Site upgrade solutions


Morning MBers,

We’ve launched some new solutions for the recent upgrade bugs:

  • comment numbers for mobile home page
  • on/off switches for new/old mobile site (bottom of home page)
  • comment email on/off option

We’re still working on smoothing IOS compatibility and  it looks like Android has developed new issues. Bear with us please!


David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. I know this is dumb on my behalf, I still haven’t worked out how to show my Gravatar.

    A page of general instructions would be nice. If one already exists, … sorry.

  2. Love this site visit every day for my preeching to the converted articles. Just today on Android 4.4 with Chrome browser the mobile site just shows category titles and can’t see any content. Requesting the desktop site the annoying daily email subscription overlay keeps coming up. Is there anyway to get rid of this for good?

      • Same for me but on iOS

        Also, when using the updated mobile site over the past few days, the scrolling doesn’t seem to have the same ‘inertia’ as with standard websites. When I release my finger after a swipe down, the scrolling stops immediately.

        I come to this site every day – keep the quality content coming through!

  3. Very slow on all platforms.

    On firefox on android only shows a black screen with red header & 3 or 4 links example Markets or Bloggers.

    The links don’t work.

  4. I read every day too. Having the same problem as George – when I click through from my RSS feeder – newsblur – I only get the headings and a black page. I was able to get here via Safari.. Keep up the good work.

  5. There’s one bug that has been shitting me for awhile, it seems if you put a blockquote in the middle of your comment, it screws up the quote, but if you put it at the top of your comment there is no issues.

  6. Hi Macro,

    Loved the idea of creating mobile versions. on IE (10?) for Windows Phone 8, the site was working great to begin with, but in the last two (ish) days it now just shows a grey background.,Rg4PcmL

    In the second picture there, is my UC Browser on WP8, it correctly shows the content.. and is great!

    Super great site though guys. thumbs up

  7. Perhaps l am just really stupid, but l cannot make the new version work on my I-pad. I am not tecchie, and just use my screen for browsing and shopping, hence have not updated to IOS7 ( in fact, have been actively warned against doing so).
    The site opens, and the articles open, but l cannot scroll down the screen, in articles list, individual articles ( manageable when the articles are really, really short), or in the comments section. There are also no sidebars, and it will not recognize my username or password, both of which work on the old standard box.
    I much prefer to use the I-Pad, and health issues mean l do a significant amount of my reading whilst in bed. Is this fixeable? And please don’t tell me to go to IOS7. I have a friend who nearly killed her husband after he upgraded her system as a “surprise”. She went to the Apple Store and literally cried whilst on her knees to get the old operating system back – they actually swapped her updated I-Pad for an old one with the old system. Most of my female friends feel the same way about IOS7, although hopefully my spouse knows it will be instant divorce if he tries something similar!

  8. The improvements are an improvement – much better!

    Still wouldn’t object to a ‘latest comment’ feed – some of the commenters here are on my reading list 😉

  9. Typing this on Galaxy S4 and the keyboard still pops up over the editbox. In Chrome it also zooms and scrolls randomly when I touch the editbox to begin typing.

    There are plenty of sites where this kind of weirdness doesn’t happen, and the editbox scrolls nicely into view, so its clearly possible.

    P.S. my consultancy invoice is in the mail