MB Radio: Farewell China Harbour?


Upon the release of the Chinese 2Q 2013 GDP data showing 7.5% annual growth, Gunnamatta spoke with David Llewellyn Smith about how the outlook for China’s GDP has changed over the last few months, the influences at play in shaping the Chinese economy and the  implications and risks associated with this, as well as how prepared Australia is to see a slowdown in its major export market, with an additional look at the implications for the Australian dollar.

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  1. It is timely to recall that 7% growth was the target over the life of the Fifth Twelve Year Plan so to come in under would over the life of the Plan not be unexpected.

    I don’t doubt that some difficulties re debt will occur – it will be the resolution that matters. The cluster city programme is on a major scale and scheduled to commence 2014. This could well provide some buffer to GDP whilst ideally US improves and internal rebalancing continues.

    This would be the preferred outcome for China, Australia and the global economy.

    As for AUD significantly below .75 you know what I think – swings and roundabouts – particularly if geopolitical risk does not abate. Of course if it does and China tanks oil price will not be an issue.

    Don’t worry too much about Dutch Disease – the Dutch survived. 😉