Links 17 January 2013

Here’s a list of things Reynard read overnight.

Global Macro:

  • IMF forced into circular logic again – Bill Mitchell
  • Russia Says World Is Nearing Currency War as Europe Joins – Bloomberg
  • World Bank Cuts Growth Forecasts as Developed Nations Lose Steam – Bloomberg
  • World Bank cautions on economic stimulus – Financial Times

North America:

  • Canadian housing market “defying gravity”….at least for now – The Star
  • US: Truth Is Too Dangerous to Disclose – Ritholtz
  • FRB: Beige Book – January 16, 2013 – Federal Reserve
  • Fed: Industrial Production increased 0.3% in December – Calculated Risk
  • What Is Driving Growth in Government Spending? – New York Times
  • Swap the Debt Ceiling for a Rule That Makes Sense – Bloomberg


  • Thought It Was Safe to Forget Greece? Think Again – Bloomberg
  • Euro-Zone Bank Plan Could Get Watered Down – Wall Street Journal
  • EU launches search for most dangerous financial product – Reuters
  • Germany to repatriate gold worth €27bn – Financial Times


  • “Most China mills have stopped buying iron ore” – Reuters
  • Chinese trade officials: Our export data is for real! – Bloomberg
  • Chinese one-child “little emperors” and sex-ratio complications – The Conversation
  • “Slowdown in Chinese growth … more likely than most U.S.-based commentators seem to realize”- Bloomberg
  • Chinese mainland banks face mounting loan dangers – South China Morning Post
  • Japan looks for new Asian allies to boost recovery – The AFR
  • The perils of Japanese fiscal bloating – Business Spectator
  • China Loses Edge As World’s Factory Floor – Wall Street Journal


  • Construction sector scales back for lean times – The AFR
  • Staff who arrange point-of-sale finance for consumers may be required to comply with credit laws – Banking Day
  • PWC: Australia faces slide in global economic rankings – The AFR
  • Residential boosts confidence in the property sector – The AFR
  • Iron ore posts biggest slide in 14 months – The Age
  • Blackrock gives Aussie economy big tick – The Age
  • Big projects ordered to buy local – The Australian