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Dear MB reader,

Yesterday we launched a new “MacroBusiness Membership” to support the running and development of the site.

We offer MacroBusiness for two reasons:

  • the belief that Australia’s economic model has become unfair, unstable and unsustainable and is run by a self-referential cabal of elites that produce poor policy, under-achieving businesses and a ­­­hapless media
  • to offer readers the best available independent analysis within this context

At 120,000 unique visitors per month, MacroBusiness has become a major corrective force: against what used to be a free-for-all in investment spruiking; in offering alternative directions for economic policy, and in providing high calibre, big picture analysis.

The Membership will sustain and boost these efforts.

What are the benefits of membership?

Current MB content will remain open to all (so long as enough of you sign up to membership!) but as an MB Member you will receive several exclusive benefits not available to casual readers:

  • a monthly report consolidating the MB’s team outlook on the economy, property, shares, forex and interest rates (see the first of these at the end of this page)
  • a monthly report on MacroBusiness readership statistics

What are the outcomes?

Membership revenue will contribute to the running cost of the site and enable its development, including:

  • forums
  • news services
  • MacroBusiness TV and webinars (with free access to members)

Not to mention increasing the site’s capacity to hold the broader media, policy and investment community to account.

Why do it?

Because you’ll be better informed and feel damn good about supporting MacroBusiness and the nation’s economy at the same time.

What will it cost?

An annual Australian Financial Review subscription will cost you $780 per annum or $65 per month and will perpetuate the closed loop of poor Australian leadership.

A MacroBusiness Membership will cost you $99 per annum or $11 per month – basically a couple of cappuccinos – and will do far more for your’s and the country’s economic and financial future than anything else for the price.

Go buy a jar of Moccona and sign up!


MB Members Report (April 2013) PDF

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. Okay this is going to highlight the ‘bug’ in me, but went to signup & requires billing address even if paying by PayPal. Possible to remove requirement in the form or does it matter if fake address is entered?

  2. Great idea.

    Very happy to subscribe and support the site and help keep it open to as many people as possible – especially those that have lower incomes (due in part to idiotic policies driven by defunct ideology).

    Having an alternative to the info-tainment-spruikfests is critical.

    Not only is the work of the bloggers (analysts/reporters) excellent but the site is developing into a forum where a range of voices thrash out some of the competing perspectives on economic policy in a cogent and mostly civilised manner.

    Despite differences in views, almost every blogger and commenter who appears clearly takes the debate of economic issues seriously. We all have a lot more in common than we realise.

    As civil but vigorous economic policy debate appears to be beyond the capacity of our political system and its inhabitants, citizen led policy debate is going to be of increasing importance in the future.

    The next step will be the more open participation of the highly skilled and knowledgeable members of the Australia Public Service in the public debate.

    Not only is their knowledge too important to be locked away by pollies, who largely have only their careerist interests at heart, but they need to test their thinking with people outside the departmental-academic fish tank. Unchain the wonks!

    Support MB.

    • +1 Signed up and happy to contribute.

      With the cash injection can you guys talk to some techies about an MB mobile device compatable version/App?

      A little investment in a mobile format could do wonders for your visits data.

      Property Observer and Business Spectator have some of the better formats.

      • +1 to Patrician’s comment. A mobile (Android) friendly app would be excellent.

        I’ll sign up for the membership asap. I’ve had more than enough value out of this site over the last few years so am happy to contribute to keep it viable.

        • As it is a blog, why not just use an android RSS reader? I don’t think MB should use the money implementing an Android reader for their stream if hundreds already exist which are compatible.

          Just my 2 cents.

    • +1
      absolutely agree. i feel i’ve learnt so much from this forum, and i try to share it with as many of my friends as possible.


      thanks all MB bloggers.
      looking forward to MBtv.

    • I subscribed and I feel it has been the best deal … sheesh we have had MB for years gratis – come on chaps cough up and share the love.

      I will not take this site for granted nor should you!


  3. Done! This is THE best site of its kind (including any MSM) in Australia.

    If you were a political party you’d be my first preference 🙂

  4. Definitely a worthy cause. You have my vote (and my money!).

    Keep up the good work. It will be interesting to see the long term influence of MB on the economic debate and on the way the media outlets do business.

  5. Ok,
    Normally I’m a huge tight arse but what you do is too important to not support.

    Good luck guys, I hope this venture proves that an honest business model, not relying on special treatment of special relationships is viable.

  6. ‘Go buy a jar of Moccona and sign up!’

    Theres a special on at Aldo this week – the big bags of Lavazza coffee beans for 20 bucks.

    a smidgin over half a bag for a monthly subscription.

    a FY subscription comes in at five bags.

