Links 14 January 2013

Here’s a list of things Reynard read over the weekend.

Global Macro:

  • 10 trends to watch in finance for 2013 – Washington Post
  • Shadow banking: Economics and policy priorities – VOX
  • Fed official warns about slipping into currency wars – Reuters
  • Hello 2013: a demographic dividend is not a one-way bet – FT beyondbrics

North America:


  • Analysis: French early strike shakes up Mali intervention plan – Reuters
  • Merkel popularity at a record high – Financial Times
  • Germany’s ambitions aren’t the problem: its love for austerity is – The Guardian


  • China Is Cause for Optimism on World Economy, Swan Says – Bloomberg
  • Beijing Air Pollution Off the Charts – New York Times
  • China 2013 Auto Sales May Accelerate This Year to Top 20 Million – Bloomberg
  • Chinese industry: From guard shack to global giant – The Economist


  • Iron ore shipments hit new record – AFR
  • Ore Price a $1.3 billion fillip for Barnett – AFR
  • Qantas to create 500 Brisbane jobs – 4BC News
  • Dole change likely in May Budget – AFR
  • US volatility may curb CBA in cutting rates – AFR
  • Rosy outlook as borrowers get ahead of mortgage repayments – AFR
  • Melbourne to shake-up public housing estates – The Age
  • Budget surplus creeps back into sight on higher iron ore price – The Age
  • Mining tax take stuck at zero – The Australian
  • LNG exports at risk as US stakes claim – The Australian


  1. I would advise the Coalition to stop banging on about the MRRT, criticising the fact that revenues are yet to be achieved and naming the tax as ‘disastrous’.

    Seems they are losing sight to two things: (1) the Coalition has committed to repeal the tax in any case; and (2) the tax is structured to secure additional revenues on so-called ‘super-profits’ – it is working as intended.

    However, it does look as though the Government may be intending to embark on a spending blitz now that surplus promise has been abandoned and it is right to question the funding.