Links 16 January 2013

Here’s a list of things Reynard read overnight.

Global Macro:

  • Albert and those ‘cheapest for a generation’ equities – FT Alphaville
  • Forget Previous Bubbles, This Is The Big Lebowski – Zero Hedge
  • Check out this great chart of a contrarian indicator – “Fund Manager Bullishness Is Surging To Historic Levels”Business Insider
  • Commodity volatility, where art thou? – FT Alphaville

North America:

  • Canadian Finance Minister on the December home sales plunge: “I don’t mind if prices come down a bit, too”The Globe and Mail
  • Debt ceilings and downgrades: who cares? FT Alphaville
  • US faces material risk of losing AAA rating: Fitch – The AFR
  • Recovery in U.S. Saving 8 Million Underwater Homeowners – Bloomberg
  • The Foreclosure Fiasco – New York Times
  • Secrets of the crisis revealed: What to expect from transcripts of 2007 Fed meetings – Washington Post
  • CoreLogic: House Prices up 7.4% YoY in November, Most Since 2006 – Calculated Risk
  • After the Debt Ceiling is increased … – Calculated Risk
  • Retail sales point to firmer consumer spending – Reuters


  • The great European bank heist reversal – FT Alphaville
  • German economy contracts on euro crisis – The AFR
  • The euro crisis: Mario Draghi’s premature canonisation – The Economist
  • Latest EU Bank Bailout Proposal Is a Dud – Bloomberg
  • Germany’s export model faces reality check – The Guardian
  • Germany’s economic growth slows sharply in 2012 – BBC
  • Greek Economic Sentiment Climbs to Highest in Two Years – Bloomberg
  • Bad Economy Means Young Europeans Having Trouble Leaving Home – Der Spiegel


  • A nasty economic battle looms between China & Japan – Reuters
  • China’s deposit-heavy banks must diversify – Financial Times


  • Aussie car makers seek more taxpayer subsidies (throwing more good money after bad?) – The AFR
  • Swan builds budget strategy on further rate cuts – The AFR
  • ATO keeps Swan in the dark over mining tax – The AFR
  • RIO facing -40% fall in full year earnings despite iron ore bounce – The AFR
  • No point in a MRRT on gold – The AFR
  • Small cities the most liveable for families – The Age
  • Price discrimination alive and well in retail – The Age
  • Rio plans cost cutting at Australian coal mines – The Australian
  • Labor’s vain hope for an iron ore rescue – Business Spectator


  • Apple’s decline is accelerating, hitting new lows – Yahoo Finance


      • Usually I would say hogwash and that it was simply a case of politically motivated commentary, however the argument is correct.

        Without spending trillions of dollars on wars in Afghanistan and Iraq over the last 11 years the U.S would of been in a much better position to weather the GFC and stimulate its economy through these tough times. Perhaps they could of actually spent some money on infrastructure or another investment that would actually return some sort of long term economic dividend for the United States and its people.