    Punters owe it to themselves to have a decent coffee with this site you know

  7. MB is a great site and my finger is hovering over the ‘join’ button but can I just ask one question first.

    Will paying members still be subjected to all the adverts, there are a lot of them these days and they’re a bit excessive IMHO (sorry). It would be nice if banner ads got switched off for paying members. Any chance?

    • Joined 🙂

      Re: the ads.
      Actually I have banner blindness these days. I don’t even see them. Hmmmm, makes you wonder how effective an advertising medium it is?
      I have no problem with MB having an income stream from advertising. If that is the price we have to pay for such excellent analysis and commentary, then let it roll.

    • I’ll be honest. The ads still subsidise the membership so we won’t be removing them.

      If we were, the technique used by publishers on this would be to ramp the ads to such an invasive extent that when you are offered an ad free sub you jump at it.

      Don’t want to put you through that. They’re pretty modest, really.

      • Correct – HNH is bang on and to be honest at least there somewhat Targeted! 😉 I just hope your not selling your space through Google as they will be ripping you!

    • reusachtigeMEMBER

      Taking just a few moments to click on the ads also helps keep this site running!

    • I hadn’t really thought of the ads before. I mean, I notice that they are there, but they’re not too obtrusive in my opinion.
      But looking at them again, many of the advertisers are generally household names (e.g. Telstra). I think that’s a huge vote of confidence in the site that companies of that size and market penetration think that it’s worth the effort to advertise here. That sort of recognition just confirms that MB is a significant player.

    • dumb_non_economist

      I don’t get the complaints about ads, I just don’t see them!

      $100 pa to read what’s on here is good value, but that value for me is also in the quality of readers posts. Some very intelligent and knowledgeable people on here.

  8. Doe that mean that those of us who signed up yesterday, get our day back, if it was only launched today? Obviously, I’m being picky…Cheap at half the price ( whatever that’s supposed to mean!)….

    • “Cheap at twice the price” as in it is so cheap that if you were to double the price it would still be considered good value.

    • I guess ‘cheap at half the price’ must have been some sort of sarc remark back in time. It’s fallen into common usage as per Dr Bob’s ‘twice the price’

      From Wiki
      cheap at half the price

      Humorous reference that something is quite expensive.  [quotations ▼]

      (from misunderstanding) Refers to something being satisfactorily cheap.  [quotatio

      Just trying to be helpful 🙂

    • Weird, only some comments obviously. I replied to Gunna above, but it went into the void.

      • Lets try again. Reply to Gunna above about ALDI:

        Its ALDI not Aldo:

        If you even want an example of German efficiency, do your grocery shopping at ALDI and then compare and contrast with Woolies/Coles. At the Aussie supermarket chains I either get funnelled into the self-serve checkouts (which I hate) or I queue for 10 minutes to be served by a human who scans items at the rate of 1 every 15 seconds.

        At ALDI you always get served by a human, the conveyor belt is 3 metres long (you can fit a weeks shopping on there) and you are flat out keeping up with the operator at the checkout. They can scan items faster than you can get them in your trolley!

        If ever there’s more than 2 or 3 people queueing at a checkout, they ring a bell and someone who’s been out the back packing appears and opens another checkout. Who’d have thunk supermarket workers could be multi-skilled?!

        I reckon they operate on half the staff and process twice the volume

        • Yep Aldi not Aldo. Thats my experience for sure. I like them.

          The Mrs gets right fired up about Coles and Woolworths on exactly the drounds you mention – funnelled or wait, but they are more expensive too.

          Sort of like comparing Australian mainstream business/economic media with MB

        • TheRedEconomistMEMBER

          I with ya Loraz… I love ALDI… probably cause I am a cheapskate..

          But there stuff good quality and cheap..

          I have got to save for that overpriced asest which is a family home

          But back to ALDI…

          I enjoy there limited range, as you do not really have to think… just put in the trolley. You know it is cheaper than the major and good quality.

          I also check the brochure for any goodies that come on special (torches, bikes gear, tools etc)

          Regarding the conveyor belt and paying for your goods… it is all about the process.

          I usually have my two little ones who are 6 and 3 with me so I put them in trolley (normally a Woolies or Coles Trolley sourced from carpark… I don’t put $2 in and use an ALDI trolley)

          I have trained them to place our purhases on conveyer belt like this

          1st … Can’s and Heavy Stuff
          2nd ….Heavy Chilled + heavy fruit and vegies
          3rd …. boxed items + Light fruit and vegies
          4th …. bread and crushable

          I then placed good laminated boxes at bottom of the trolley and large one ready to go on top (Spaghetti boxes for heavy stuff and Chip boxes for light stuff)

          With trolley ready… I love taking and defeating the cashier as they scan as quick as possible.

