Beheading WTF


I wasn’t going to touch this this morning given it was only a distant act of irresponsible journalism. But it’s suddenly evolved into an outright assault on local liberalsim.  

This morning the Daily Tele ran an egregious cover of the beheading of journalist James Foley by ISIS in Iraq. This stuff is not new. It’s happened before. So, what does giving us all good dose of beheading achieve. Well…this:

Horrific acts of terrorism such as the ”truly sickening and utterly evil” beheading of journalist James Foley could happen in Western countries including Australia, Prime Minister Tony Abbott has said.

Speaking in Melbourne on Thursday morning, Mr Abbott said the revelation that Mr Foley’s killer appeared to be British was a reminder that such atrocities were not distant events.

”As for the apparent truth that the murderer was a British citizen, it just goes to show that while these events are taking place far from our shores, they can have ramifications right around the world,” he said.

”It just goes to show that this is not just something that happens elsewhere, it could happen in countries like Australia if we relax our vigilance against terrorism and potential terrorism here on our shores.

”It does strengthen our resolve to do what we need to, to keep our community safe and strong.”

And this:

Politicians are preparing to scrap decades worth of laws that protect citizens from wholesale spying and guarantee the right to a fair trial—and they haven’t even read the legislation they want passed.

A public hearing was held yesterday (Monday, August 18th) in a squirrely back room of Parliament on the raft of legislation being hurried through as part of the National Security Amendment Bill (No.1) 2014.

ASIO is pushing for the new laws which are being sold to the public as necessary to guard against terror. Prime Minister Tony Abbott, Attorney General George Brandis and ASIO director general David Irvine have been keen to link the laws to the threat of Australian jihadis fighting overseas.

However the Bill does not mention Islamists or jihadis at all—instead they contain a mountain of radical changes which include:

  • Forcing courts to accept illegally obtained information
  • Giving immunity from prosecution to ASIO, its affiliates and anybody involved with a special intelligence operation when they break the law, including if they only “believed” their actions to be part of the operation
  • Wiping away existing protections such as the need for ASIO to get a warrant to put a tracking device on someone.
  • Allowing wholesale tampering with information and hacking of computer networks
  • Increasing the jail terms from 2 to 10 years for leaking information plus removing the Attorney-General’s discretion on when to prosecute

Tony and Rupert, give us all bloody break.

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  1. migtronixMEMBER

    I’m trying hard to contain an all encompassing spray I really am BUT Phony first wanted to arms these idiots in Syria last year and now he’s worried it might happen here!?!?!

    That guys needs a tight-fitting cardigan with wrap-around arm-sleeves that can only be undone by 2 people, from the back..

      • That will actually do nothing . The ALP are not exactly pro freedom the greens can’t even have a party conference open to the press.

        I think Argentina is the model resource rich and fucking it up for everyone in the country

    • Turnkey Totalitarian State ‘Team Australia’ Tony.

      Perhaps he should have first had a conversation with Australians as to whether they wish to trade their fundamental civil liberties (never to be regained) for a 1 in 3.5 million chance of being blown up/dismembered by one of those oh so scary fundamentalists?

      Perhaps he doesn’t want to know the vast majority do not wish to be hacked, monitored, have every data packet surveilled, every email monitored, every phone call tapped, all because someone, somewhere used an electronic device or peripheral to plan something untoward?

      We have crossed into a police state folks, no doubt about it. Most probably the ASIO et al. freaks have been doing all of this already, and wish to have compliant legislation to cover their tracks.

      The internet is militarised and no longer your friend. Act accordingly, preferably by installing a variant of Linux as a first starter and encrypting every form of internet traffic you can (ditto personal information).

      If they want your communication, give them your encrypted communication as a big FU to their Stasi regime. They can’t decrypt it all, nor attack every weakness in associated computer, O/S and internet infrastructure to get at everything they want.

      Run Tor, push applications through Tor, give limited header data on emails etc, use Jitsi or other encrypted Skype alternatives, use encrypted chat options, use VOIP over Tor, use a raspberry pi as a proper firewall or Tor-enforcing conduit, encrypt your home volumes and important files and documents, Limit unsafe bittorent and other peer connections, run HTTPs everywhere, keep you system updated at all times, check your system logs etc.

