Give us Malcolm!


Sadly for our Tony, it’s a slow news day. I might as well join the MSM party on this one.

From Reachtel:


And from Roy Morgan:


New Prime Minister Kevin Rudd (52%) now clearly leads Opposition Leader Tony Abbott (36%, down 11% since June 11/12, 2013) as ‘Better Prime Minister’ according to a special telephone Morgan Poll conducted over the last two nights (July 16/17, 2013).

  • However, for the first time former Opposition Leader Malcolm Turnbull is clearly preferred to Kevin Rudd as Better Prime Minister: Turnbull (52%, up 28% since January 2010) cf. Rudd (38%, down 25%).

Analysis by gender shows Rudd has picked up support from both Men and Women since taking over from Gillard and is preferred by both genders. Men prefer Rudd (50%, up 19% from PM Gillard on June 11/12, 2013) cf. Abbott (37%, down 14%) and Women prefer Rudd (53%, up 15% from PM Gillard) cf. Abbott (36%, down 6%).

I still don’t think they’ll do it. Not unless Rudd gallops ahead, which seems unlikely.

Ironic for poor Tony as he pursues Labor leadership instability.

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