          I also have Cash or card on top pocket ready to pay

          The AlDI staff love the challenge… when they are coming up against a master sorter. You may even get a smile from them, when they realised you are challenging them on being efficient.

          Back to MB membership…

          I think I am in… the wife is going to wonder..

          But I do no subscribe to anything … As I usually read the bosses AFR before he gets in.

          With Fairfax loosing the plot and the Oz a megaphone for self interest.. it is time to get on board everyone…

          As Pfh007

          “Having an alternative to the info-tainment-spruikfests is critical.”

          • RedEconomist, I have much the same technique: heavy stuff first, crushables last. I always pay cash because its just faster, and you save half a percent. It sh*ts me when people buy one item on a card and you have to wait 2 or 3 minutes for the transaction.

            If I have the kids with me I send ’em off to choose ice creams, where I get 10 in a pack for 4 bucks. And the kids wonder why I don’t let them pat $4 each at the corner store!

            I’m yet to beat an ALDI checkout operator at the scanning race. I’ve come close, but there’s always 2 or 3 items left on the counter at the end.

        • Lorax – your posts got stuck in spam for some reason – too long?

          On ALDI – we cannot wait for it up here. We dont shop at WOW/Coles anyway, and I think anyone is NUTS to do their fruit/veg shopping there…

          support your local grocer, or grow your own.

          But yes, ALDI is awesome – cant beat that efficency or service without the glitz/BS.

          • TheRedEconomistMEMBER

            I responded on the ALDI conversation…. but looks it got spammed.

            I am keen to sign up, but will see what room I have under the old Cc before the end of the month

          • arescarti42MEMBER

            Interesting, my ALDI experience is very different, they never seem to have enough staff on the check outs, and the lines are always horrendous.

            I went into the one near me just before Easter, they had maybe 2 staff on their registers and the lines wormed way back in to the isles.

            I waited in line for about 15 minutes without moving, before dropping my shopping and walking across the street to Coles where they had about 20 registers open and the wait was only 1 or 2 minutes.

          • I drove up the Qld coast recently as far as Bowen, and the last ALDI I saw was Gympie. I knew I was leaving civilisation when there were no more ALDIs.

          • Stopped in at Aldi last night at 7pm as wife blew up the kettle and coffee machine. Bought new machine $89 and cute retro kettle for about $39 . Bonus they now have Torino “strength 11” capsules for her ladyship who works nights. Back in car at 7.07pm!

          • What I like about Aldi is that they have the booze right down the front near the checkouts so that I dont forget to load up.

            But so help me I get suckered into buying more kids toys and crap in that centre area than just about anywhere else.

          • SMSF we have had our machine for over a year I do the Milano (10) wife does the Reggio (7). To be honest it is dead convenient and we’re not kidding ourselves we know it ain’t cafe quality -but it’s good! (W’re in Melb so we should know!)

            You can buy Aldi Pods that are reusable with your own coffee but I have been too tight as yet to buy I think there about $25.

            Actually I should buy a couple as we would save quiet a bit…

            Anyhoo – god knows how we got on to ‘Aldo’ on MB … the two are polemic in nature really see MB as being more like the UK Waitrose of the Economic blogging profession!


  9. My sentiments as well, however I feel that for the amount of time that I have invested in these pages over the past 3 years (along with feeling a little pot committed) I’m happy to give it another shot.

    Keep it up chappies!

      • that’s reason enough to sign up.

        Any chance of getting some persistent cookies happening? It seems like only session cookies are available.

        • +1000 I don’t care about the tracking (PS Peeps you need to check your Browser Cookie settings and ALLOW MB with Perm Cookies – makes a world of difference!)

        • +10,000

          Just don’t mention Discuss to HNH they tried it for a day and it nearly killed him … I think MB does need some Comment Plug-In though guys!


      • JPK – agreed – fixing the comment section (probably moving to a dedicated forum) is a priority for sure.

        Oh and others re: PDF – will speak to HnH about this, get it attached to emails is easiest I suspect. Cheers.

        • The subscribe pop-up doesn’t always work properly on mobile browsers. I’ve tested in 3 different versions of Android and 2 of iOS running different browsers. About 40% of the time the popup will not show properly so you cannot close it, but the tint will show and make reading the site impossible.

          • Fabian AlderseyMEMBER

            I’ve had the standard “Get daily email updates” popup become uncloseable for the last two days, so can’t use Macrobusiness on my Galaxy Note 2’s standard browser. It happens from time to time.

