Links 8th January

Here’s a list of things Reynard read overnight.


  • Property investors keen on U.S, Turkey; China stumbles: survey Reuters
  • Iron-ore nears 15-month high, tops $150/t on China demand outlook Mining Weekly
  • A dire showing from a dismal bunch WSJ
  • Household debt to disposable income (1995-2011) Economics in pictures

North America:

  • Earning season kicks off tonight!
  • Bank of America settles with Fannie Mae BoA
  • US  joins misguided pursuit of austerity Wolfgang Munchau-FT
  • The US adopts Britain’s economic strategy Gavyn Davies
  • Small business lending is profitable as long as lenders stay away from the really small businesses SoberLook
  • China stocks hit bull market bit economists foresee brief recovery BeyondBrics
  • China’s party mouthpiece Xinhuanet applies for Shanghai IPO Reuters
  • South Korean youth population to be halved by 2060 France24
  • Biotech to be pillar industry for China AFR
  • Japan PM: Will pursue bold monetary policy, big fiscal spending Reuters
  • Japan cars sales jump as industry recovers from tsunami BBC
  • Inside the Southern Weekly incident China Media Project
  • Berlusconi strikes election deal with League, wants to be economy minister Reuters
  • He also surges in polls ahead of February election EurActiv
  • Euro zone bond clause highlights rich nation default risk Reuters
  • Draghi seeks extended calm in 2013 on fading euro economy Bloomberg
  • Osborne’s £3.8bn inflation windfall Sunday Times
  • Doom scenario far-fetched but euro gloom to deepen Reuters
  • France Fin Min Links 3% deficit target to economic performance eFXnews
  • French employers say draft labor accord unacceptable Reuters
  • UK car sales reach four-year high BBC
  • Bundesbank’s Weidmann pushes back against ECB MarketWatch
  • The case for bringing back some power from Brussels.. by Nick Clegg Open Europe
  • Whitehaven tanks on news hoax AFP , ASIC investigates AFR
  • Geologists dig deeper for jobs as Australia’s mining boom ends Reuters
  • Future of Gove smelter up in air TheOz
  • Slipper faces charges over expenses AFR
  • Vic Health cuts jobs, close beds The Age
  • Lynas gives timeline for rare earths sale BusinessDay
  • Shoppers fail to deliver a bumper Christmas AFR
  • States on track but hit by health spending TheOz


  • Giant squid filmed in Pacific depths: Japan scientists France24
  • New Lego robotics kit talks to iphone AP
  • Why (some) psychopaths make great CEOs Forbes
  • Financial Times shops for China buyer South China Morning Post


  1. US joins misguided pursuit of austerity Wolfgang Munchau-FT

    “In southern Europe, austerity has already led to a big increase in poverty and inequality”

    No! Actually the previous credit boom which has led to a gross mis-allocation of resources has led to big increases in poverty from previously unsustainable levels.

    According to Munchau the solution is more debt forever. Yeah right…hmmmm how did we get here?