Pay wall bug


MB members,

A small number of you have reported a bug in the pay wall in which despite being logged in some articles have not opened for you. Apologies for this inconvenience!

We’re working to find the issue but it is quite narrow in scope and difficult to replicate it so we’re opening this thread for those of you that have experienced it to give us some feedback and intelligence to track down and exterminate the bug.

Thanks for your patience.


The MB Team


David Llewellyn-Smith
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    • I am also having this problem.

      I’ll log in then be logged out almost immediately. End result I can’t access subscription articles.

      Frustrating 🙁

  1. arescarti42MEMBER

    Was doing it on the immigration post yesterday for me.

    Started working after a while (20-30 mins?), although i’m not sure if that’s time related or related to me reloading it a couple of times.

  2. If I forget to login and click any subscribers only article in MB, naturally it does not allow me to read the article. But then if I login before closing the MB site entirely, I am still unable to open the subscribers only article. So in order to be able to read the subscribers only article, I have to delete the browsing history and then login again.
    I suggest the solution is to require the login as soon as the MB site is opened. For a non-subscriber allow a button as a guest only entry.

  3. After logging on to view a members article I would get the “….if you what to view this members article you need to blah,blah,blah”

    I found that hitting the Reload Current Page symbol took me to the article concerned.

    • Tedblack44MEMBER

      Once logged in I found that going to My Account but changing nothing after being denied access and then going back to the article gave me access. Don’t know if this helps.

  4. I’ve encountered the problem when I’ve logged into subscriber content from within the article. (i.e. once logged in, I still do not have access)

    The problem seems to go away once I go to the home page, and try to re-enter the article from there.

    • Yup! I didn’t see your comment Ken before posting mine. However I have tried going back to the Home page and trying to log in and it still doesn’t work. I seem to have to quit MB and then open it afresh and then log in from the Home page. (I think 🙂 )

  5. ewsydney995MEMBER

    Please could you make the cookie expiry longer so I dont have to keep relogging in so often

  6. Even StevenMEMBER

    I have been affected by this bug also. The sequence is:
    From a non-logged in state I click on a member-only article (it comes up with “….if you what to view this members article you need to blah,blah,blah”)
    I log in with my membership details.
    I click back on the post
    And I still get the “if you want to view this…”

    I have not determined what causes it to correct – but the other suggestions on this thread sound about right.

    • I get the same problem as even Steven. It seems to be that if you try to log in from the article the problem arises.
      If I go out of the site altogether, then open MB and log in from the Home page (not after trying to open an article) I seem to log in Ok and be able to open articles.

  7. Currently cannot access restricted content on my desktop Mac, but can do so on my iPad.

  8. General Disarray

    I’m not a member but have noticed there appears to be a caching issue that could be contributing to your members problems.

    The server doesn’t seem to like giving up the goods. In the interim F5 is your friend.

  9. NOT sure if cookies are related to your access issues.

    But on the topic of cookies, we have to log in every day, Can we extend the cookie length for remembering the login, so we don’t have to login every day?

  10. StomperMEMBER

    I’ve got it on this article…..”Loony right’s negative gearing defence fails”

    But no problem with this one…. “The changing face of Australia’s immigration”

  11. Geo FibonacciMEMBER

    It feels like a caching issue. The site is much faster now, but the wordpress cacher being used is possibly not set right for some content. The “you need to log in” blurb needs immediate expiry.

    And yes please, make the cookie for logged in users expire in a decade!

    Also, when I go to a pay page, then get asked to log in, you should deliver the originally requested page (the REFERRER of the login page).

    thanks for making MB much better and caring for your users.

    • Me too, it’s only that article. The others work fine.

      edit: shift reload and article comes up

  12. Two issues, already mentioned above…

    :: Current authentication cookie will expire with the end of the browser session. Change that to expire after 30 days instead so I don’t have to log in all the time. (This will give you more accurate user/member metrics too)

    :: When I login, redirect me back to the page I originally requested, the referring page.

    Thanks MB!

  13. Yes, I have also encountered the same problems.
    However over the last couple of days the problem has resolved it self. (F5 did not work for me.)

  14. Hunson Abadeer

    I am getting this issue repeatedly with the “Loony right’s negative gearing defence fails” article but not with other articles. Hope that helps.

  15. Opera allowed things ok earler in the day. Now on IE & although I’m ‘logged in’ I can’t post on any page except this one without getting the runaround to login again & again without success.

    Edit – Tried the closing window & relogging in as mentioned above & it worked.

  16. I’m getting this problem – cannot access any paywalled articles.

    Also, even when I’m logged in, I can’t click on “my account” – there’s only the link that invites me to become a member!

    Could this be connected to the fact that I’ve been a paid-up member long before the “big paywall” came down, and the system is confused?