Site and mobile upgrades


Hi MBers,

Some of you will have noticed that MB has launched a bunch of upgrades today to improve the user-experience. These include:

  • a new mobile site
  • automatic width control for all devices
  • time stamp for posts (so you can see how hard we work!)
  • email back when someone posts a reply to your comment
  • rejigged social network links

You will notice some slowness on your devices as they load the changes but it will pass swiftly. Also, if you’re having peculiarities with anything, refresh your browser and clear your cache.

If problems persist  or you have any feedback good and bad, please respond on the below thread and we’ll consider tweaks.



David Llewellyn-Smith
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    • Same here. I gave up trying to load the full site on mobile. Just hung. But have just tried it now and it looks splendid.

  1. Just a nit-pick ( as I couldn’t get my MB fix first up!). Perhaps you could let us know the day before that upgrading is upon us, so we know that you have something on the go and that it’s ‘not us’.

  2. Looks good, but two things you may want to consider.

    1. When replying in landscape mode the header and keyboard take up nearly all the screen so you need to revert to portrait. This is running chrome on an iPhone 5.

    2. The option to force mobile devices into the desktop version could be handy. Due to the length of the front page you may need to put this in the menu and not in the usual spot at the bottom of the page.

  3. Site was completely broken on my IOS 6 ipad safari this morning. Ok on my windows phone 8.

    Will check again when I get home.

  4. The font size is too small on the smart phone. Is there some way to make it bigger like you had previously. Got me a nasty headache on the way to work thismorning.

    Also as you mentioned, its very slow and not fluid at all. Hopefully its just temporary.

  5. Make sure you clear your cache & history!

    Working fantastic here – ios7 with chrome.

    Well done admin!

  6. Fabian AlderseyMEMBER

    Didn’t work for me (Note 8.0). Couldn’t click on/ open any posts, or any buttons. Am currently looking for a new browser which allows me to avoid mobile versions of sites.

      • Fabian AlderseyMEMBER

        Yep, that did it, thanks.

        Firefox on Android allows me to switch to desktop version, will use that for the time being.

      • I get the same problem. Can’t click on any links on the front page. I tried IE, Firefox and Chrome. I never use Chrome so I tried clearing the cache in there and it still didn’t work. I had to copy the links from your source code, just to get to this page.

        I also don’t really want to clear my IE cache because it has a lot of info in there that I want.

        Otherwise, thanks for the site, most sites I simply would not have bothered to comment.

  7. ….yes nice, ta…. the only iff’y on an ipad/ios7 is that on scrolling it doesn’t float (continue aways up/down) – one has to keep ones finger on it to keep it rising so to speak….a common prob for an older australian….but that floating feeling is quite attractive really…..

    • thomickersMEMBER


      Too much inertia when scrolling on the mobile site. I like to scroll a webstie on ice 🙂

      • @houses&holes, you can definitely do something to fix it…

        Your mobile site has an ‘overflow:hidden’ attribute applied to the HTML ‘body’ element – this causes the described inertia on IOS devices. If the web developer removes this attribute, the inertia disappears.

        Also, it seems from your comments there are a lot of issues caused by caching. There is a little trick to prevent these problems in future; you can simply add a querystring to your file paths.

        For example, if you change a file called ‘style.css’ you can then link to it like so, ‘style.css?i=1’, when a change is made you simply change the querystring (convention suggests incrementing a number) ‘style.css?i=2’, ‘style.css?i=3’ etc. The browser interprets these as different files (from the cached ones) and will download the new versions.

        This little trick means you will avoid upsetting a loyal audience! Macrobusiness is actually one of my favourite sites, so if you run into other technical issues or just want a second opinion, let me know, I’m happy to help.

      • @ortho

        Ha yes it s the inertia scrolling that has disappeared, we are so used to it now I could not pinpoint was was wrong 😉

      • + 1 with the inertia scrolling thingy – page feels like it’s made of treacle.

        Otherwise site is working fine now.

  8. Wasted OpportunitiesMEMBER

    I like the look of the new mobile site, but I can’t scroll down so it is rendered useless (smartphone with Android 2.3).

    It works if I force my phone to load the full version of the site.

  9. McAffee site monitor refused to load some items when I first opened this morning and I couldn’t log in.

    Worked OK after I overode McAffee and reloaded page.

  10. Can ’email reply’ be optionally turned off? I read replies to posts ‘on site’ and don’t need them in my inbox.

  11. I can’t get to scroll more than 3 articles on an iPhone & can’t get any of the reader comments. Am I missing something?

  12. Doesn’t work with Feedly on Android 4.1.2 – can see 3 article headers but can’t scroll or read full articles.

  13. An option to revert to desktop version would be good.
    Comments count – see where the action is.
    A little clunky (scrolling) but early days – just like a new government.

    Onwards and upwards, good job.

  14. Mobile version doesn’t show number of comments in the thumbnail excerpt. Thats a mistake.

    The advertising graphics are not touch scroll responsive, which confused the hell out of me and probably others.

    Should be a “subscribe to comments” option for each post available to ALL users, not just the OP or comment submitters.

    Finally, its a bit rude to force mobile version onto users with no “switch to desktop version” option.

  15. Fine on Explorer on a Surface RT. All good on Safari on iPad 4, iOS7. All good on Safari iPhone 5, iOS7.

  16. Does not work on iOS4 Safari, loads only first 2 articles, iOS5 is fine, scrolls poorly, vote for link to desktop version

  17. Thanks for continuing to make a great site better. Works well on almost everything. Only issue is rendering badly on IE11, have cleared the cache and still not working properly.

  18. Yeah would prefer the desktop version even on the mobile. Not a fan of receiving an email when someone responds to a comment. Can I opt out of that? Otherwise all good, cheers

  19. Very happy to finally get email notification of comment replies. Keeping track of it manually was a pain.

  20. The mobile website does not work with Feedly on IOS7. Feedly is one of the best cross platform aggregators out there. It’s a shame that macrobusiness is no longer supported. I have never had issues loading websites with feedly before.