Abbott backflips on Gonski


It’s damage control all around now for the besieged Abbott Government. From the AFR:

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has bowed to immense pressure over schools funding, saying $1.2 billion had been found so that all deals and offers can be honoured.

Mr Abbott said Queensland, Western Australia and the Northern Territory, which did not sign up to the original deal with the former Labor government, had now agreed in-principle to what would become a truly national funding model.

At the same time, the federal government had found $1.2 billion to replace the money Labor “ripped” out of the budget. That meant all states and territories would receive the same funding as they would have under Labor over four years, Mr Abbott said.

Indonesia has already gotten its back down. Discussion of a Qantas bailout has been hosed down. Only dodging a war in North Asia and finding a new buyer for Graincorp to go!

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  1. Well there is 1.2 billion they had saved yesterday which they will now be looking to save elsewhere tomorrow……..

    The Torynuffs are utter frauds (The ALParatchiks are too, but these guys have definitively proven they are this time round in office – and it is only 10 weeks in)

    • Who is Gonksi?

      Gonski was a close friend and advisor to the late media baron Kerry Packer. Together with Lloyd Williams, he was an executor of Packer’s estate.[4] While he provided advice to Packer, Gonski was also a director of Packer’s media competitor, John Fairfax Holdings. He is close friends with Izzy Asper, Arthur Boyd, Rupert Murdoch, Kerry Stokes and Frank Lowy.[3] His mentor was the late Kim Santow.[4]

      So if this Business King pin had uttered some unreasoned diatribe about lower wages being the key to Australia’s ills then these pages would light with the likes of 3d1k & Bluebird hailing the incredible insight.

      To espouse that equal education is the engine room of the economy and we need to spend money maybe on the poor is lunacy. All we need to do is what little johnny did, back to the future always.

      With an election in WA looming this will hopefully stop the rout.

  2. Except there are no guarantees in place to stop the States and Territory from ripping the same amount of money out of their budgets. Big win for the States. Pyne continues to show he is fit only for being an attack dog rather than something tangible like education.

      • +100 Pyneocchio!

        And they’re still lying about the money having been ripped out of the budget.

        It’s allocation to the other states had been rejected by those states and it was properly unallocated from the purpose as it was no longer needed.

        But that might only be classified as “spin” these days, rather than a lie.


    Well this is what most of the States and the media wanted so they can all shut up now. Pyne handled this very poorly from a communication perspective – it is not enough to say what one government does another can undo – calm deliberate explanation for the change was required. FWIW I reckon Gonski will prove a waste of money but there is little concern for that as the ‘education industry’ has been set on a golden pedestal which none dare question.

    Pragmatism or populism? Abbott could’ve ridden this one out given the two and a half years until the next election. In reality this is no big issue. This concerns me a little.

      • Well this is what most of the States and the media wanted so they can all shut up now.

        Yeah if only those Liberal Premiers would shut up!

        I’m so glad the adults are now back in charge and we have “calm deliberate explanation” of policy instead of chopping and changing policy every few days.

    • I agree. Kids are still going to be directed away from the harder stuff by parents and be told to become real estate agents or builders or some such instead of a nerd patsy.

      Complete waste of money.

    • General Disarray

      That press conference with Pyne and Abbott was interesting. It looked like a father issuing an apology for the behaviour of his naughty child.

      A very sheepish Pyne appears to have dropped the arrogance – temporarily.

    • dumb_non_economistMEMBER

      Maybe they should have had some balls during the election and qualified their support for it, or said no altogether as they couldn’t have lost the election if they tried. Instead they said yes and then tried to lie their way out of it. Hardly adult behaviour.

  4. Bears out HnH’s earlier piece today on a lack of cohesion. Maybe that is what we shall have to accept, that once challenged it will change course and find money that was never there.
    This gvt is proving to be as politically inept as the previous one but for different reasons. These people have done politics for years but hey are not very good at it.

    Agree with Gunna – the gumment are utter frauds.

    • “Maybe that is what we shall have to accept, that once challenged it will change course and find money that was never there.”

      Problem is that it all adds to (subtracts from) the bottom line and our glory days of constantly rising TOT are likely behind us. Something has to give…

        • No arguments here. I think they’ll quickly find out that it’s easier to just make up numbers when you’re in opposition than when you’re running the country…

  5. Aiyaiyaiyaiyai

    I’m neither pro nor anti-Abbott (I despise both sides equally 🙂 ) but it’s been one tragicomedy after another. It feels like a new series of “Yes Minister” by a bunch of naive incompetents lurching from one fiasco to the next.

    Well, Australian voters chose this mob. NO, I didn’t vote for them but that’s not the point. The majority of voters made their choice and this is what we have.

  6. I think the more apposite headline “Abbott to honor election commitment on school funding” is arresting enough in itself.