Links 26 February 2013

Here’s a list of things Reynard read overnight.

Global Macro/Markets:

North America:

  • Investors cash-in on land deals as US housing picks-up – Reuters
  • Bernanke’s Stimulus Spurring U.S. Employment in Housing – Bloomberg


  • This downgrade is nonsense – FT Alphaville
  • Mario Monti, Paul Krugman and Italian austerity – Financial Times
  • The euro zone never followed its own rules in the past and will break them in the future – Quartz
  • Euro zone at odds over bail-in of Cypriot depositors – Reuters
  • The UK must spend, lend and change to drive upturn in the economy – The Telegraph
  • Has Britain finally cornered itself? –
  • Italians set to reject austerity – The Australian



  • “When did agent price quotes become a state secret?” – Property Observer
  • Compulsory super enriches financial sector at the expense of low paid workers – The Australian
  • Fortescue Metals’ Andrew Forrest tries to block mining on his farm – The SMH
  • Glencore boss berates BHP, Rio CEOs for new mines – The SMH
  • Pilbara coast on high alert – The Australian
  • Pressure for rate cuts as banks lift profits – The Australian
  • Bank profits rise on lending – The Age
  • Big banks bask in funding nirvana – The AFR
  • US shale gas boom won’t hurt LNG – The Australian


  • Fascinating (but wonky) way to integrate various political philosophies and optimal tax theory – NBER
  • Rebuilding trust in global banking – Bank of Canada