Links 31 January 2013

Here’s a list of things Reynard read over night.

Global Macro:

North America:


  • Germany won’t stand in Cyprus’ way, apparently – FT Alphaville
  • Irish banks to be hit by wave of lawsuits – Business World
  • Europe’s robust financial-transactions tax – Reuters
  • Wider euro ‘Tobin tax’ will net €35bn – Financial Times


  • Analysts Debate Meaning of Central Bank’s Newest Regulatory Tool – Caixin
  • China’s smog slideshow – Caixin
  • Here’s why: China now burning as much coal as the rest of the world combined – Washington Post
  • China’s M2 money supply has grown to world’s largest, 1.5x that of US, 1.3x Eurozone’s – Global Times
  • China Banking Regulator Warns over Default Risks – Caijing
  • Buildings vanish into hole in China subway construction site collapse (pics) – Shanghaiist


  • The case against the case for negative gearing – Tunswblog
  • Business fears paralysis over policy – AFR
  • Super tax may sting the wealthy – AFR
  • Glut of new Melbourne units a downer – AFR
  • House prices recover in Dec quarter – The Age



  1. Re-enchanting Economics

    Economics as we know it today is broken. Unable to explain, to predict or to protect, it is need of root-and-branch replacement. Or, to borrow from Alan Greenspan, it is fundamentally ‘flawed’. But where do we look for inspiration in facilitating what is the mother of all paradigm shifts? Interestingly enough, the most insightful and strikingly innovative ideas seem to be coming from all directions other than the economics profession

  2. Student Loan Bubble Update:
    This one is really easy to understand. Older workers staying in the workforce longer. To Build More Wealth. No jobs for grads. Grads stay in school and do another course. Grow debt.
    What then?
    Older workers decide to retire. Sell down assets. Young have no work + huge debts. Who will buy the assets?