      If you are a corporate or org with some spare cash, run Linux servers that act purely as Tor nodes, preferably exit nodes which there are not enough of. We need an explosion in encrypted Tor traffic and the size of the network to help stop NSA and other attacks on it and de-anonymising users.

      People like Mig should be offering their programming skills on the Tor project too…. 🙂

      • I used to use TrueCrypt, but they have stopped development and say to use the default MS file encryption that comes with windows.

        Ive read the US government has been pressuring MS to make a default backdoor for that encryption.

        Is there an alternative like true crypt available any more for file and volume encryption.

  2. Q: Why did Australia get Tony Abbott, and Zimbabwe get Robert Mugabe as leaders?

    A: The Zimbabweans got first choice.

  3. The State and Oligarchs are working hand in hand .


    The problem will come when they decide Terrorism is any act of defiance against the state, peaceful or otherwise. For whatever purpose. Opposing the Medicare co-payment with organised protests could be one such act.

    It happens in other countries why not ours ?

    • It’s already happened here (see Queensland in the 80s under Bjelke-Petersen, particularly during the SEQEB disputes).

    • The problem will come when they decide Terrorism is any act of defiance against the state, peaceful or otherwise.

      That will come after the changes mentioned above, but you can bet your ass that domestic environmental, social and political groups are already being monitored, either directly by ASIO/AFP or through our five-eye friends (to get around domestic warrant laws).

    • I know a guy who was done for protesting the G20 in Melbourne in 2006.

      The charge was eventually dropped but his life was put on hold for a few years as they made up things, removed them, called him into court, told him to wait, and wait and wait and so on.

      The whole process was utter bollocks and a complete waste of everybody’s time. The cops had better things to do on the day, the legal side had more worthwhile things, the people coming up with the legislation to enact a law to lay charges (probably retrospectively) had more important things to look at and so on.

      And the images on tv and in the press only created more animosity and fear within society.

    • At least we might get shit done like China does.

      The irony is many, if not most of those feral leftists are just as if not more keen to control what we think and say.

      So joe six pack won’t care.

      I keep telling you lot the left is to blame.

      If Obumma is any indication Labor will do the same.

      • So if leftists are the ones behind authoritarianism does that mean you support such endeavours, in order to ‘get shit done like China’?

        You’re all over the place mate.

  4. Cutting the head off an adult male reporter is just soooo much more appalling than bombing children to death from a mile in the air.

    Or is it ❓

    Given the way said reporter’s death is getting hours of airplay on all media versus the scant mention of the deaths of thousands of children in the US invasion of Iraq to steal their oil is pretty sickening. 😡

    And the same goes for the outright murder of Palestinians by Israelis. It’s a new holocaust, but listening to our local media, we only get in depth coverage when some little hebe soldier is killed or kidnapped. Ugh!

    • @ Mamborino & Rod77
      This gives Captain Australia & the Bullgooseloonies all the cover they need to bring on the Fascist state.

      Don’t believe it? Look to Tasmania where the Lib on the verge of bringing in anti protest laws that have mandatory prison sentences for 2nd offences.

      The only thing standing in the way is WE The People.

      • Having in mind that everywhere a sluggish capital return is expected the next decade or so, one could only ask what is the nearest option for breaking this unpleasant tendency. The only answer coming to mind is war. It is lucrative, it is the most profitable business and it unites the disillusioned nation, gives more power by more centralized control and spying on people, gives exclusive reason to the ruling class to crash any disobedience or free speech, causes inflation and all the 1% needs to grow its wealth more and more…. and more…..

    • “Cutting the head off an adult male reporter is just soooo much more appalling than bombing children to death from a mile in the air.”

      Of course not. In fact, it’s much less appalling. The child has no choice about being there. The reporter does. Not that I don’t feel sick for the reporter. But how we choose who to feel sympahty/empathy/sorry for really confuses me, always has. We’re a weird bunch.

    • Ronin8317MEMBER

      You will be amazed to discover how many Australians don’t know what is going on in Gaza right now. Or in Northern Iraq.