          • +1 The “shadow of death” from the MB email pop-up continues to cloud my iPhone browser.

            Get rid of it.

  10. Sorry, can I ask whether the monthly PDF summary be available through normal download or sent by email option ?

    I am not interested to register for Scribd or Facebook account on principle.

      • Chris, A subscription I get has just gone from a content email to an emailed html page link. Some techie would be able to advise the whyfors…. FWIW.

  11. reusachtigeMEMBER

    Done! This site is way too important to not support. As I can afford to join I have. I urge all of you who can afford it to also join up and help keep this running. As spleenblatt put it yesterday, it’s only 0.27c per day! Total value for what you get.

  12. ceteris paribus

    Happy to sign up for annual subscription. Thanks very much for the service (and the good humour with us as a sometimes testy audience).

  13. Subscribed. Without hesitation.

    It is an honour to donate – nay, to invest – such a modest sum in support of this invaluable site.

    And of the great guys behind it.

    I urge every reader to JOIN NOW!

  14. Happy to join and just have.

    Maybe the economy isn’t going bad on me yet. I subscribed AND I’m still having two cappuccinos a day.

  15. It’s a modest sum for such great content. Now that I’ve joined, I can actually feel a little warm glow deep within (serious). I almost feel like I’m doing something to help the world become a better place. This is better than donating to World Vision.

    A suggestion for the bloggers – perhaps you could publish the number of paid-up members on the site somewhere.

    • Better than donating to World Vision? Not sure about that. Why not donate to both at least, World Vision do great work and really do deserve support.

      Is this site in danger of going under if not enough people donate? I doubt it but kids die when not enough people donate to charities like World Vision, worth thinking about?

        • an index we can wager on!

          splendid idea.

          I’ll bet it outperforms the housing market and lets put a million dollars per point on the table.

          I’ll take your ignoring me as tacit agreeance.

      • It would be interesting to see if the membership numbers follow the diffusion process over time i.e. track the logistic curve.

  16. I’m with Deo and Reusichtage:

    “…..can I ask whether the monthly PDF summary be available through normal download or sent by email option ?

    I am not interested to register for Scribd or Facebook account on principle…..”

    But pay a $99 sub? This is a historic moment. I have never done such a thing before. But there is no other MB.

    • Please no. her article on the economics of Christmas last year is still haunting me as a not-so-good example of economist’s plying their trade to everyday things.

      That said, she does some good work and she is in the Gittins model of commentating, which I am all for…

  17. Pleased to join the happy throng, amazing to find peeps who think like me !
    I have learned so much, couldn’t miss out on future goodies, and it’s such good value (just like Aldi).

    Thanks guys for all your hard work and willingness to share. I keep giving out the web address to friends and acquaintances. Might give it to my local PM’s (Lib) staff assistant, whom I see once a week and sometimes chat to.

  18. SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY. Will sign up when I get home.

    Seriously though, more than happy to pay – keep up the good work and looking forward to seeing MB’s influence expand. Hopefully you can get a bit more traction in the MSM.

  19. Not so sure about a hapless media – complicit may be a better fit!

    Truth! Balance! Fairness! Justice & Equity! Just not in many lexicons.

    You’re already a movement for clarity – time to go for critical mass!

    The Establishments biggest fear is Truth. A lot of their existence is built on subterfuge & obfuscation. While that may further their careers it drastically hinders OZ in seeing the directions we need to take. The more people you have on board the brighter & hotter your light. May it burn searingly bright & ash any propagandists where they stand!

    • Oh! & Yes I’ll be in! You guys & the commenters have already taught me too much not to join 🙂

  20. The world vision charity comments made me feel mighty guilty so I chucked my $100 towards unicef

    I might do the MB donation next month instead if that’s OK?

    Still feel guilty though, heartbreaking stuff if you read the unicef site, $100 is a drop in the ocean really compared to the aid that’s needed worldwide, so everyone else, please give generously!

    • World Vision sponsor here, wife and I also give to Oxfam, Unicef and locally to Telethon and CF Australia/WA.

      And I’m a student!

  21. Glad to contribute, but I couldn’t find a way to change my username (which I didn’t like, whinge whinge), so had to register a new one for my paid subscription.

  22. PAID UP.

    It is good to see that the website can now be funded by its members and advertising and not be forced into other funding measure that might impact the quality.

  23. Robert Sherlock

    I will be signing up, In Brisbane at the moment, happy to volunteer my place for a meetup for the Qld based Macroites. I am happy to hold one in The Woodlands, Texas later this year.

  24. Do these subscriptions keep rolling over (charging your credit card) automatically at the end of the period until you stop them or do you need to re-subscribe manually ?

