Links December 11

Global Macro

  • Do forecasters see a turning point for global GDP? Gavyn Davies
  • Despite bond bubble warnings, fixed income hedge funds poised to overtake equities. Financial Times
  • Risk-weighted capital to be a thing of the past? The Economist
  • Wall Street’s five worst trades of 2012. Quartz
  • Saving economics from the economists. Harvard Business Review
  • Bloomberg to buy the Financial Times? CNBC

North America


  • A British exit from the EU would be a reckless gamble. The Economist
  • Why skills shortages exist alongside high youth unemployment. Schumpeter
  • AS Juncker steps down, will a French finance minister head the Eurogroup? Spiegel
  • Britain should get fracking! Boris Johnson


  • Philippines backs Japanese rearmament. Financial Times. Japan’s ascendant militarists will like this. The Philippines, a key US ally, also has a maritime dispute with China.
  • Indeed, Japanese party leaders turn up the rhetoric. Wall Street Journal 
  • Too bad the country seems to be in a near-permanent state of recession. Bloomberg
  • Just as well that North Korean missiles aren’t as good as Japanese cars. NK may delay planned rocket launch, technical problems suspected. Japan Times
  • Striking workers beaten during Xi’s tour of Guangdong. South China Morning Post. Reform??
  • Police chief sacked after keeping twin mistresses. Reform!
  • Tibetans detained for inciting acts of self-immolation. Reuters
  • China’s wealth-gap 50% above risk level for social unrest. Bloomberg




  1. That Aeon article is excellent. Even given its woeful omission of the most pertinent example of all – Jesus’ only recorded act of use of physical force, in chasing the money-lenders out of the temple with a whip. Thanks for including it.