      Nevertheless, the propaganda message does matter. Israel claims they’re bombing Gaza because Hamas is firing rockets into Israel (true), even though the response is completely disproportional. In contrast, IS is simply killing anyone who refuses to convert. They don’t even have a “cover story” for their cruelty.

  5. “However the Bill does not mention Islamists or jihadis at all”

    Well obviously, inclusion of those words would’ve resulted in an 18c case.

  6. Abbott’s starting point on discussion with the muslim community is of an us and them mentality. It doesn’t allow for any real progressive dialogue…simply the words of division and isolation. Abbott’s “team Oz” tones serve to increase that isolation and develop resentment, leading to radicalism. Yes, it could happen here, especially if we allow our young people to be more isolated and excluded from participation in society.
    These proposed amendments endanger us all, and Abbott is the last person I would trust with such powers.

    • migtronixMEMBER

      Abbott’s starting point on discussion with the muslim community is of an us and them mentality

      Well yeah! Researchtime is listening and his mother lives in Abbotts electorate so………….

    • Idiotic. Hugging a group of barbarians that has as it’s core aim to wipe you off the face of the earth is the height of stupidity. Christianity is under siege and you want to treat them like some wayward teenagers. Did you not see what happened on the streets of the UK? The underground. All of it by British born and educated muslems. If you are not prepared to stand up for your way of life, then YOU are the problem.

      I don’t agree with Abbott’s words or actions, certainly not his cowardly back down on 18c. But, that we have here a real and home grown threat is beyond a doubt. The failure lies in the fact that it was imported and easily avoided.

      • migtronixMEMBER

        Hahahahaha Christianity is under attack!!! Hahahahahaha

        How many Catholics or Protestants are getting blown up right now???


      • Christianity is under siege and you want to treat them like some wayward teenagers.

        Bollocks. Secularism and rationalism, is what is REALLY under seige, thrown to the wind by those in power who would rather take advantage of cultural and religious divides for their own political gain.

        The fact is that as humans are far more alike than we are different and it’s the people who try to obfuscate this fact and create division for their own purposes that are the real evil. Religion and geopolitical crisis is just their sideshow.

      • An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.

        Not sure who that was directed at, who’s arguing for appeasement?

      • Ronin8317MEMBER

        It is not Islam vs Christianity, just Wahhabism coming out of Saudi Arabia. Would you regard the Lord’s Resistance Army in Uganda, who engage in murders, kidnaps, and child sex slavery as ‘Christian’.?

        Why must all Australians lose their civil rights when the IS supporters are openly posting everything on Facebook already? The 2-10 year jail for ‘leaking information’? That’s as bad as China.

      • Dimethyltryptamine

        “Christianity is under attack”
        Some might suggest that the western (christian) military industrial complex and it’s hunger for resourses is, in fact, the problem.
        But hey, either way GSM, don’t trouble yourself. I’m sure thatlittle baby jebus will be fine for now

      • migtronixMEMBER

        Hey GSM Shorten has been cleared of rape charges, remember when you tried to trot that out (or rather Lorax discovered what you were so giddy about). Now what for Team Australia?

  7. Another day, another bracing insight into the goings on inside the mind of our dear leader. Gotta say my shock-o-meter is starting to experience fatigue on all fronts. Whatever’s next?

  8. “some little hebe soldier”

    Some little hebe?


    You’ve crossed the line into anti-semitism.

    • Assuming Vice a worthy and reliable source (?)

      They’ve done a great job on the ground in Ukraine and Iraq/Syria, I’ve never seen such uneditorialised yet close-up coverage of major events before.

    • Hey 3d1khead, I see the Shorten rape allegation is out in the open now. What’s the next move for the LNP’s dirt unit? I imagine they were hoping to keep this in their back pocket until the election campaign.

      What are you sources in the gutter telling you?

  9. Tony just really, really, really wants to be a wartime leader. Everything is a battle/dichotomy to that guy.

    He is a dangerous fool, grasping at any straw he can to be seen as a strongman.

    This is the one and only tactic that can possibly win him the next election. Who knows… if he does it consistently enough, he may pull it off (I’m concerned that the average Australian voter really is that stupid, but would like to be proved wrong).

