John Taylor: Australian dollar is a bubble

Another currency heavyweight, John Taylor of the world’s largest FX house, weighs in today against the Australian dollar and while he’s at it gives our “sell ’em dirt” strategy a caning. Welcome to the real world, folks.


  1. It is becoming clear that the $AUS is not a bubble.

    Clearly it is the Skywhale.

    That multiple mammary floating bizarro ( it is growing on me) is the only explanation as to why the Fed Govt and the RBA have stood by like slack jawed yokels as the $AUS floated ever upwards.

    Robyn Archer has a lot to answer for

    • Come on, it’s the perfect symbol for our political economy. One teat each for our political class, bureaucracy and the various vested interest business class.

      • Was it just me or did anyone else find the Skywhale profoundly disturbing and not the slightest bit whale-like?

      • Mav, You are definitely onto something.

        The plaque might read

        “The Skywhale is a playful emblem of Canberra consisting of a large whale (looks like a fish head if you ask me) gliding over the landscape, full of ‘krill’ taxpayer dollars that it has gathered silently using its giant never satisfied mouth, to be dispensed to the well connected or political significant via a range of large teats”.

    • Spot on Lorax, it’s just a shame those two hosts didn’t shut up for a while and he would have indeed told us more of what he thought of things in Aus.
      Because the AUD has been so high for so long I can’t but help get the feeling that those of us lucky enough to have overpaid jobs related to the resources boom etc ( say for the last 5-8 years) are a smug lot individuals who know the price of everything and the value of nothing.

      • reusachtigeMEMBER

        I thought that too, the hosts were painfully hype and left no extra room for proper information to come out.

  2. I don’t know what all the fuss is? We have found a way to get our dollar down – just destroy your non-mining economy and financialise your housing.

  3. thomickersMEMBER

    the USD ETF is getting really popular.
    last week total NAV was around $68 mill now its $75 mill

    • +1

      “The USD is a screaming buy…” says Taylor.

      In a world of uncertainty that looks kind of good.

  4. “sell ‘em dirt”
    Houses and Holes

    HnH you should put this on a shirt and coffee mugs and sell them on here…. seems to be your slogan and a good one.

  5. Stephen Morris

    What is it about US interviewers?

    They don’t let the poor guy say more than 10 words before they interrupt him with an inane comment or an irrelevant question.