Links September 18

Global Macro:

  • China and America: a tale of two stimulus packages. Asia Times Online
  • Investment banking’s halcyon days are over. The Economist
  • Hezbollah calls for new protests. BBC. Arab Winter?

United States:

  • QE reaches the limits of mortgage processing. Financial Times
  • Ben Bernanke reaches the limits of monetary policy. Robert Samuelson, Washington Post
  • And Mitt Romney reaches the limits of Fed-bashing. Paul Krugman, New York Times
  • Romney also shows few signs of braking before the fiscal cliff. Edward Luce
  • The Winklevoss twins return. Wall Street Journal
  • Poor economic policies, not China, are to blame for fall in real US wages. Naked Capitalism. It’s probably a lot more complicated than that…
  • Meanwhile, US to launch WTO action against China. Financial Times



  • How stimulating is China’s stimulus? The Diplomat
  • How worrying is China’s slowdown? The Economist
  • Chinese Gini exceeds warning levels. People’s Daily Online. The publication of this suggests that someone high up wants income and welfare reform, not just roads to nowhere.
  • Ghost warehouse stocks haunt China’s steel sector. Reuters
  • Singapore exports crash. Business Times
  • Reserve Bank of India tries some stimulus of its own. Economic Times
  • China builds its own military-industrial complex. Reuters
  • And they’ve even produced another stealth jet. Wired
  • Are China’s anti-Japan riots state-sponsored? China Geeks. These guys seem to believe so.
  • Japan’s China ambassador-designate dies three days after found unconscious on a Tokyo street. Reuters. Let the conspiracy theories begin. Today, after all, is the 81stanniversary of the Mukden Incident. (h/t Sinocism)
  • Hayek on the standing committee. The Economist. Who is winning the battle of economic ideas in China?


  • Fortescue woes stir Anaconda memories. Business Day. How about Pasminco memories?
  • Aquarius Platinum to resume operations. Fin24
  • Martin Ferguson warns of rising costs for mining. Business Day
  • Rip Curl mulls takeover offers. The Australian. Surf’s up.
  • Russia’s chequebook diplomacy in the South Pacific. The Diplomat. Lessons from Taiwan? Challenge to Australia’s hegemony?


  • Can education solve financial illiteracy? Barron’s
  • Why do lolcats go viral? Fast Company. After reading this I still have no idea.