  10. Lord D:

    “if he does it consistently enough, he may pull it off ”
    quite an unfortunate choice of words there…

  11. On the heels of the gruesome and disgraceful ISIS clip of the beheading of American journalist James Foley, The UK’s Scotland Yard, according to The Guardian, warned the public that –

    “viewing, downloading or disseminating the video within the UK might constitute a criminal offence under terrorism legislation.”

    In other words – ‘If you watch terrorism, you’re also a terrorist’.

    Coming to a country you’re in?!

    Edit:- I’m glad the MSM clipped their showing of it to just the essentials. It was still enough to turn me off my breakfast…..

    • migtronixMEMBER

      Wow. Just wow.

      Nudge you’ve single-handedly managed to make me a more cynical person…

      EDIT: Actually this is EXACTLY what researchers warned about when the were getting held by homeland security back in the day — a DECADE ago … Im getting too old for this sh#t, I need revolution…

      • We’re all in control of how we see the world – problem being it might not be how they want us to see it – Now they’ve run out of carrots they’re looking at the sticks!

    • “viewing, downloading or disseminating the video within the UK might constitute a criminal offence under terrorism legislation.

      ”In other words – ‘If you watch terrorism, you’re also a terrorist’.

      Well, if you watch pornography with underage participants you’re considered a paedophile, so…

  12. Hmmm…I don’t really want to see tighter security laws…

    Puts us firmly on the road to being a police state: security vs freedom, and all that.

    Have we crossed the line, or just close to it?

  13. Crouching Tiger

    They are pushing laws that are so ridiculous the Labor party will have to oppose them.

    When they do Abbot will point and say weak on terrorism.

    This smells like clearing the decks for a double dissolution election.

  14. Crouching Tiger

    Should be noted that no one has been beheaded in Australia by a jihadist recently (to my knowledge)

  15. General Disarray

    It appears political opportunism trumps denying a terrorist group the propaganda opportunity they so craved.

    Well done Team Australia.

      • Thanks Op8red… Actually a lot worse than I thought.

        All those asked questions were quite confident and could easily string a few sentences together… But placing a flag in Australia as to the whereabouts of Iran?… Every person asked about the Muslim religion chose to speak about Israel… The 6 people asked the name of a country starting with U could not come up with United States of America !…their own country?!?!….. One said Yugoslavia… Another said Utah.
        I honestly think that Australians can handle themselves better with Geography.

        I can sympathise a little with younger Americans not realising that half of a small country ( North Vietnam ) in Asia actually beat the USA in a war lasting about 13 years.

        And that war crippled the US economy.

  16. I see lots of ppl here going rampant in their attack on govt. Tony did not become a PM after waking up one morning. Obviously there is lot of thinking and deliberation that would have gone in this legislation.

    We should stop being lazy. The Middle east import we have been living with for decades are starting to stink and Govt better start sorting the good from the bad. There is always some side affect to disease curing antibiotics

    • I’m sure you’re aware the commentariat here is strongly left – Abbott baiting and Rupert bashing de jour.

      • To the left of Abbott and Rupert Murdoch to be sure, which is a sane and populous place to be. So you support a government’s blanket ability to spy on its citizens without a warrant ? Do you think IS would have been stopped had the US, UK and Australian security agencies been able to more effectively spy on their own citizenry ?

      • General Disarray

        Abbott baiting and Rupert bashing de jour.

        It’s a shame they both provide so much ammunition. Australia deserves better.

        Faux libertarians and incompetents appealing to fear and patriotism is very 2003.

      • migtronixMEMBER

        Correct they both warrant and are treated with the disdain they deserve. Funny how Rupert doesn’t like being spied on huh?

      • I don’t think IS would have been stopped. I support efforts to prevent the rise of violent fundamentalist acts of terror in Australia and frankly would cancel passports of those now fighting for IS overseas.

        I remain wary of increased powers of this kind (if accurately portrayed). We don’t live in a perfect world.

      • Only wary, huh ? Jesus wept, such a strident libertarian as yourself so easily ceding a fundamental issue to such nakedly ham-fisted fear mongers.

