ASX Shares Daily – 8th November


By Chris Becker

Asia responded not so well to last nights rout on US markets, with the ASX200 dropping nearly 1% or 32 points to be  under 4500 points – see a full roundup below.

Other Asian markets were down more, with the Hang Seng looking like putting in a top down over 2% and the  Shanghai Composite falling similarly, even though some good (read:fixed) data should be coming through tomorrow, this is all about the US. The Nikkei 225 is also off 1.5% – only the Kiwis, after a horror unemployment result today – were let off with a positive print.

The Aussie (AUD/USD) jumped 20 pips on local unemployment data but took all that back and more as the risk off mood spreads, and it hovers just above 1.04 against the USD:

The US dollar index is the arbiter of all this – not even down 4% after QE3 – its building on its breakout above the 200 day moving average:

Gold (USD)’s short term burst has been put on hold, finding strong resistance at $1720USD per ounce after bouncing off its own 200 day moving average:


Australian Stocks

A wide rout with only staples getting off lightly today, although looking through the numbers a few divisions of Megabank have lifted – but ANZ dropped nearly 5% as it went ex-dividend today. WBC and NAB will follow tomorrow – this paves the way for those who want to short the banks (guilty) to start pulling triggers:

For the index, the chart shows a trendline break, but not strong support at 4440 points unlike the S&P500 which definitively broker through last night. Theres resistance overhead here and for now the bourse is moving sideways caught between – a break below 4440 points will likely see a drop to 4000:


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