Melbourne Cup modelling

Here are  a couple of quant models for Melbourne Cup winners today. The first from PWC:


And the second from Mac Bank:


Not sure why either produces the modelling. It’s not like either would like us to associate investment banking and accounting with gambling.

What a wowser I am!

David Llewellyn-Smith


  1. Its all just a bit of fun. An opportunity for all to not take work to seriously and have a bit of banter.

    Go Dandino!

  2. “…It’s not like we should associate investment banking and accounting with gambling. Should we?…”

    Of course we should not.

    In gambling there is a chance that the mug punter can make some money at the bookmaker’s expense. There are stewards who take their jobs seriously. Those who have been convicted of doping or manipulating the odds are banned for life.

    In investment banking on the other hand…

    • Of course we should not associate investment banking with gambling.

      That would tarnish the name of gambling

      Accounting? Being an accountant myself, I’ve heard all the jokes ever invented….but the association of accounting and gambling is new to me!

      Q:Know why scientists prefer accountants to rats?
      A: Because there’re some things even rats don’t do.

  3. Mining BoganMEMBER

    I could have sworn I made a comment about an Irish horse with a Greek name being an omen for Melbourne’s future.

    Anyhow, Mount Athos. Doesn’t seem as funny the second time around.