Christmas season at MB

As it’s the Christmas season many of the Macro Associates team will be taking a well-earned break over the next 4 weeks. In light of this the MacroBusiness Blog will also be slowing down through the Christmas season. The schedule for the next 4 weeks is as follows:

  • From today through to this Saturday the blog will be running, but the amount of topics covered is likely to be less than usual due to the reduced number of bloggers.
  • From Saturday December 22nd through to Sunday Jan 6th there will be no publishing on the MacroBusiness blog. The site will still be live and available for comment.
  • From the Monday Jan 7th through to Saturday the 12th of Jan the blog will be running, but again at a reduced rate of publishing as some bloggers will still be on leave.
  • From Jan 14th the blog will be back at full pace for the new year.

Thanks for reading throughout 2012

Macro Associates Team



  1. Thanks very much for writing so extensively between the team. It’s always an interesting and thoughtful read.

    • +1 This one rather tickled my fancy! It’s been a blast, thanks and seasonal cheers MB team. Let’s hope 2013 is oresome!!

  2. Thankyou very much for providing an Australian-focussed space for those of us who are not sheeple to discuss ideas the MSM sneer at (until these issues bite them on the posterior)

    Happy holidays, and let’s see what 2013 brings us.

  3. darklydrawlMEMBER

    Merrry xmas and a big thanks on another great year of posts. You guys get better and better. Your efforts are great appreciated.

  4. Have a good well earned break.
    Merry Christmas & Happy & safe New Year to all MB’ers.
    have enjoyed the blogs & stimulating comments.
    There’ll be plenty to comment on in New Year, what with everything being fixed as we go on holidays. Fiscal cliffs – check; Euro crisis – check; China – check; Japan – check; Greece – check; … See all under control – check.

  5. Thanks all MB Bloggers and commentators for another great and thoroughly informative year!! Enjoy your well earned break and I look fwd to hearing from you in early 2013

  6. I’m sure you guys are onto this one.

    Australand fortunes are so bad they’ve become a take-over target. GPT Property made an offer but it would have left Australand holding less attractive residential property…

    Residential land banks have now become a liability!!