The MB Christmas schedule


So peeps, after today I head off for a 4 week holiday, returning January 20, 2014. You will probably have already noticed that Leith finished last week. He will return January 13, 2014.

From Monday, Delusional Economics will be editing the site. It’ll be lite posting across New Year, with links and some extras.

Thanks for your support this year through our various experiments and transitions. The 150% growth in traffic has been quite something.

Have a super and safe break.



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  1. Merry Christmas MB team. As someone posed the other day: “when do you guys sleep!”

    Have a safe and restful break, thanks for a great year of fresh and independent fin/econ news.

  2. Thanxs for some of the most interesting and critical commentary available. Just a shame the politicans and power that be don’t read the site and absorb some of the information.

    have a merry Christmas and all the best for the new year

    • Constantly send the appropriate stooges the appropriate links!

      If enough do this, eventually something has to pierce their purposeful coma’s…. or the views foisted onto them by their ‘caretakers’.

      The votes are in the Number & quality of complaints………. they need to be drowning in it!

  3. A very Merry Christmas to the MB Team.
    You lot do quality work and for that I’m very grateful.

    All the best for next year.

  4. Best wishes bloggers for Christmas and a well deserved break. A magnificent ship in a sea of pig swill.

  5. Thanks for the great work guys. It seems as if MB is almost a lone voice out there for common sense. I have attached an article from Greens Senator Scott Ludlam on homelessness in Australia. In the new year we must all, as members, try to spread the word about the lack of affordable housing in Australia and the part the Politicians and vested interest groups play in pushing house prices higher and higher and is playing a big part in forcing more and more people out on to the streets to live rough. And in particular we all need to contact the Senators to put pressure on the government to scrap or phase out the aberration known as “negative gearing’.
    Please think of the homeless over the Christmas break and donate to any homeless charities if you are able.
    Once again a big thanks to MacroBusiness and also to members for some great comments.
    Have a great Christmas.

      • Yes, I believe the greens will be the key. Scott Ludlam is a very smart man and has been campaigning on housing issues for a long time with little support. Hopefully he can get together with Bob Day and others and get something happening. I intend to contact both Ludlam and Day early in the new year and I would urge MB members to do the same.

      • Certainly the least worst option out of the major parties.

        But you’d need to get them over the anti-sprawl hump for the benefits to be delivered to the wider community through cheaper housing overall, rather than being targeted primarily at the homeless.

        Personally I think this is doable if the argument is framed correctly (about how making everyone better off with cheaper housing is a reasonable tradeoff for urban sprawl). The Greens are becoming more about generally addressing social welfare and equality, rather than tunnel-vision environmentalism, as they grow into the gaping centre-left hole that Labor left behind when it went chasing Liberals voters.

      • Hopefully he can get together with Bob Day and others and get something happening. I intend to contact both Ludlam and Day early in the new year and I would urge MB members to do the same.
        That’d be an “interesting” meeting. Other than housing affordability, it’s hard to think of any issue Ludlam and Day wouldn’t be at completely opposite ends of the spectrum on.

  6. Enjoy the break mate, you have earned it.

    As for the rest of you reprobates that hang around here, play safe and stay happy.

  7. Thanks blokes, you do an excellent job.

    Thanks to most of the commenters too.

    Have a good Christmas break. Stay Safe!

  8. Hugh PavletichMEMBER

    Many thanks indeed for the terrific job you all do at MB…. including of course, the posters.

    Do have a wonderful Christmas break everyone.

    Hugh Pavletich

  9. I’ve learnt a lot from MB. Thank you for helping me solve the ‘Australia Puzzle’. Posters too, many thanks.

  10. drsmithy,–don’t know about any other issues between Scott Ludlam and Bob Day, but yes they appear to agree on housing. Bob Day is a builder and NG doesn’t help builders as only 5% of investor loans go to new housing. He may try and get NG restricted to new houses only which I haven’t got such a problem with as it would increase the supply of housing.

    • Limiting NG to new-builds only is the only way to get any reform through. With the Greens, Day, Developers, HIA, Master Builders, Construction Unions etc surely we could get it through?

  11. Jingle bells
    Manufacturing smells
    Mining boom’s gone away
    Oh what fun investing is
    When property rules the day

    glOREious Xmas and OREsome new year to all

    • Jingle Gina,
      Jingly Twiggy,
      Fe02 all the way,
      Oh what fun
      Its been short
      Hope next year
      brings more pain! (To FMG!)

      [we should to a duet! I’m coming to Perth from 22-29! ;)]

  12. Enjoy the holiday fellas, and here’s to an awesome 2014, and hopefully a bit of common sense from the pollies and mainstream media (fat chance!)

  13. Thanks MB for a really interesting year of analysis and informed opinion. Also thanks to those providing regular comments and entertainment! Some laugh out loud moments this year. Good to keep tabs on whats happening in Australia from Eastern Europe. Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!

  14. Great work MB much appreciated, enjoy your break.

    To all MBers thank you for the very informative & entertaining discussions on the forum.

    The very best for the Solstice celebrations,

    Keep an eye on Methane in the Arctic, could be a black swan

  15. To the MB crew, thanks for being an island of logic in a sea of insanity.

    To the MB posters, thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. When you wrap up the quality postings and follow-on arguments, comments, sledges et, sure makes for a good dose if edutainment. Have a great break everyone, reckon 2014 is going to be a ripper.