      • I am wary. You will note from the Vice article that it appears these measures have bipartisan approval – I intend to do my own research rather than rely solely on the view of a young reporter from NT Times.

        Suggest you do same.

      • I didn’t realise the removal of fundamental freedoms were acceptable to libertarians if there was bipartisan agreement among entrenched political parties.

    • This isn’t about your flailing messiah Tones. If it’s anything about him, it’s more about the implications of his lurching thought bubbles & his willingness to roll over like a puppy to please his masters!

      I’m told there are 11 specialist police units in NSW, 3 watch over your smelly bad ones & their units are larger than all the others combined. They have the powers they need now to surveil anyone where they can show cause. And have reassured us they have a pretty good idea who’s who & how many are active OS!

      If things are getting more unruly & they need more support or spies fair enough, I’m all for it – for any group that threatens violence, racketeering & intimidation! Since nothing’s gone wrong here maybe they’re doing a good job already?

      It’s Not Called the Thin Blue Line for Nothing! Some already step over it with the threat of (sometimes minimal) recourse, just what would they do if there were none to stop them trampling your rights?

      Changing any laws regarding their powers absolutely should be scrutinised closely by sensible minds for just cause – It seems to have started creeping already with the unpopular (even by some QLD police!) & overreacing bikie laws.

      Just what do you think the reasons behind the ‘thinking & deliberation’ really are? What they claim? or perhaps Rule by Divisiveness & Fear?

  17. Q: What is the difference between Australia and Zimbabwe?
    A: One is governed by a corrupt political party to the financial benefit of its members, the other is Zimbabwe.

  18. retards above don’t understand the NEWS IS 99% FAKE! including ISIS, Syria conflict, school shootings et al. You know that many children die at Walmarts every year from stuff dropping on them right? you know the news NEVER reports that right? they are owned by umbrella corporations that would never let them do that. Nearly all of this ‘news’ is vested interests playing up defence budgets. The school shootings are just drills that bump up sales of Glock etc.. wake the f%^k up! (try for starters)

    • “You know that many children die at Walmarts every year from stuff dropping on them right? ”

      Yeah, the Americans call that ‘friendly fire’ or ‘collateral damage’.

  19. London down 5.9 percent in just one month.

    While the average London house price, equal to $471,060, was up by 10.3 per cent in the past year, home values in the capital fell by 5.9 per cent last month.

    London house prices are $471k? More like a 50 year old studio apartment in a muzzie neighbourhood is!

    Those muzzies patrol their neighbourhoods and force you to ditch your alchohol!

    What a shit hole.

  20. Typical left wing rants here – more concerned about alleged trivial flaws in benign western leaders than murderous barbarians. Just goes to show that the politics of the left has always been about jealousy ….. and its always the west’s fault blah blah blah either cause of colonialism, backing this or that group, oil etc etc. Get your head out of your collective aholes people. These guys are freaking evil and they DO represent a threat especially given so many reside in the west. There is no black and white strategic course of action for the west when trying to do the right thing when handling these hotspots, the best choices are hopefully a lighter shade of gray. Only those who have never experienced real fear or insecurity could express such infantile opinions.

      • Yeah mig… not sure the Fundamentalist Muslims have come even close to the barbarism of the Fundamentalist Christians.

        Thinking about the Inquisitions… Also the proselytising throughout history, still going on today.

      • Athalone, the fact you have to go back hundreds of years to the dark days of the crusades and inquisition says something ie it aint an immediate concern, Isis is. And don’t forget the inquisition executed less people in 600 years than the French revolution courts managed in 2 weeks …. and the worst abuses in history have come from atheist / secular anti chrstian regimes eg pol pot, Stalin, Mao, Hitler etc.

        ….. and I didn’t think proselytising was illegal, but if you made it so you would be following in the best traditions of pol pot, Stalin etc.

    • Alert but not Alarmed (JH)
      Alarmed but not Alert (TA)
      Fighting in the royal trenches (BS)
      Alarmed And Alert (RM)
      Totally [email protected] (FF)

      JH + TA / RM + FF (disregard BS) =0.

      No wurries. Everyone can relax.