Links 1 February 2013

Here’s a list of things Reynard read over night.

Global Macro:

  • Reforming bank risk-weighted assets – FT Alphaville
  • Goldman Sachs braces for bond market blow up – Fortune
  • Expect to hear a lot of scary bond bubble talk, starting … now. – Quartz

North America:

  • The FOMC Decision and US Q4 GDP Data – Acting Man
  • Jobless Claims in U.S. Rose 38,000 Last Week to 368,000 – Bloomberg
  • Personal income posts biggest gain in eight years – Reuters
  • Personal Income up 2.6% in December, Spending up 0.2% – Calculated Risk
  • Who Owns the U.S. Treasury Market? – Global Macro Monitor
  • Anyone who doubts fiscal cliff impacted US economy is living in a fantasy-land – The Guardian



  • China’s two paths to urbanisation – FT Alphaville
  • Banks vs Babies – FT Alphaville
  • Chinese shadow banking: danger & opportunity – China Economic Review
  • China battles sugar smugglers as it tries to keep domestic prices way above world market to prop up Chinese producers – Reuters
  • China in Revolution & War – Brookings
  • Defining the Chinese Dream – Caixin
  • Closer Look: Exhausted with Beijing’s Smog – Caixin
  • Beijing Air Akin to Living in Smoking Lounge – Bloomberg



  • Interactive currency-comparison tool: The Big Mac index – The Economist


  1. On a completely different tangent….

    With the AFL season on the way would any fellow Macrobusiness types like to take part in an AFL Dreamteam competition?

    as indicated here?

    I know it isnt business, finance and economics, but may appeal to some…..

  2. G”arnaut urges greater emissions cuts – The AFR”

    I can’t read the article but it isn’t going to cost him his job.

  3. Is there anyone, outside the Universities, who is more shallow in their analysis of the true situation of this nation than Pascoe?

    • Wowee! I might setup a course in Masters of Sugar Babying

      Where the sugar babies are:

      1. The University of Sydney 137

      2. The University of Newcastle 114

      3. Deakin University 106

      4. La Trobe University 99

      5. Curtin University 94

      6. The Australian National University 89

      7. The University of Adelaide 85

      8. Edith Cowan University 78

      9. Monash University 77

      10. Victoria University 74

      11. The University of Melbourne 69

      12. Australian Catholic University 64

      13. University of South Australia 58

      14. The University of Western Australia 53

      15. RMIT University 51

      16. The University of Queensland 45

      17. Macquarie University 42

      18. Griffith University 37

      19. The University of New England 35

      20. Murdoch University 33

      • Mining BoganMEMBER

        Seems the catholics have become more demure, only coming in 12th. When I was a young bloke we used to target those types…

        • Not demure these days once the facade cracks…as the T shirt says..”No Money No Honey”
          Just thinking it might be an idea to outsource ones Sugar Dadding overseas and help a lot more for your 3k per the story says there is no sex involved.. So it would be a bit like world vision and be tax win