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  1. Well well well my tinfoil hat just gets more and more fashionable by the day :

    “Britain’s GCHQ has a covert unit which uses dirty tricks from “honey trap” sexual liaisons to texting anonymous messages to friends and neighbours to discredit targets from hackers to governments, according to the latest leaks from whistleblower Edward Snowden”

  2. Q> When does 30% cost over run on a $5Billion project that is 70% complete stop said project?

    A> When project is no where as complete and the cost over run is much greater.

    None of these photos in this article look like a project that is 70% complete. Assuming these photos are representative I suspect that their estimate of costs to complete are probably just a little more than optimistic also.

  3. ‘Greek leftist seeks negotiated debt write-off

    Greece would seek to negotiate an international write-off of about one-third of its debt if the leftist Syriza opposition party won a general election, its leader said on Tuesday.

    Tsipras called for an international conference modeled on a 1953 London agreement among Western powers that cut the debts of West Germany by 50 percent after World War Two.

    Such a negotiation should cancel part of the debts of Greece and other peripheral euro zone governments and launch a “new deal” investment drive to revive growth and enable them to meet their remaining obligations, he said.’

    • If Tsipras gets into the EU parliament it will be fun and games for the bond vultures Yorrick