Links 18 April 2013

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Global Macro/Markets:

  • The Great Debt Delusion: How Math Keeps Proving Austerity Wrong – The Atlantic
  • Austerity after Reinhart and Rogoff – Financial Times
  • Reinhart-Rogoff on Debt and Growth: Fake but Accurate? – Bloomberg
  • Reinhart, Rogoff, and How the Macroeconomic Sausage Is Made – HBR
  • Reinhart-Rogoff recrunch the numbers – Financial Times
  • Inside a Bitcoin ‘Grow House’ (image) –
  • Debt to GDP & Future Economic Growth –

North America:

  • FRB: Beige Book – April 17, 2013 – Federal Reserve
  • Efforts to Revive the Economy Lead to Worries of a Bubble – New York Times
  • Young Student Loan Borrowers Retreat from Housing and Auto Markets – New York Fed
  • Roubini, Yellen square off over Fed interest rate policy – MarketWatch



  • Stormy Days for ’s Solar Industry – The Diplomat
  • A China-Russia Alliance Brewing? – The Diplomat
  • East Asia’s Island Challenges – The Diplomat
  • Chinese cook had bird flu for weeks and died before being diagnosed – Want China Times
  • Yen’s rapid decline pushing imported energy costs higher in Japan – Financial Times



Unconventional Economist

Leith van Onselen is Chief Economist at the MB Fund and MB Super. Leith has previously worked at the Australian Treasury, Victorian Treasury and Goldman Sachs.


    • From the LMW report:

      “The highest numbers of distressed listings in the March quarter were in the agricultural sector, accounting for
      23% of the total number. Prior to that, there had not been a single quarter when farms made up any more than a
      single figure percentage of the distressed listings. This latest quarter was the result of a number of aggregations
      being broken up and sold off by receivers”

      • Sorry for my ignorance jelmech LMW ?

        On rural debt unfortunately the plight of Agriculture and its associated communities does not rate around urban based blogs. However despite declarations to the contrary over time Ag is still a very important part of Aus industry if one gives any sort of a rats about Current Accounts and debts.
        I’ve got quite a few good references on where we are at. Good articles have been written lately

        Repositioning Rural Australia Dr Mark McGovern
        Economics and Finance, QUT Business School
        [email protected]
        A paper presented to Choices in Agricultural Policy: Rationalise or Reconstruct?
        hosted by Muntadgin Profit Farmers, Merredin WA
        on April 15th 2013and Rural Finance Roundtable meeting hosted by Farmer Power Colac, Vic on April 16th 2013

        Reconstruct or Rationalize Agriculture? Ben Rees; B. Econ.; M. Litt. (econ.)
        Paper presented:
        Agriculture in Crisis – Rationalise or Reconstruct Muntadgin Farming Alliance Regional Community Centre Merredin, Western Australia

        Anyone seriously looking at the economy and our future ought read them. Of course nobody will…including the RBA and Treasury.