Links 28 February 2013

Here’s a list of things Reynard read overnight.

Global Macro/Markets:

  • The false-alarmists behind this shrinking population panic – The Guardian

North America:

  • Millennials (Gen Y) Reducing Debt Thanks to Less Home Ownership – Time Magazine
  • Another voice turns cautious on Canadian banks – Globe & Mail
  • Canada’s looming condo crash – Bloomberg
  • Downsizing boomers shunning condos – The Star
  • Canadian real estate investors fret as housing blitz winds down – Financial Post
  • Leading indicators disagree about strength of Canadian economy – Financial Post
  • The Mood Among Canadian Businesses is Very Grim – Wall Street Journal
  • Sequestering a weaker US economy – CNN
  • What Bernanke Didn’t Say About Housing – Bloomberg




  • Australia groans under a 4 bank oligarchy – Herald Sun
  • As Goes China, So Goes The World And Definitely Australia – Zero Hedge
  • Family tax benefit under the budget microscope – The Australian
  • Relax 457 visas: business – The Australian
  • Engineering exit as boom peaks – The AFR


  • Capitalism isn’t working – PBS
  • 72 is the new 30. The vast improvement in life expectancy – Financial Times
  • On negative interest rates and hoarding – FT Alphaville


  1. Bernanke caught out with his doublespeak on Fed’s responsibility for the housing bubble:

    What Bernanke Didn’t Say About Housing

    Citing Bernanke’s assertion that one of the benefits of QE had been the rise in home prices, Garrett said the following:

    “Previously you have said that the Fed’s monetary policy actions earlier this decade, 2003 to 2005, did not contribute to the housing bubble in the U.S. So which is it? Is monetary policy by the Fed not a cause of inflationary prices of housing, as you said in the past? Or is it a cause of inflating prices of housing? Can you have it both ways?”

  2. Wind surpasses nuclear in China

    Wind has overtaken nuclear as an electricity source in China. In 2012, wind farms generated 2 percent more electricity than nuclear power plants did, a gap that will likely widen dramatically over the next few years as wind surges ahead. Since 2007, nuclear power generation has risen by 10 percent annually, compared with wind’s explosive growth of 80 percent per year.

    • Labor’s continued drive to quash the media is a national disgrace and should be opposed from all quarters and by all operating in the media, whatever sphere.

  3. Not long ago a Greek minister’s Mother was written to have 500 million euros worth of hidden funds.

    Spanish ministers are said to have had their own slush funds

    but Mexico seems to present the queen of union corruption.

    What can you say? TP’s twitter quote from yesterday sums up my sentiments: inside every cynic is a disappointed idealist.