MacroBusiness Readership Survey

Yes, another survey! This one for MB. It’s a two minute job and completely confidential. It will help us sell MB advertising space and keep it free.

Thanks in advance,

The MB team!

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. Agree BB where does GOLD fit in?
    Hmm Cash Property shares derivatives …counts fingers…ahhhhh I’m missing a bit off one! I guess the inquisitor must also have something the same problem!

  2. re business news….it comes from all sorts sources all over the world…the wonders of the internet eh!

  3. “Where do you get your business news?”

    The 4 listed are not in the 200+ feed list that I have for a reason.

    • Same. Although I only have about 40 in my list – 200 is massive!

      I do read the AFR on the weekend though, its getting better to be sure. I skip the opinion pieces though.

  4. I hope that without naming names of course, we can get to see how many respondents work in the various categories. IT and Govt would be 2 to watch 😉

  5. Let’s discuss things like adults. By all means. You boys open this site up to political debate and unchecked rhetoric when you drop in comments like ‘What a charade’ into your own pieces. Such a high watermark of adult analysis ! I mean seriously, make yourself a cup of tea and get over it. You run a political blog and you don’t even know it !

    • Amazing really. By their own admission they have let someone they judge to be a paid astroturfer to contribute more than 5% of comments to this site. The tolerance for empty rhetoric from the far right of the political spectrum seemingly bottomless. And they mostly let it run unchecked day after day after day. When that political rhetoric is purposefully echoed from a contrary point of view in an piece which is at heart about a political decision – this is somehow intolerable.