    • As a fresh subscriber, I can say that “Yes” they do appear to rollover automatically. Happily, the site is programmed to prominently display how many days till that auto-renewal occurs in the side-bar when you are logged in –


      You’re logged in as: Opinion8red

      Active: MacroBusiness Membership Yearly Subscription

      Your subscription has 364 days before it automatically renews.

      A nice touch.

  25. I am in Software Development and I work in the finance industry, If you need any consulting/advice and/or small development work I can offer to do it or get it done for free out of gratitude for all that I’ve learned here ! (you have my mail you can contact me)

    • +1

      I don’t work in Finance but am a Analyst/Programmer. Would be happy to contribute to something

    • Btw – Prince/Chris is there any chance you might be publishing some similar data to the trading/investment info that used to go on the old MacroInvestor site? How the different portfolios were structured and the trading approaches was pretty interesting/useful (or is this posted somewhere else now?). tks

      • sorry aj, we’re only doing that for wholesale clients at the moment.

        Might be putting out some e-books and sample strategies to members in the months ahead, depending on demand. cheers

        • Thanks for the reply. Bummer – It would be great if you could keep some level of exposure up for the poor old retail world 😉

          For me the portfolio information was a very useful benchmark for how my views stacked up. The trading information was just plainly a fantastic insight into how the rubber hits the road for the macro/technical information (and it was surprising how much this information looped back into the portfolio design).

          Alternatively if this information is ultimately/eventually provided through separate retail providers who use your expertise then maybe advise who they are.

          Cheers. Hope you hit 100,000 members by Christmas!

  26. I’ve subscribed now & I’m not really a “joiner” so you guys are doing something right. I enjoy how people who disagree are quite civil here, and can sustain a discussion without degenerating into abuse. Friendly taking the piss yes, but no abuse. Nice work.

  27. Well it’s been a long day so I’ve been late to the party, but another one signed up here. I don’t post as much as others here but I sure would appreciate an edit button!
    Notice I’m order #104954. If this site has just pulled $10.4 million I’ll expect a lot more than an edit button!!!! 😛

    The investment letter offer was great but the cost, although seems good value compared to elsewhere, I just don’t have time to plan investments at this stage of my life.

    Re: Aldi
    The Coles self-serve checkouts are AWFUL. Too sensitive, probably setup to identify any potential item thievery. Whereas the WOW ones just work.

  28. Long time reader, pending FHB, first time poster.

    Will sell an ounce of gold and signup.

  29. PolarBearMEMBER

    Just subscribed. Wow thanks I really appreciate news that is not bought out by vested interests.

    It’s been one of my favourite websites for over a year now.

    I mostly read in my lunch break at work – but they don’t let me login to websites so I can’t post comments!

  30. two plus twoMEMBER

    Love the site and grateful for the content. I’ll subscribe when I finally receive the refund owed for my Macro Investor subscription…

  31. signed up. keep up the good work.

    a wonder when 3d1k will start charging over on his blog ?

  32. sorry for the double post. a question about cookies…

    (using chrome), this site never remembers me if I close the browser. always have to log in again.

    also, i’m still getting the adverts and links to sign-up, even though I have signed up and logged in.

  33. There is an interesting problem with this membership drive.

    Should sockpuppets also become members?
    Alternatively in the case of those wishing to maintain enhanced anonymity, should their membership be purchased for a sockpuppet?

    This all transforms the membership information into an interesting data base, ripe for the picking. Makes me think it is time you guys learned to mine / seed “valuable” information. Reverse IP lookup (organizational bias) and targeted honeypots both come immediately to mind.

  34. So when can we buy MB merchandise?

    Need a t-shirt with a weak looking property chart bearing the slogan “ZIRP it”

  35. I have been reading Macrobusiness for a couple of years now and have found the content to be both insightful and refreshing. This article has prompted me to make my first post.
    I believe sites like Macrobusiness give a voice to the people in a way that the MSM and our political system fails to achieve. The open, honest and candid nature of both the articles and the comments provides a major counter balance to the vested interests that via for control of our hearts and minds.
    So you have my full support and contribution as a new member. Keep up the good work!

  36. drsmithyMEMBER

    Only just noticed this since I’m on holidays and haven’t been reading regularly.

    Good work, guys. Subscribed.

  37. JamesTheBearMEMBER

    Just tried to sign up – but keeps getting ‘Failed to process your transaction, error code: D4406’

  38. Is it possible to have the donation NOT recur annually? (sometimes it can be a pain in the bum to cancel these ongoing debit things).

  39. So, how many members did you get on the membership drive? Or is it commercial-in-confidence?