Links 18 January 2013

Here’s a list of things Reynard read overnight.

Global Macro:

  • Getting on with life after the “policy vol crunch” – FT Alphaville

North America:

  • Canadian finance minister (Flaherty) will face flack if house prices cool – The Globe and Mail
  • How low will Canadian house prices go? – Canadian Business
  • More on “substantially” and the Fed – FT Alphaville
  • Fed Concerned About Overheated Markets Amid Record Bond-Buying – Bloomberg
  • Jobless claims drop to five-year low – Reuters
  • Weekly Initial Unemployment Claims decline to 335,000 – Calculated Risk
  • US homebuilding is booming – and so are foreclosures for struggling owners – The Guardian
  • 2012’s Construction Rebound: Behind the Façade – Trulia Trends
  • Housing Starts increase sharply to 954 thousand SAAR in December – Calculated Risk
  • Home Building Rose 12% in December – Wall Street Journal
  • Housing starts climb to highest rate since June 2008 – Reuters


  • Bank of England warns Lloyds and RBS need billions more in capital –
  • Politicians stoke next UK property bubble – The Guardian


  • Analysts skeptical of China’s latest official trade data – Want China Times
  • The war that can’t happen between China and Japan – Trefor Moss
  • 10 China predictions for 2013 from a McKinsey executive – Market Watch
  • China’s new dawn – The AFR
  • Default Alarm Rings as Trust Loans Jump Sevenfold: China Credit – Bloomberg
  • China Set to Exit Slowdown by Boosting Infrastructure – Bloomberg


  • A rebound in iron ore prices? Who knows? – The Conversation
  • It could be a good thing that the manufacturing sector is shrinking – The Conversation
  • China less important to Australia’s export success – The AFR
  • Aust labour force data reveals a failed fed economic strategy –Bill Mitchell
  • Peet offers $50k discount on WA house and land packages – Peet
  • BHP against the iron ore price – FT Alphaville
  • Jobless rise no guarantee of rate cut – The Age
  • Piper must be paid for some crazy (Rio) forays – The Age
  • $14 billion write-down fells Rio’s CEO – The AFR
  • Iron ore prices to remain volatile – The AFR
  • Business cuts staff hours at fastest rate since GFC – The AFR
  • Jobless rise tests Labor’s strategy – The Australian


  • Why Economics Is Dead Wrong About How We Make Choices – The Atlantic


    • Australian house prices up 10%?

      The ones that the Economist just rated as 45% overvalued against rent?

      Those prices?

      • So Kouk, you say these grossly overvalued assets(required by every australian) will rise a further 10% in 2013? and still you advocate further rate cuts?…to what end?