it’s mates. Between it’s military expansions and financial manipulation the US is the greatest threat to our world we have ever seen.

      • (Malcolm Fraser) “American exceptionalism has always been present in the US. The idea is even embraced and supported by US president Barack Obama. A nation like no other, better than any other. What the US does is right, because the US does it. Rules are for other countries. Together with the policies of the neo-conservatives, the political face of the US had changed. Many believed that the US would only be truly secure if the whole world was a democracy. The United States’ duty was to achieve that, if possible by persuasion, but if necessary by force of arms. This philosophy offers the best explanation for the second Iraq war. Against the advice of all George W. Bush’s senior advisors, and indeed, many, many others, it was a war based on a lie. It was a war that has unleashed terrible and seemingly irreconcilable forces within Iraq. It has contributed to the loss of US prestige in the Middle East and unleashed sectarian forces throughout the region. How can people who have probably got double firsts at university be so naive as to believe that a benign democracy would emerge, which by its very strength and character, would spread through the Middle East?”

    • My point is that a little early panic here is wise to prevent something much worse later. What do you think will happen when the first case turns up in Perth? With a 21 day incubation period everyone will freak.

    • Ronin8317MEMBER

      I visited HK during the SARS epidemic, and witnessed firsthand the panic in the population. Stopping Australians travelling to West Africa and quarantining those coming back is definitely preferable to surgical mask and plastic gloves everywhere.

      • You guys are too focused on the negative aspects, I remember during the SAR’s times that I could get cheap flights US-Asia and know that the plane would be almost empty, lots of room to lie down, even in cattle class I’d get 4 seats in a row. All I had to do is wear a mask (and some ear plugs…noise at the back of the plane), I’ll take that over crowded AND expense business class anytime. especially since I was flying US-Asia one per month and US-Europe every 6 to 8 weeks. Heck I ended up flying to Europe over Asia (with a few days stop off) a few times because that way both flights were practically empty.

  2. moderate mouse

    Scary times. We like to assume that ‘the authorities’ are in control. Another week or two of uncontrolled spread we will soon realise just how wrong that assumption is.

  3. Ebola is not a very good candidate virus for a major epidemic, scary though it is. Normal public health measures should control it. The key is in the latency phase which is very short, as against something like HIV/AIDS which can infect everybody before you know it.

  4. thomickersMEMBER

    Looks like

    Total future deaths = (total deaths so far)^2(no. Of Months)

    Thats if world loses control

  5. To put it in perspective, so far this ebola outbreak has killed fewer people than malaria does each and every day in Sierra Leone.

    Apart from complacency about malaria, the difference is there is a vaccine available for westerners and others with sufficient funds.

    • In fact, I’d almost go as far to say that the biggest danger wrt these outbreaks is that it derails existing efforts against malaria and dystentry, either through diverting workers to ebola management or by discouraging aid workers from coming to the affected regions.

  6. sydboy007MEMBER

    For me the worrying issue is the more you spread this virus, the bigger pool there is in the future.

    Then there’s the issue of it possibly infecting new animals as reservoirs, and the worst fear is some mutation that increases it’s infectiousness. Could it go airborne – unlikely – but we’re talking about a virus that can go through thousands of changes in a year and new research is showing that viruses are very adept at mixing their genetic code with unrelated viruses.

    • Unfortunately, a massive cull of humans is exactly what the planet needs right now. We are adding over 200,000 people to this planet every day, or 140 EVERY MINUTE. That equates to 70 million more people every year, about the same as 3 Australias.

      • Again, perspective – that is 70 million out of a total of 7 billion.

        It is also important to note that growth in absolute terms has begun to slow, and will decline more quickly if there is an incentive for more developed countries to develop less developed countries, for example the way that China is developing Ethiopia.

    • the virus has stayed identical since discovered 40 years ago – it “feels” quite comfortable in its current environment is it’s very unlikely to mutate.

      off al viruses out-there it’s one of the least likely viruses to cause a major epidemic